21 Daith Piercings and Piercing Aftercare Information Guide (2020)

The Piercing trip in a very interesting type of cartilage piercing due to its unique location, the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. The location is also known as the crus of the helix. People would typically pronounce it as “day-th”, however, it’s correct pronunciation is “doth”. It can be similar to the word “moth”.

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Aftercare Tips tour

Please strictly follow the aftercare tips below to avoid any infection.

  • Never touch the piercing unless you are cleaning it.
  • Use an anti-bacterial soap that has triclosan or chloroxylenol.
  • Clean the piercing once or twice a day.
  • When cleaning the piercing, dab a cotton bud with water and antibacterial soap, leave it on the area for a few minutes, and carefully rotate the jewelry.
  • Rinse the area thoroughly and do not leave any cleaning agent.
  • Do not make it in contact with any facial or hair products like makeups, hairsprays, and perfumes.
  • Occasionally replace your pillowcase.
  • Clean it every time you use earplugs, earmuffs, or headsets.

Commonly Asked Daith Piercing Questions

We got some feedback from our readers that a few questions remained after reading our post. In response to this, we have listed below a compilation of some of the most commonly asked questions that we saw. We hope this helps cover your needs more fully!

Which side should a Daith piercing for migraines be on?

We recommend getting your Daith piercing on whichever side you have the migraines on. If you get migraines on either side or both sides of your head, you could always get both sides pierced. The decision is yours!

Are daith piercings dangerous?

Daith piercings are considered dangerous for a few reasons. First, because of the area in which they are in, they are prone to infection. you need to pay close attention to be sure this doesn’t happen to you. They have also been shown to make migraines worse in some cases, so that definitely isn’t fool-proof, either.

Can I sleep on my daith piercing?

We do not recommend you sleeping on the same side as your Daith piercing. This is because it can cause irritation or the jewelry could possible get snagged in your bed linens, which could cause a major infection. Try sleeping on the opposite side or on a donut pillow to avoid this happening altogether.

When can I change my daith piercing jewelry?

It is best to wait to remove your jewelry until your piercing is fully healed. For most people, this means a four to six month period with the same jewelry. It may seem like a lifetime, but it is best to wait. Trust us!

Will a daith piercing prevent me from using earbuds?

The short answer is sometimes. If you have a healing daith piercing, you should not insert an earbud or any other foreign body into the area. This is because you could introduce harmful bacteria that causes infection into a newly wounded area (your piercing). This rule also applies to any healing ear piercing on the inner ear, as well.

Journey Piercing Conclusion

In most cases, with a proper piercing shop, there is nothing to worry. Are you excited yet to get a Daith Piercing? Show us which one you got in the comments!

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