Latest 60 Daily Wear Gold Mangalsutra Designs (2021)

Mangalsutra holds an important part in any Hindu wedding. It’s a jewellery for the lifetime and it is a sign of husbands love and good life. These days there are so many different types of mangalsutra designs that one can get spoilt for the choices. Also one can shop mangalsutra online and even offline from the big brand and your nearby shops. Mostly, the traditional mangalsutras are heavy in design however, for daily wear, many women especially working women would prefer simple and fancy light weight gold mangalsutra design. Not just in pure gold but mangalsutra styles can also be in diamond, platinum or even with antique finish or Kundan style. If you do not want to have the real diamond because of the budget or preference, you can have American diamond with pure gold. So here we have compiled this catalogue where in you will see the latest daily wear mangalsutra designs and patterns.

Light Weight and Daily Wear Gold Mangalsutra Designs

1. Stylish Light Mangalsutra for Daily Wear

Stylish Light Mangalsutra for Daily Wear

This beautiful design has got 3 chains with ball in the centre piece. So there is no pendant but just the centre structure which is really beautiful. In the chain, there are black beads and gold beads involved. Black beads of two different sizes have been used. It’s a short mangalsutra style that is suitable for working women as well as for housewives.

2. Gold and Diamond Mangalsutra for every day

Gold and Diamond Mangalsutra for every day

The design has the use of diamonds along with gold beads. The chain is pretty simple with gold chain and black beads used. In the centre piece or pendant of this mangalsutra, you’ll find diamonds of round shape studded in a gold base. If you are tight on the budget, try replicating the design with American diamonds or even the stones.

3. Traditional Daily wear mangalsutra pattern

Traditional Daily wear mangalsutra pattern

It’s a very popular design of mangalsutra or daily wear. There are beads involved in the centre pendant area with the bigger semicircular shapes. The design is very traditional yet has a modern touch to it. The chain is pretty simple with golden black beads of same size. This is very lightweight and budget friendly mangalsutra that you can even have in 10 grams of gold.

4. Short and Fancy light mangalsutra

short and Fancy light mangalsutra

This latest light weight daily wear gold mangalsutra design is simply the best. The entangled style of chain on the sides is stunning. The centre is where in the delicate chains hanging by the gold and black beads. The design is extremely new and on the side of the chain, there are golden beads intertwined along with gold. It is one of the best eye catching and attractive short mangalsutra design that would surely love to have in daily use.

5. Chain Pattern Daily Use Mangalsutra

Chain Pattern daily use mangalsutra

This beautiful daily use gold mangalsutra design has stylish gold chain with the centre piece or locket made of dangling chains and beads. It’s a new style of fancy mangalsutra pattern, where in the design is the main highlight. This new design is suitable for professional women and for daily use.

6. Double Chain Pattern Short Mangalsutra

Double Chain Pattern Short mangalsutra

This double layered or double chain mangalsutra patterns are quite gaining popularity in the current time. This mangalsutra here has delicate gold and black beads that make the chain. Both the chain has the similar pattern. Centre pendant or locket style has attractive structures. It is yet another gold and diamond mangalsutra pattern that can be tried. Instead of the centre diamonds, one can have it in the single Solitaire or American diamond mangalsutra style.

7. Gold Only Daily Wear Mangalsutra

Gold Only Daily Wear Mangalsutra

A perfect gold only short and light weight mangalsutra is fancy and majority of modern women would love it. It is a new design is not heavy yet has a very delicate style.

8. Gold And Diamond Light Mangalsutra

Gold And Diamond Light Mangalsutra

This one is a perfect example of diamond and gold mangalsutra with simple chain. The single chain mangalsutra is very simple and it is a design which can be replicated even in 5 grams of gold. Diamonds have been used along with gold. The same design can be tried in pure gold only mangalsutra style.

9. Locket Style Mangalutra Pattern

Locket Style Mangalutra Pattern

For women who like traditional designs of mangalsutra which are lightweight for everyday use can try this style. The centre pendant of this daily use mangalsutra designs in gold has filigree work. The double chains on the sides are attached with gold pattern in between. This structure or shape also gives the durability to the style. This can be tried in 15 grams of gold. It is another yet another good example of pure gold mangalsutra for weddings.

10. Curvy Fancy Light Mangalsutra

Curvy Fancy light mangalsutra

The stylish design of this mangalsutra simple chain area is quite attractive. The curvy lines and leaves structure makes this fancy mangalsutra pattern. The design has small Chain and very delicate mangalsutra pattern. Socially it would look better on the new age women. It can be worn without any discomfort even during the summer season.

11. Simple Gold Chain Only Mangalsutra

Simple Gold Chain Only Mangalsutra

Women looking for mangalsutra design from this style here. This style has simple gold chain wear in blackberries are given along with gold shapes. In the centre part ball is used