Curtain Bangs 101: How to Style Them Like a Pro

Curtain bangs have taken the hairstyling industry by storm, and are becoming a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts. Getting curtain bangs not only enhances your overall look, but also gives a softer and relaxed touch to your style. Whether you’re looking to update your current style or want to try something new, curtain bangs are the perfect choice for you. In this guide, we are going to give you a comprehensive and informative overview of curtain bangs, including how to style them like a pro so that you can bring out the best of your new look.

Who can get curtain bangs?

Before we dive into the styling details, it’s important to know if curtain bangs are right for you. Curtain bangs can be achieved with any hair texture, length and face shape. The bangs are versatile and can be customized to suit your unique features. However, if you have a short forehead, it’s best to avoid curtain bangs as they could accentuate your short forehead even more.

What are the benefits of curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs have a number of benefits. Firstly, they can help to frame your face and bring out your best features. Secondly, they can soften your face and add volume to your hair. Moreover, if you’re looking to cover up a high forehead or an out-of-shape hairline, curtain bangs can help you achieve that effortlessly. Last but not least, curtain bangs can give you a fresh look and even make you look younger.

How to get curtain bangs?

If you are getting curtain bangs for the first time, it’s highly recommended that you get them done by a professional hairstylist. Talk to your stylist and let them know your preferences, the length of your hair and your face shape. They will be able to guide you and recommend the perfect curtain bangs for your unique style.

If you’re comfortable cutting your hair on your own, you can follow the below steps:

– Section your hair: Section the front portion of your hair into two parts, in a straight line, starting from the middle of your forehead and going back until the crown. Bring the rest of your hair back and clip it up.

– Cut your bangs: Take small sections of your hair from both sides of the part and twist it. Hold the twisted section between your fingers and cut it at an angle, starting from the end of your nose and pulling down. Remember to cut the hair at an angle so that the sides are slightly longer than the center, giving you the perfect curtain bangs.

– Check for symmetry: Check your bangs for symmetry by making sure both sides are evenly cut.

– Style your curtain bangs: Once you’ve got your curtain bangs, you can style them according to your preferences. Use a round brush or a straightener to style them to perfection.

Styling curtain bangs: Tips and tricks

Now that you’ve got your new curtain bangs, you might be wondering how to style them like a pro. Below are some tips and tricks that can help you style your bangs effortlessly:

1. Blow-dry your bangs

Use a round brush and a hair dryer to blow-dry your bangs. This will give them a natural curve and help them to sit just right on your forehead. The round brush will help to give volume to your hair and provide a gentle curl to your bangs.

2. Use a straightener

If you prefer straight curtain bangs, use a straightener to style them. Start by applying some heat protection serum and run the flat iron over your bangs, straightening them as you go.

3. Twist and pin

This is a great style for when you’re on the go, and don’t have much time to style your bangs. Twist your bangs and pin them on one side. This will give you a chic and effortless look.

4. French braid your bangs

If you have longer curtain bangs, french braiding them can be a great way to style them. Start at one end of the bangs and continue braiding until you’ve reached the other end. This will give your bangs a unique and edgy look.

5. Curl your bangs

If you’re looking to add some bounce to your bangs, use a curling iron to curl them. Start by applying a heat protecting serum and then wrap your bangs around the curling iron, hold for a few seconds and release.

Product recommendations

When it comes to styling your curtain bangs, the right products can make a huge difference. Here are some products that can help you achieve the perfect curtain bangs:

1. Heat protection serum: Before applying any heat to your hair, it’s essential to protect it with a heat protection serum. One of our favorites is the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray. It not only protects your hair, but also gives it a smooth and shiny finish.

2. Round brush: The round brush is an essential tool when it comes to blow-drying your curtain bangs. We recommend the Conair Quick Blow Dry Pro Porcupine Round Brush. It’s great for giving volume to your hair and helps in achieving the perfect blow-out.

3. Hair straightener: A hair straightener is a must-have tool for anyone with curtain bangs. We highly recommend the GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler. It’s perfect for achieving straight and sleek curtain bangs, and has an automatic sleep mode for safety.

4. Strong-hold hairspray: A strong-hold hairspray is the perfect product for keeping your curtain bangs in place. We love the L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray. It provides a long-lasting hold, without making your hair stiff or sticky.

In conclusion, curtain bangs can provide a fresh and updated look to your hairstyle, and is suitable for any hair texture, length and face shape. Getting curtain bangs from a professional stylist or cutting them on your own, with the right products and styling tips can ensure that you achieve the perfect curtain bangs. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out this trend and we hope that this comprehensive guide was helpful in achieving the best of your new look.

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