Darkfire Heroes Tier List: Which Characters Are Best?

Darkfire Heroes is a new mobile action RPG from Rovio Entertainment with many playable characters. So which characters are actually the best?

Darkfire Heroes is a new action RPG from Rovio Entertainment, the studio perhaps best known for angry Birds. As with many mobile RPGs, Darkfire Heroes has a lot of playable characters to choose from. Now that the game is fully launched, many players may be wondering about the character tier lists. Here’s everything you need to know about the best characters in Darkfire Heroes at present.

Much like popular mobile RPGs like Genshin impact and Dragalia lost, Darkfire Heroes has single and multiplayer options, gacha mechanics, and timed events. There are some interesting PvP elements as well, for players wanting to test their mettle inside an arena against others. However, it is the list of playable characters that may end up being what interests most players. So which characters in Darkfire Heroes are in fact the best?

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One of the best characters in Darkfire Heroes is Lyc, a large tank with high health and defense. While he might not be great at PvP, many players will likely rank him at the top of their tier list due to his performance during the game’s campaign. Lyc is a rare character with the Air element, and if he is the only tank in the group, he will also benefit from a good stat boost.

Best Darkfire Heroes Characters Explained

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Darkfire Heroes cutscenes

Mala and Adaline are two other characters that stand out in Darkfire Heroes. Mala is another rare character, but her Fire element and spells make her one of the most powerful heroes in the game. She has one of the most powerful AoE moves currently in play. Darkfire Heroes, and for all the players who have her, she’s great in a DPS role. Adaline, likewise, is also great at dealing damage and can shoot enemies from afar. She’s one of the game’s starting characters, but she’s worth keeping due to her high damage and critical chance.

One of the other best characters in Darkfire Heroes is Riena, who is also expected to top the fan charts. Unlockable at level 20, Riena has the ability to shoot casters and ranged attackers within melee range, making her a valuable member of a team. Designed more for support than DPS or tanking, Riena can be very useful when dealing with multiple casters or healers at the same time.

As with other mobile RPGs, new characters will be added to Darkfire Heroes overtime. This means that the character level rosters will fluctuate and change as new characters are introduced and certain characters are upgraded or improved. So far, however, these are some of the best characters in Darkfire Heroes.

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