Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Purchases $9.4 Million Bugatti Centodieci

Followers of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram account already know he tastes expensive in just about everything, but now an Italian newspaper is reporting that he’s adding another hugely expensive item to his car collection: a 9-inch Bugatti Centodieci, $ 4 million, which should be delivered someday. next year.

The Centodieci will be in good company among Ronaldo’s other cars, including a Bugatti La Car Noire which cost around $ 18 million (a car he recently posted a photo of himself with on Instagram but which reps own de Ronaldo had previously denied owning), and a Bugatti Chiron which itself cost $ 3 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Purchases $9.4 Million Bugatti Centodieci
Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Purchases $9.4 Million Bugatti Centodieci

But the Centodieci cost more than three times as much, intended to be a tribute to all of the 110-year history of the Bugatti brand (“Centodieci” is Italian for 110). As the official Bugatti website says:

“Inspired by [the 1991 Bugatti EB110], the Centodieci pushes the limits of the imagination with its breathtaking performance and pioneering design. With a modern interpretation of the classic wedge shape and with the iconic W16 engine, the Centodieci gracefully transports the EB110 into a new millennium. The ten limited edition vehicles stand out for their perfect elegance and sculptural beauty, making the Centodieci a true, tangible work of art. “

And if the reports of Ronaldo’s purchase of the car are correct, he will soon own one of those ten vehicles. But not until 2021, when the Bugatti Centodieci is due to be completed and delivered – and Ronaldo will have to wait until then, as will the nine other multimillionaires who decide to buy one. But you can take a look at the car right away, in the video below from Gumbal:

Ronaldo’s car collection is estimated to be worth somewhere between $ 30-40 million, which really isn’t so much considering he recently signed a four-year contract with the football team. Juventus worth almost $ 100 million and is usually one. of the highest paid athletes who work today.


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