What is David Taper’s total assets?

Total Price: $ 12 billion
Ages 63
Arising: September 11, 1957
country of origin: USA
s of funds: Businessman
Last Updated: 2020


David Tepper is an American billionaire businessman, hedge fund manager and philanthropist.

Taper owns the Carolina Panthers of the NFL and is an unnamed Charlotte franchise in MLS. Taper is also the founder and president of Appelosa Management.

As of 2020, David Taper has total assets of approximately $ 12 billion.

early life

David Allen Taper was born on 11 September 1957 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He was the second of three children born to Harry, who worked as an accountant, and Roberta, an elementary school teacher, taught in the city’s public schools.

Tepper attended the University of Pittsburgh and it helped pay for his way through school by working at the Frick Fine Arts Library.

The business

David Tepper completed his education in 1982, after which he got a job in the Treasury Department of Republic Steel in Ohio. He was recruited by Keystone Mutual Funds in Boston after two years.

In 1985, he was recruited as a credit analyst by Goldman Sachs. He became its principal trader within six months and played a major role in the existence of Goldman Sachs after the 1987 market crash. He left the company in 1992.

The following year, he founded Appaloosa Management with Jack Walton, his co-worker at Goldman Sachs.

The company, which invested in public equity and fixed income markets worldwide, grew rapidly in its early years. It gave 57% on its assets within six months and increased to $ 300 million in 1994, $ 450 million in 1995 and $ 800 million in 1996.

It continued to grow over the years, and in 2014, its assets under management exceeded $ 20 billion. The company has mostly invested in debt of companies in crisis. His first investment was in a troubled steel company that was in bankruptcy court.

As of 2020, David Tepper has total assets of $ 12 billion.


Some of the best highlights of David Tepper’s career are as follows:

  • Taper owns the Carolina Panthers
  • He is also the founder of Appaloosa Management

Favorite Quote from David Taper

“For better or worse, we are a herd leader. We are at the forefront of the pack, we are one of the first movers. The first movers are interesting, you get good grass first, or sometimes the lion eats you. ” David taper

“I wanted to learn about this business, and the man who ran the desk at that time was not really a corporate man. He was not good at understanding companies and was more familiar with rising interest rates, so he was not really right for the job. ” David taper

“People say I was originally going to Rubin instead of Corzine but it wasn’t for political reasons. It was just because Rubin knew what was happening with equity and Corzine was a Treasury man who corporates. Didn’t know. I wasn’t dissatisfied with him, but I wasn’t one of his boys. ” – David Taper

“I remember my dad had made some small investments in some companies, so I would track him down and see how he was doing … but then the whole case went bankrupt. It was a bad investment, but it made me No harm was done. David taper

3 important lessons from David Taper

Now that you know all about David Tapper’s net worth and how he achieved success; Let’s have a look at some of the lessons we can learn from:

1. Be enthusiastic

Ambition is not just about wanting. It involves the action of bringing you closer to your goal. First, do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Imagine your next level, then continue to take positive action that brings you closer to your vision.

2. You have a niche and be smart

All teenagers After completing an equivalent MBA from Kanji Maloney University in 1982, Taper accepted a position at Republic Steel in Ohio. Taper worked in the Treasury Department until he was admitted to Boston-based Keystone Mutual Fund in 1984. Bonds in financial institutions were significantly affected by an accident.

3. Attitude of gratitude

Develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Thank you to everyone you meet for what they do for you.


David Tepper is an American businessman and philanthropist who is one of the richest sports team owners on the planet. He founded his own company, Appaloosa Management, in 1993.

As of 2020, David Tepper has a net worth of $ 12 billion.

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