7 Dangerous Travel Destination you need to know before reach there

7 Dangerous Travel Destination you need to know

Dangerous Travel Destination: There are several kinds of travellers out there, but they more or less fall into different categories. On one hand you have the travellers that like to relax, eat, swim, sightseeing and enjoy his or her time away from home and on the other hand you have thrill seekers. They want excitement, they crave for adrenalin. They would like to find the perfect place for skydiving or to hike that trail that is thousands of feet in the air.

A cocktail and some sunshine for a certain type of traveller, that’s all that’s required for holiday happiness for a satisfactory time away from the everyday, just some time to relax and a fruity drink. But where is the fun in that?

Dangerous Travel Destination
Dangerous Travel Destination

Getting away from home doesn’t mean chilling out it means diving in. There is some type of people who would sign up for potential danger. They’d go against government warnings. They’d fail to heed sensible advice.

Trekking to Everest

Trekking to Everest base camp with a reputable company and following all of the safety precautions, then one can avoid danger. However incidents do take place as the altitude sickness is a serious risk once you get above 500 mts. The base camp trek highest point is Kala Patthar. Trekkers need to take their time acclimatising, otherwise there’s serious risk here of injury or death.

Riding to the death road:

A bypass has been built for heavy traffic to avoid Yungas Road in Bolivia, called as “Death Road”. It is left mostly to the bike riding daredevils. This is still genuinely dangerous experience, where one false move could see you careening over the side of a 100 metre cliff. It’s been estimated that 300 people die every year on Yungas road, though that figure is sure to have dropped since the bypass was put in.

San Fermin festival:

Running around with angry, full grown bulls in an enclosed space could be dangerous. Actually everyone knows but that doesn’t stop them. They probably also know that crazy runners have died attempting the Pamplona charge and it still doesn’t stop them.

Death Valley California is the hottest place in the world. Death Valley has been recorded as the highest temperature on earth .A person cannot survive more than 14 hours without water in this Death Valley.

The Half Dome

Half dome is situated in Yosemite National Park California. It is vertical in shape. Climbers have to use metal cables to make nearly 400 foot ascent. Despite this there have been many deaths. Some have lost their footing on the slippery surface of the rock and fallen to Death.  Falls and drowning aren’t the only dangers Lightning has also been known to hit unfortunate hikers. Taking a helicopter flight in Hawaii you will see some of the world most spectacular scenery from the window of a helicopter during a joy flight over Hawaii’s volcanic islands. But during the joy flight there are fatal helicopter accidents.

Caminito Del Rey

 Caminito del Rey is known as Spain’s most dangerous path or the most dangerous walkway in the world. It is over 100 years old and 100 meters high. Caminito del Rey has become an exclusive adventure sport for people crazy enough to attempt it. There are various narrow paths where the concrete has collapsed creating large open air gaps. These gaps are bridged by very narrow steel beams themselves which is also rotting away. The path hasn’t been maintained since the 1930’s. Rust eats away at many of the metal support beams. The Caminito should not be attempted if you suffer from nervous disposition or suffer from vertigo.

The Grand canyon, Arizona

Around 600 people have died at the Grand Canyon, an average of 12 people out of the 4.5 millions who go every year. The site is full of danger. People have died of dehydration, exhaustion, heat stroke, medical conditions, slips and falls and even suicide.

Kokoda Trail Papua New Guinea has become popular among Australian a tourist who wishes to pay their respect for the dead. Crossing rivers, mountains and jungle terrain, the trek is tough one, as well as dangerous.

Mount Washington

New Hampshire is relatively short at 6000 ft. That’s still high however the peak is also still devastatingly dangerous. Over 100 people have died since 1849, despite the warning sign given to the hikers to turn back from the danger that lies ahead. It’s the weather rather than the mountain’s height that’s responsible for taking the lives of the people. Mount Washington lies in the path of multiple storm tracks .So nearly every storm that going to affect the country seems to fly over here.

All countries have beautiful places to offer, but looks can be deceiving.

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