David Beckham: hats for looks (very British)

David Beckham: lockdown outfit

Walks in the fields near the family house and a series of very British outfits: during the lockdown, David Beckham he had fun posting on Instagram a small series of portraits in which he poses like the prototype of the perfect country gentleman. In particular, he wanted to have fun showing off a small one hat collection (the evil ones claim that you wear them just to hide the baldness that is going on), we analyzed them, along with all the looks.

1. Tweed hat + raincoat

Typical English weather, misty and humid, threatening skies. Here is the perfect garment and accessory: the raincoat with cape for extra protection and the tweed hat with a slightly sloping brim. With him the daughter Harper, with woolen cap and Barbour. At their feet, the three beautiful family dogs.

From Instagram @davidbeckham

2. Hat, jacket & T-shirt

Same hat but lighter outfit: the sun came out and David, next to Victoria, combines it with a destructured wool jacket worn over a white T-shirt with pocket. A pair of corduroy trousers and a braided leather belt complete the look.

From Instagram @davidbeckham

3. The Peaky Blinders-style flat cap

As in the English TV series Peaky Blinders, David succumbed to the vintage-flavored eight-clove wool cap. But he can do whatever he wants: the door undoubtedly well combined with the lawn green shetland sweater (coordinated with the background) and the tight brown velvet trousers. The caption on Instagram reads: “Another day, another walk & another hat” ?

From Instagram @davidbeckham

4. No hat (but the other accessory never fails)

David likes to play and so in the penultimate shot of the “series” he posted himself without a hat: “No hat but sunset”, he writes on Instagram, and shows himself smiling with jacket, shirt, velvet trousers this time beige and a pair of lace-up boots. Ah, you have noticed it too: in the shots the rustic is never missing shepherd’s stick, faithful companion of walks in the fields. (Yes, David, you’re nice to us).

From Instagram @davidbeckham

5. Hat “matched” with the cardigan

The Peaky Blinders coppola returns, this time however in a surprise match that, declares David on Instagram, has NOT had Victoria’s approval. She doesn’t like the “patterned” knitted cardigan. But we feel we are in disagreement: the overall look works. Remarkable accessories as always: the inevitable shepherd’s stick and the Stan Smith. We ?David

(In the last photo below, a “bonus track”: winter has passed, but the ribbed wool cap mustard color deserves, we could not fail to include it in this review dedicated to Mr. B’s headdresses).

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