Darshan Raval Get Satisfied To Be The Runner-Up In Grand Finale

Darshan Raval Get Satisfied To Be The Runner-Up In Grand Finale

Darshan Raval
Darshan Raval

Darshan Raval is one among the ten competitors from Yo Yo Honey Singh India’s Raw Star reality TV show. He got massive number of views through his audition video that has been uploaded for auditions on the website of Star Plus. The channel also created a clip video with Darshan Raval on the song Meri Pehli Mohabbat which seems to be most preferred song among audience. He belongs to the Ahmedabad city and has some years of experience in singing. He also carried out his life journey by singing many songs along with his band known as DipZip Band which is quite famous in the city of Ahmadabad. He is a leading singer at the DipZip Band. According to honey singh, he possesses perfect personality and stylish voice which lead him to turn as a good singer.  When considering about performance of Darshan Raval in India’s Raw Star, he seems to third in the second week of the show. He sung the famous song Meri Pehli Mohabbat in 1st week as well as Kabhi Jo Badal Barse in the 2nd week. Both the songs were really appreciated by the audience and received utmost number of views on youtube, facebook and many other social media sites.

Darshan Raval is considered as very popular contestant of India’s Raw Star Honey Singh, reality singing television program. He has interest for singing as well as composing music and also has extraordinary passion to write song lyrics. Moreover, honey Singh selected from plenty of contestants as India’s Raw Star Contestants and he placed his performance on the stage. Before the show takes place, channel let loose the clip which he sung. The song Meri Pehli Mohabbat was well liked among most of the audience group. His favorite genres are mainly the pop songs. Yet his sweet voice makes magic on stage. He has the ability to compose his own song without any mistake. Due to his popularity, Yo Yo Honey Singh announced ten contestants and Darshan Raval is one of them. The program of India’s Raw Star beginned at 7 pm and the first performance was given by Dipti Sharma and the second performance belongs to Darshan Raval. And he sing a song of Tum Hi Ho incorporated along with own lines. He also declared that he is adding some more lines only for the artists who always view a dream of his interest in any field. His song was terribly implausible and his sixth episode got first position among fans circle. Typically, he seems to be the first content that always stays in top position from the beginning stage of India’s Raw Star. The superb friend and mentor of the Darshan Raval is Yo Yo Honey Singh. He also gave outstanding performance in the sixth episode. Everyone enjoyed hearing his song. But unluckily Darshan Raval left his title to the Rituraj Mohanty in the grand finale episode. Many fans of Darshan Raval feel upset on hearing this news. However, Darshan Raval does not feel for his runner-up and he declared to his audience that he has many fans so far that is a great boon for him.

 India’s raw star is turning to be one of the popular and biggest singing stage offering to the young idols of Indian stars. This is developed by yo yo honey sing. He is the judge of the 4th episode show. Darshan Raval is one of the good singers of the India’s raw star 2014. He also withstands first position in the show. Being a small talented boy, he succeeds well in the singing world but in the grand finale his victory loss has made turned him upside down. Because, he possess more fans base compared to other singers. He is talented not only in singing but also he holds the position of music directors and artist. Many of his fans feel that they are cheated by the judges of the grant finale.

Darshan Raval said he is satisfied to be the loser with Rituraj Mohanty at the grand finale held on 30th November and Rituraj Mohanty stride away with the winner’s award of “India’s Raw Star”. But, most of the raval’s fan expects him to be winner because he stands top among most of the episodes. Darshan Raval is a 19 year old boy who has the capability to make the heart of the women to beat dhak dhak through his honeyed voice as well as the sauce he infuses in every song he chants. In addition to that, he also adds pleasant touch of the twines which he plucks and he will do something to make you to travel to the fairy tale land. 

More surprisingly, the cut boy considered to the praiseworthy winner of India’s Raw Star title. Unfortunately, the young smart gut lost his title to Rituraj Mohanty who carried away the prize money of Rs 50 Lakhs along with a swanky swift car. Besides that, he also had elite music contract with top Star Plus channel. The show got more than 10 thousand likes and most of them displayed their angry against the conductors of the show. Even some people called this show as the fake finale. Other than that, the fans said that India’s raw star has not pick up the right winner so this seems to fake finale. The person who stands first among the nine episodes can lose the grant finale. And everybody shows their hatred towards grant finale episode.

Rituraj definitely confirmed to be the murky horse of the whole visitors. However, the former evaluator of the show, prior to Himesh Reshammiya considers Yo Yo Honey Singh was doubtful about the insertion of Rituraj Mohanty in this show. Even Yo Yo declared that he doubted the potential of Rituraj. But later on the famous singer uphold that he was wrong in judging so and he realized that Rituraj is really astonishing. At last, the grant finale episode has created question among them whether Rituraj has the potential to win the episode and Darshan Raval is worth to lose the title. Mohit Gaur is another person who is having good voice is also consideration for the whole spectacle.

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