Cristina Parodi launches Crida and tells us how it was born

Cristina Parodi launches Crida and tells us how it was born

Crida is the union of the names of two friends from Bergamo, Cristina and Daniela, with the passion for fashion since childhood. Crida is the title of a friendship and a dream that comes to life with a capsule collection consisting of 10 dresses and two shoulder garments. Each model honorably bears the name of an Italian city to which it is inspired. Quality, timeless elegance and female solidarity are the values ​​on which the project is based. And it is to these principles that Crida, in such a difficult historical and economic moment, dedicates a social campaign aimed at all women. With the aim of launching a signal of optimism for the reopening of the stores, but also to tell the story of a dress that makes women feel good in their shoes. A story to which a special social campaign was also dedicated, which reflects the period we are experiencing. The photos were taken with the family during the lockdown, and they give us a home made atmosphere, the warmth of the family, the joy of authentic affections and beautiful things.

Crida also wants to give a signal of corporate social responsibility by donating 10% of sales to CESVI, an NGO from Bergamo, to support the home care project for the elderly in the city and province.

Who is Crida and what are its values?

Cristina Parodi: Crida is the woman that Daniela and I imagine. It has been spinning in our heads for a few years and has finally taken shape this fall with one spring summer capsules of ten dresses and two shoulder garments. A few pieces for a concise message whose business card is the dress. The idea is to go back to a concept of quality elegance, unrelated to the seasons and extreme trends of the moment. Crida remains in the closet forever and works well for many occasions. Crida is for mothers and daughters. It is a dress designed to put the wearer at ease, beautiful but simple at the same time. Discreet elegance that is enriched with details. Crida is a woman who stands out because she is chic, not because she is showy or too sexy. Our models are classic but also contemporary. Crida is a dress that never tires.

Daniela Palazzi: Crida was born from a desire of two fashion consumers, both fashion addicted. In the past, we happened to buy clothes taken from the enthusiasm of the moment and never put them on. Today we are looking for clothes in which every woman can recognize herself perfectly and with which she can be in order from morning to night. The dress “dresses” without ever being excessive, it is practical and quick to wear. It does not waste you time. We forgot how pleasant it is to wear clothes. At the same time, we care a lot about quality, otherwise this project it wouldn’t make sense. We focus on the values ​​of femininity and personality.

How does Crida represent Made in Italy and how do you plan to support it?

D.P. Having never been a project conceived as a table, we started from the basics, from the research, from the fabrics. In Italy we have tailors and factories that do wonderful things. We understood how precious our supply chain is with its small trades and it is no coincidence that many great brands come to us for the final product. We have learned to recognize and trace the origin of the materials: for example, I always look at the tag, I want to know where a dress comes from. When there is so much work to do we divide the tasks, but in general we choose and do everything together. Let’s go in the same direction. Even when we were advised against embarking on this adventure, we still decided to go all the way, remaining very united thanks to common principles. We believe in it a lot, despite the difficulties of the sector.

C.P. I was very impressed by my daughters (especially the oldest, the most environmentalist) who want to buy the right products. Unknowingly they gave me a great lesson. The great thing about doing a new thing is that you learn a lot. Crida is truly a dream come true at 50 years old. But somehow, this reality of ours, located in this strange historical moment, is the strength that could allow us to survive and our way of supporting Made In Italy. Precisely because we believe in the product and in a type of fashion that is less fast fashion and more reasoned, slower. Quality, slowness and heart. Our fabrics are all Italian and many companies we visited are in the Bergamo area. The project was born practically at zero kilometer.

Francesca Chillemi with a Crida dress

Who are your muses?

D.P. Cristina is definitely one of my muses. As well as other friends. Francesca, for example, always came to Città Alta (Bergamo) dressed very well. I love that women are always beautiful and in order despite the many things to do. Franca Sozzani was like that.

C.P. I too have thought many times about Franca, about her wonderful clothes, never recognizable. Always elegant. It was of immutable elegance and the dress always had something more, the perfect length, the sleeve done well. Never adherent.
Daniela and I also met because we have very similar tastes. For example, we often dress the same way. When the quarantine was over, she came to get me and we were dressed the same!

Where does the need for a campaign that focuses on values ​​come from?

C.P. First of all because everything has changed in recent months. Italy is on its knees and less frivolous and consumerist, less volatile concepts are needed. People want to experience real emotions and fashion must offer authentic values ​​in which to recognize oneself. Our new social communication runs on these tracks: fashion must have human times and it must be lived more slowly, with many new contents. We do things well and when they are needed. We need and want positive messages that come from real people. We want them to be able to convey stories of brave women, who have exceeded their limits, who have made it with their own strength.

D.P. Our new social campaign wants to give a message of hope through real people, friends of the brand and the whole Crida community. It is our philosophy, not to be fashionable but to rediscover more classic and lasting values. In a word: solid.

The stylist Viviana Volpicella in Crida

Your best memories related to Crida?

D.P. The best memory is with the Firenze dress, a best seller: after various tests, when I managed to put it all together, it was the dress that contained everything I had deep inside. My Linus blanket.

C.P. The period in which we created this collection was full of enthusiasm and dreams. We went in the fog in the car to look for workshops and fabrics, getting lost often, from morning to night in the car. Friends as young girls. Always the two of us, we also learned how to make the boxes to send to the shops! The first time we went to do the defeat tests of the various models, the owner asked us if the model was needed. And we replied: Nooo, we’ll try them! The first one I wore was Agrigento, it was beautiful. We hugged each other. Giravolta. Look and hug again.

A Crida model for every Italian city.

C.P The idea responded to our image of Italian dress. Naming our clothes was one of the most intense and funniest moments. The Firenze dress, one of our best sellers, is as if it had written on it that it was to be called that. We imagine it worn for walking through the streets of the city or for a visit to the Uffizi. Taormina, to walk under the southern sun. We even dedicated two to Puglia. The Rome suit seemed to us to be the column of a temple or a church in the Eternal City. Now more than ever we must strive to help Italy and we are proud that the same clothes will be ambassadors of the style of our country, always reminding us how good we are in creativity.
Ours is a message of love for Italy so that our cities can raise their heads. Then I like to think about the next ones we will do, including of course the Bergamo dress, whose sketch Daniela has already prepared.

D.P. Absolutely yes, many did not know Bergamo internationally. After the last few months things have changed a lot and now is the time to work hard to make our city perceived as a symbol of rebirth

In addition to the site, Crida can be found on sale at Belle Boutique (Milan), Tiziana Fausti (Bergamo), Vietti (Domodossola), Cenere (Bassano del Grappa), Antora (Baden Baden, Germany)

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