DC Comics Makes Dark Knight Rises’ Bombing Even Worse

DC Comics’ Batman/Catwoman #4 sees an attempted bombing that is evocative of the stadium bombing in 2012’s Dark Knight Rises.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman/Catwoman #4 below.

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Batman/Catwoman, a bomb attempt by the Joker may just be darker than the bombing seen in 2012’s Dark Knight Rises. In writer Tom King’s alternate timeline story focusing on the past, present, and future romance between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, The Phantasm has also been involved, and her desires for revenge for what the Joker did to her and her son also threatens Selina and Bruce’s relationship as well.

While the Phantasm was originally a character created for DC’s Animated Universe with 1993’s Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Andrea Beaumont has finally come to the DC Comics continuity in this maxi-series from writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann. In the past, Andrea was an old flame of Bruce Wayne’s whom he nearly married. In the present, Andrea has returned to Gotham, and she’s gone on a quest of murderous vengeance on the Joker and his crew after the death of her son. However, The Phantasm also went after Selina in Batman/Catwoman #3 and tried to kill Catwoman in her sleep. Now, it looks as though the Phantasm is far from being done in Gotham, and it looks as though her hunt for the Joker is making him desperate.

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Now, the new Batman/Catwoman #4 sees the Joker having placed a bomb underneath an ice skating rink at the Gotham World’s Fair (a reference to the animated film). While this particular bomb’s location in a massively public arena feels evocative to the bomb underneath Gotham’s football stadium in Dark Knight Rises, Joker’s intentions do seem worse and are definitely far more lethal. However, Selina Kyle knew about the bomb beforehand due to her relationship with the Joker, and she alerted Batman to the threat so he could rush to go stop it (while also creating rifts in their relationship).


In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Bane and his men had planted a bomb underneath Gotham’s football stadium and subsequently set it off in the middle of a game to get the watching public’s attention in a big way. However, the intent was presumed to get said mass attention, while also showing a display of power with the desire to generate fear, and the only ones physically affected were the football teams on the field. In contrast, Joker’s bomb has been set with the intention to go off right underneath several families skating with their children had Batman not arrived in time to disarm it.

In any case, it seems as though the combined presence of the Phantasm and her vendetta against the Joker is causing some major tensions between the Bat and the Cat in the maxi-series, which seems to be reverberating into the future, even after Batman’s death. Regardless, it looks as though the Joker has one-upped the Nolan version of Bane in an extremely terrible way in this new issue of Batman/Catwoman from DC Comics.

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