Crested Senecio Vitalis a.k.a Mermaid Tail Succulents

Mermaid Tail Succulents: Collect round plant fanatics: there are succulents that look like mermaid tails. Whether your entire house is inspired by the sea or you just want a touch of imagination, one of these plants brings important underwater vibrations into your home.

The magical plant – officially known as Senecio Vitalis with a crest – resembles a mixture of succulents and cacti and grows outwards instead of becoming a light source, as most plants do gardenia. It usually grows 1 to 2 feet tall and can reach 3 to 5 feet wide, making it look like a mermaid or whale tail. The bluish-green color of the plant makes it a great addition to any room with neutral colours or marine themes.

Mermaid plant

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The crested Senecio Vitalis comes from the Cape of South Africa. That means it grows in winter and slumbers in summer, which most succulents don’t. The system is very easy to maintain with low water and maintenance requirements. It grows in the sun or light shade and prefers sand or well-drained soil. It is also very resistant to drought. It can survive long dry periods, making it the ideal addition for the forgetful caretaker.

If you just can’t wait to have one of these plants in your home, call your local plant shop to see if they are there. The facility seems to be in high demand as it is difficult to find online. If you are determined to find it, try your luck on Etsy.

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