Cure for migraine at home

Cure for a migraine at home

cure for migraineThere are many people who suffer from a migraine or a headache. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to avoid the painkiller as the pain is far beyond the person can bear. It’s good to choose the home remedies as they don’t have side effects as compared to medicines. Here are few remedies which will help you in lessening and consoling the pain.

Lavender oil- lavender is well known for its great smell, but it’s another benefit in treating headaches is visible now. There are two ways to use the oil. Either you apply it or inhale it. Add 2-4 drops of lavender oil to 3 cups of water. Bring to boil and then inhale the vapors of this oil mixed hot water. Moreover, this oil can be directly applied like all other medicinal oils without diluting it. But always keep in mind that the oil should not be consumed orally.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint plays a vital role in treating the headaches and is a wonderful home remedy to treat pain. The interesting thing about it is that it contains vaso-constricting. Dilating properties which help in controlling the blood flow in the body. Generally, headaches appear because of poor blood flow. The properties of the peppermint oil help in opening and closing of the blood vessels. Resulting in promoting blood flow. One of the major benefits of peppermint oil is that it helps in opening sinuses. As a result, more oxygen is received by the blood stream.

Basil oil

We all are familiar to basil plant, but its use in treating in migraine is it’s another wonderful quality. Basil is well known as a medicinal plant and many medicines are made out of its extract. It tastes good and smells pleasant. It is known for its property of relaxing muscles. That’s why it’s helpful in curing headaches which arises due to tight and tensed muscles.

Diet planning

To cure migraines at home effectively try to change your diet. There are some foods which increase the frequency of headaches. Migraine pains so it’s better to keep those foods out of your daily diet. It may be chocolates, dairy products, peanut butter. And there are some fruits as well. Which increases the intensity of migraines like banana and avocado. In some people, onions and citrus fruits can be regarded as migraine gearing eatables. Moreover,  tyramine containing food, drinks containing amino acid and fermented. Pickled foods lays the background for headaches. Keep a track on these food items and pick the most suitable cause of your migraine and plan your diet accordingly.


Massages are also very effective in treating headaches and migraines. Do it yourself (DIY) messages are the most efficient technique to cure pains. The best part is to massage at the greater optical nerve, which is situated at the back of the head and at the skull base. In addition massaging reflexive points present at hand and feet can very much lessen the migraines.


Feverfew, when taken with white willow, acts as a great pain reliever. As the name suggests fewer few it is used to cure fever and 70% of people have benefitted from its use. In addition, Feverfew contains a property which is similar to aspirin, which is another effective and popular painkiller.

Flaxseed- In the journey of treating headaches flaxseed also plays a vital role. Sometimes headaches are caused due to inflammation which can be easily treated by consuming omega-3 and flaxseed is a good source of omega-3.

Buckwheat- Sometimes headaches arise due to flavonoid and much tea contains flavonoid then the person suffering from migraines should not drink such teas.

Pamper yourself with massages with any of these oils and keep a check on your diet,  you will definitely see better results. Read our blog

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