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Dayton Duncan Net worth: Dayton Duncan is an American screenwriter, producer, and political collaborator with a net worth of $ 1 million. He is known for collaborating with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

Dayton Duncan was born in September 1949 in Indola, Iowa. He was a writer and consulting producer for the 1996 television mini-series documentary The West. Duncan produced and wrote the TV mini-series documentary The National Parks. America’s Best Idea in 2009. He produced and wrote the TV mini-series documentary The Dust Bowl in 2012. Dayton Duncan produced and produced the TV mini-series documentary Country Music in 2019. He worked as a consultant for the TV mini-series. Documentary The War in 2007. Duncan also wrote and produced the TV movie documentary Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, Mark Twain and Horato’s Drive: America’s First Road Trip. Dayton Duncan won the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2010 for The National Parks: America’s Best Ideas.

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