Dakota Johnson’s Net Worth (Updated 2021)

What is the total wealth of Dakota Johnson?

Total Price: $ 14 million
Ages: 31
Arising: October 4, 1989
country of origin USA
s of funds: Professional actress
Last Updated: 2021


Dakota Johnson is an American actress and model of Texas. He made his film debut at the age of 10 with a small appearance in ‘Crazy in Alabama’, a dark comedy film starring his mother.

As of 2021, Dakota Johnson has total assets of approximately $ 14 million.

early life

Dakota Mei Johnson was born on October 4, 1989 in Austin, Texas. She is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, both actors.

Her nanny Tippy Headran is an award-winning American actress and former model who has also gained attention as an animal rights activist.

The business

Johnson made his film debut as a child artist in the American comedy-drama ‘Crazy in Alabama’ directed by his stepfather Antonio Bandares.

The film exploded at the box office. She was voted Miss Golden Globe 2006, an honor her mother also took in 1975. Dakota became the first generation Miss Golden Globe in the history of the annual Golden Globe Awards. He also signed with IMG Models that year.

‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ made its premiere at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival in 2015 and its theatrical release on 13 February 2015.

The film received generally negative reviews, but went on to become a major commercial success, breaking several box-office records, grossing $ 571.1 million worldwide.

Johnson continued his fame by reprising the role of Anastasia Steele in the sequel of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. The film was released in the US in 2017 and became a hit at the box office with its predecessor grossing $ 381.1 million.

As of 2021, Dakota Johnson has total assets of $ 14 million.


Here are some of the best glimpses of Dakota Johnson’s career:

  • The Social Network (Movie, 2010)
  • Fifty Shades of Gray (Movie, 2015)
  • Suspiriya (Movie, 2018)

Favorite Quotes from Dakota Johnson

“I .. I had to be physically and emotionally naked, showing both my body and soul. I felt emotionally weak and physically exposed, it was a difficult choice to make but I was intrigued from the beginning. I think … the things that scare you the most are the things you do. ” – Dakota Johnson

“I avoid social networks and I try to live a very normal, simple life. I like to spend time and can hang out with my friends at any time. I like a very simple life. ” – Dakota Johnson

“When I did Network the Social Network”, David Fincher told me that I had managed to make a thankful character very good. I thought that was really cool because I think he’s really good. ” – Dakota Johnson

“I think people, especially the press, like to choose the children of famous people and I think it’s terrible. Things are made. this is so sad. And at the age of 16 there is nothing you can do about it. You are like… ‘Why? what I have done?'” – Dakota Johnson

3 lessons from Dakota Johnson and Fifty Shades of Gray

Now that you know about the total wealth of Dakota Johnson, and how he achieved success; Let us take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from them:

1. Love at first site is real

The minute Anastasia Steele looks at Christian in her bespoke suit, her stubbornness turns to jelly and she falls in love. Johnson does an amazing job of portraying it on screen, and despite his Little House on Dorn’s Christian prairie-esque ensemble, falls for him as well.

You too, can see someone and just know. You may know that you love them, but are also shocked when later they show you their “playroom” filled with chains and blindfolds and ball gags. It’s just that easy.

2. Brooding = Interesting

When a photographer asks Christian to smile, he cannot. His mouth has solidified into an unwelcome scab, except when Anastasia bites her lips or does something adorable. He is changing her!

So, just because someone is humorous and moody doesn’t mean you should kick him to stop. This means that they are deep and interesting and full of mysteries. Changing a person is super easy.

2. You can save him / her!

Anastasia simply stands by her and asks the usual, human question, “Why can’t we sleep in the same bed or go on a date?” And “Why won’t you let me in?” You, too, can save the brooding, you become unwell due to loneliness.

Just stand there, be yourself, ask probing questions, and presto! Their DNA will change and you will have the right friend.


Dakota Johnson is an American actress and model, known for playing the lead role of Anastasia Steele in the blockbuster hit erotic-romantic-drama film ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ and its two sequels.

By 2021, Dakota Johnson’s total assets are estimated to be $ 14 million.

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