Curly Hair Care Tips for Men and Women

Curly Hair care tips for men and women with curly, dry, frizzy hair

curly hair care tips

Curly hairs are messy, tangled, weak and difficult to handle. Are you also getting tired while managing your curly and unruly hair?  We do understand, people who have curly hair must know it better.  You should know the special ways to treat and care your hair if you hair are curly. If you are irritated, frustrated and do not now how to treat your tangled curly hair at home due to home remedies. Let’s know how to treat curly hair easily with curly hair care tips.

Tips for curly hair and curly hair care tips

1. Curly hair needs moisturizing

Curly hairs are weak and dry usually and need so much of moisturizing. Curls are also fragile in nature. Regular moisturizing is necessary for the ones with curly hair. Therefore, you should apply oils to the curly hair. Hot oil massaging is also beneficial for the curly hair strength. Massage the scalp regularly with as the curly and coiled hair cannot get sufficient natural oil from the scalp. Also you can warm oil before applying for deeper penetration and better results. If your hair is long and thick then read our Indian hair care tips for long hair

2. Shampoo for curly hair

To combat with the curly hair dryness you use intense moisturizing shampoo. Be sure that you are using shampoo for normal to dry hair. Such deep conditioning shampoos will help you to get the curly hair get moisturized. The act of using shampoo can also dehydrate the scalp and hair of curly person. So be clever enough to choose the shampoo. Never over shampoo. Shampoo once and then notice if you need to shampoo the hair again. If not then just one time shampooing is enough. Hair washing in the right way is also crucial to get beautiful hair.

3. Deep conditioning

Condition your hair regularly. Condition them from tip to root. You can also mix some conditioner in shampoo to wash hair if you are running short of time and have no time for conditioning. This is also a good shortcut trick to keep the curly hair manageable and softer. This will also keep the roots softer and stronger.

4. Detangling

Now this is the task. It is a big problem for the curly hair person. Never try to detangle hair when they are dry as this may break the curls and spoil the rhythm of curls. You can use detangle sprays if you usually tend to get big knots. And you can comb your hair when the hairs are slightly wet. Also using big toothed comb helps to detangle the hair so that they stay free and voluminous.

5. Drying the curly hair

When you use towel to dry the hair do not use it vigorously just rub it gently to dry. Rubbing towel on dry or wet hair can hurt the curls and may also lead to the split ends. When you have curly hair then split ends looks bad and also they will further make the curls to get tangle faster. To dry hair gently rub and warp hair with towel. This simple thing can be the best hair care tip for damaged hair.

6. Avoid heat treatment

It is advised not to use the hair dryer as it can further dry the hair especially curly hair. Drying hair with a dryer or using straighten tools can ruin the natural curls and spoils the cuticle of the hair. Be very careful, if you are using such tools. If you are running short of time and want to dry hair with dryer use diffuser (the attachment that you get along with the hair dryer).

7. Use of styling products

Do not use styling products which contain alcohol. Alcohol may further dry the hair. Also you can use gel and water base hair styling product to beautify you hair. If you have to use heat styling regularly then spray some heat protectant spray then use the styling equipments.

8. Important tips for your curly hair

  • Drink plenty of water. This can keep your hair hydrated from inside.
  • Never wash your precious hair with hot water. You may use luke warm water only when the climate is cool.
  • Apply natural oils like coconut oil, mustard oil or olive oil.
  • Lessen the use you drying hair pack. Use the ones which moisturizes the hair like the conditioning hair marks listed here.
  • Do not use the brush when the curly hair is wet. Use fingers to detangle or using water hair spray also helps.
  • Always remember to have a hair cut when the hairs are dry. Wet curled hairs are something really different from those of dry hair.
  • Cotton pillows can soak all the moisture so try using the silk pillows. Silk or satin pillows will not tangle the curly hair when you are asleep.

Curls are beautiful. Therefore follow these curly hair care tips and tricks and flaunt your hair. Be beautiful and glowing always. Do checkout Hair care secrets from celebrity hair stylist

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