Cyberpunk & Witcher Games, DLCs Being Developed At the Same Time

CD Projekt Red will shift to “parallel development” on Cyberpunk and Witcher franchises in 2022, the studio announced in a Strategy Update.

In today’s Strategy Update, CD Projekt Red announced plans to begin “parallel AAA development” on new Cyberpunk and Witcher projects in 2022. This marks a core shift to the studio’s operational structure, one that’s already raising myriad questions on the heels of Cyberpunk 2077’s tumultuous production cycle.

It is worth noting, however, that CD Projekt Red is made up of three different crews. The group established one such team in Warsaw, another in Krakow, and the third works out of Wroclaw. And, interestingly, the company today expanded its reach to Vancouver, Canada, acquiring the studio formerly known as Digital Scapes and transforming it into CD Projekt Red Vancouver. With four teams under its belt, it seems the Poland-based developer and publisher is ready to chase after new endeavors, particularly those that seem to necessitate simultaneous development across multiple projects.

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In addition to confirming The Witcher 3’s next-gen updates for 2021, CD Projekt Red’s recent Strategy Update revealed its plans to begin “parallel development” on unnamed Cyberpunk and Witcher titles in 2022. During the presentation, studio president and joint CEO Adam Kiciński divulged that the foundation of CDPR’s new strategy centers on adapting to a focus that enables simultaneous production on multiple AAA experiences. In pursuit of such ambitions, the group will expand its “production capabilities,” implement fresh ideas that foster “agile ways of working,” and centralize REDengine to serve the Cyberpunk and Witcher franchises. Thus, CDPR as we’ve come to know it is undergoing quite the transformation.

The studio aims to shift from focusing solely on AAA RPGs to create titles that are “genre-blending with AAA RPG core,” for example. Single-player adventures are no longer the center of attention either, as single-player and online experiences will become of equal importance. Furthermore, CD Projekt Red intends on transitioning from a “quality-focused” development to a “team- and quality-focused” model.

Reason suggests the unspecified Cyberpunk 2077-related experiences involve its story expansions and still mysterious multiplayer component. Meanwhile, The Witcher project is likely the next mainline entry that Kiciński teased in May of last year.

The studio head could not divulge too much at the time, but did note that a small team would begin work on a new Witcher adventure following Cyberpunk 2077’s release. In the past, Kiciński has also noted the fourth installment won’t adopt the title of The Witcher 4, nor will it star Geralt of Rivia.

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