Dating a Guy Who Can’t See You – It’s Hard Work and Most Women End Up Like This

Relationship: All too often a woman finds herself dating a guy who can’t see her. This is considered a problem to some women. But what is it exactly and what is the solution.

At some stage in life we all face life situations where we feel that we are not being treated with due respect and given due respect. At times you will also meet people where you feel that they do not care about your feelings and needs.

Hypocrisy is one of the most common traits that a dictator or others in power use to deceive people. In such circumstances, if you are dating such a person where you feel he is Hypocrite and is not revealing the full truth due to what he intends to do down the track.

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Dating a Guy Who Can't See You - It's Hard Work and Most Women End Up Like This 1

Hypocrisy and other human traits are tools that people use to control you. If you are dating a guy who can’t see you and continues to use these traits on you then it is time to seek help and if you still love him then it is better to dump him before it is too late as it will be too difficult to put the relationship back together. You don’t deserve to be treated in such a way.


Once a woman realizes that she has found herself a user or a Breaker and finally gets tired of the relationship she realizes just what a terrible mistake she has made. She also realizes that the guy doesn’t care about her at all. Such unfortunate situations breed desperation even among the most decent people.

If you are one of those people who have fallen into the hands of a user then seek help and not continue the relationship in desperation. There is always a gentle way forward and if you are a person who is desperate for attention then you can use some of my valuable dating tips. You can keep your self esteem intact.

If you feel your world is caving in because of the constant pressure of an uncaring partner and the need to do something then you are well on your way to being single again. People who are judgmental such as family members, friends and even your partner can be a burden to you. They make you feel guilty as if your partner is some kind of psychotic freak.


When you have fallen into the hands of such a person you become a burden. You feel embarrassed as you always catch the scariest of secrets in your hand. You try to appease the other person and in the end you give in and do as they ask. The irony of life, however, is that it is these very people who will never understand your needs and wants.

On the other hand those that you think are trustworthy and who understand your needs and wants will never attempt to lead you to believe any thing different. To them your complaints are a burden and they too, are responsible for your troubles. These same people will also be your greatest supporters and allies. How can you go on complaining with them, right?


I understand that some of you may have gotten into a relationship either on the Internet or out of a casual relationship but you still haven’t sorted through the relationship to figure out what happens, or what you fell into and what you need to do to get out of that relationship.

Most of those relationships are so confusing that you don’t know how to even decipher what an individual really wants. And somehow most of the individuals that you have dealt with in your quest to freedom are so arrogant, full of themselves, and confronting every perceived slight of yours in a confrontational manner.


If this is coordination between members of the opposite sex then you have a problem. In my personal perception there is never a sane, normal reason for two people to be in deep conversation with each other that leads to a break up or an intensely painful break up.

But if we can analyze the other cases in detail then such cases can be Dreamsubs. Meanings that the wrong person encountered in a previous life, and it is something to do with the interpretation of life’s phenomena. The personality of a person deviates from the normal. But to a kernel of truth in those two assumptions we can find a very real reason for the behavior in the circumstances of your two different lives.