DC Writer Reveals Name Of Nightwing’s New Puppy Partner

After weeks of fan submissions, DC Comics has finally decided on a name for Bludhaven resident hero’s furry companion, Nightwing.

Warning: minor spoilers for Nightwing # 78!

In recent weeks, fans eager to DC Comics were eagerly awaiting the reveal of superhero Dick Grayson /Nightwingthe name of the new furry companion and now the time is right.

After returning to the crime infested territory of Bludhaven in Nightwing # 78 by writer Tom Taylor (Suicide Squad, Justice League / Power rangers) and artist Bruno Redondo (Injustice 2, Titans), the city’s main protector rescues a stray dog ​​from a vicious group of criminals in a much-needed return to the fight against street crime. While the issue would present the lonely dog ​​to readers, the dog’s name would be left to fans to decide. The vote ended at the end of March, and Tom Taylor finally announced the long-awaited name of Grayson’s new puppy on his personal Twitter account, along with an image of the latest member of the DC community. However, now that Haley’s name is confirmed, it’s probably only a matter of time before Dick forms a close connection to the parasite.

dc writer reveals name of nightwing's new puppy partner
dc writer reveals name of nightwing’s new puppy partner

Nightwing’s precious puppy Haley was featured in issue 78 of his ongoing comic book series Part 1 of The Jump into the light story arc. Several details regarding Haley’s name and history are intentionally left ambiguous in the remainder of the issue after the dog’s first encounter with Nightwing. Former Batgirl and occasionally Grayson’s Flame, Barbara Gordon welcomes the ill-treated Haley with open arms but Dick doesn’t seem so enthusiastic. Even after Dick goes to the trouble of fending off a gang of armed thugs, the dog immediately repays his rescuer with a quick hit on the hand.

The reveal of Nightwing’s puppy’s name isn’t the first time DC Comics has called on its loyal fans to pilot comic book stories. The infamous 1988 story of writer Jim Starlin and artist Jim Aparo Batman: a death in the family rests the emotional anchor of all his prime on the fans. It was ultimately left to devoted readers, through a vote taken over a phone call, to decide the fate of Batman’s Robin Jason Todd. Things didn’t go well for Todd, and he apparently perished in a warehouse explosion initiated by the Joker. However, Todd would inevitably return from the dead more than a decade later.

Now that Dick Grayson’s prized puppy has been given the name Haley, Taylor promises fans of his Nightwing The title can expect a heavy focus on the titular hero’s new dog. However, Haley is not like most dogs. She only has three legs and if the initial bite is any indication, Haley will undoubtedly prove to be a handful for Bludhaven’s resident superhero. Back in Bludhaven and now with a new dog by his side, Taylor returns Nightwing at a leading rank in the legendary world of DC superheroes.

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