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Craft beer: how to choose it and where to order it

Craft beer: how to choose it and where to order it

There craft beer Italian it is the concrete example of the immense Italian goodness and inspiration of our brewers. It also denies what is often said about beer: that it is a product that can be reproduced anywhere, with products that can be purchased from all over the world and by anyone, with a widespread standardization and therefore with little identity. In fact, for some time now many of the master brewers have shown that they do not only produce a drink derived from wheat, but to bottle the unique products of Italian biodiversity and the different peculiarities of the regional territories, recreating the concept of terroir also in beer.

Craft beer
Craft beer

You, however, do not limit yourself only to drinking it, deepen its history and diffusion, if anything with some valid publications such as Beers the journalist Maurizio Maestrelli who with thirty pills tells the tastings that according to him have been part of the brewing history, The Atlas of Italian Breweries with which Andrea Camaschella and Davide Bertinotti make a worthy journey to discover Italy that makes good beer, or the careful publication of Giuseppe Caruso Beer botany, in which to trace characteristics and properties of over 500 plant species used in the brewing.

Meanwhile, here are some super goodies chosen for you to uncork with the heat now arrived!

The Olmaia

Inside the beautiful Val d’Orcia natural park, the adventure of L’Olmaia started in 2004, now located in Sant’Albino at the foot of Montepulciano (SI). Moreno Ercolani produces excellent beers combining his great passion for music and the natural brewing talent he possesses. La5 is the representative of the brewery, now famous throughout the national scene, a harmonious and generous blonde, La9 an English bitter with a stunning drink to which it will be difficult to say enough and then the Starship inspired by the Boeing 720 plane that carried Led Zeppelins in tour between the ’72 and ’78 in the USA. Hence the name-dedication of this beer with a large hopping, an amber bitter, however drinkable in character. But also uncork the new Miss Bunny with Volterra salt, an unconventional, spicy saison, whose flavor you expect is hidden and the saline ingredient is very delicate, aromatic and very fine. A beer that does not follow any specific style, except that of the brewer. Purchase here

Deb’s beer

A precious beerfirm (own idea and recipe but production using a third party plant) from Abruzzo which has been keeping up with the ravenous Italian beer market since 2014. Debora Franceschelli is the only one to represent the pink share of this list of tips. He makes beers that speak of the territory and his skill in brewing. A past as a wine sommelier, there is as much Abruzzo in his project as Solina wheat (typical Abruzzo cereal), mountain honey from small beekeepers, as well as spices and cane sugar from organic farming. The range includes the White Ginger, a blanche with the variant made from the root of ginger, Solina di Introdacqua wheat, sweet orange peel, coriander and ginger. But among the novelties definitely worth trying is the Sottosopra, a spicy amber with horseradish, with coriander, chinotto peel and bitter orange. A mezcla of sensations, slightly savory with the first entry into the mouth remotely reminiscent of vegetables such as cucumber, the malt that wraps the mouth, the bursting balsamicity that explodes in closing. And then there is the APA to quench thirst in abundance.

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Aspide Brewery

We are in the small village of Roccadaspide, surrounded by nature in the heart of the Cilento National Park. How lucky to produce your own beers in such a context you will think … that’s right! Vincenzo Serra knows this well and manages to convey the scents of his territory to all beers. Part of the production is enriched by hops grown in the park, differentiated by the use of direct flame during cooking and by the use of open vats for the fermentation of the must. The result is a combination of pleasantness and aromaticity that smells of Cilento. Taste the fragrant Golden Ale Blonde but do not miss the Saison produced with a local yeast at all: Vincenzo decided to try to isolate a strain of yeast present on the peel of quinces that grew healthy in his garden. After various experiments and tests, he succeeded in this and obtained his unique beer made in the summer season: it is characterized by great freshness and personality, with regard to anti-standardization products. Purchase here

Amiata beer

Charm and magic in the Tuscan beech woods of Monte Amiata, here you will come across the Arcidosso brewery of the same name (Gr). The brothers Gennaro and Claudio Cerullo particularly care about their territory and express all their love for their land with excellent representative productions in full of the Amiata mountains. Now more than ever it is impossible to visit the production workshop but the skill of the Cerullus lies in the high ability to tell a territory. If the Bastarda Rossa produced with local IGP chestnuts is their photonic icon, as well as beer of absolute thickness, it is a must to taste the Aldobrandesca coming from the ancient medieval recipes that included the use in the brewing of all available cereals. in home. In this case, a large part of unmalted wheat from the Amiata area.

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Maltese cross

An essential stop on a Piedmontese brasserie itinerary, albeit only in the glass, is the brewery Croce di Malto by Alessio Selvaggio and Federico Casari. Two important characters in the tricolor brassicolo world, began in 2008 with their first Hauria label produced in Trecata, Novara. From there it was an ascent of recognition and appreciation, a consolidation of the couple’s thought of beer: producing only excellent ones and standing out in an inflated market. And so it is for both Hauria and Piedi Neri, two of the twenty beers produced between classic, seasonal and in collaboration with other breweries. Moreover, just in these days the two are bottling for the first time some recipes born some time ago among which the Rus stands out, “red” in Novara dialect, the same color of the aromatic variety of local rice used for this thirst quenching and characteristic beer; the contrast between nose and mouth is amusing, the aroma focuses on the sweet tenuity of the malt balanced by resinous notes, the mouth satisfies with a preponderant but absolutely pleasant bitterness. And then the Helles, great ease of drinking, a blonde with low fermentation to drink non-stop. Purchase here


Who does not know the historic Piozzo brewery (Cn)! Teo Musso is the author of it as it is of the launch of the world of craft beer in Italy (it ran in 1996). He would have been successful with whatever product he decided to sell and his brewery is an obvious example. An artistic and forward-looking soul, he created beers that are part of the Italian beer identity; what has become an agricultural brewery for some years has been brewing beers with a strong identity. Isaac is one of the cornerstones of the Baladin production, perfect for the season: a straw yellow blanche whose aroma presents itself with citrus and spicy notes, in the mouth it is harmoniously herbaceous with peppery touches that make the drink perky and inviting. Then there is the Nazionale, beer produced with only Italian raw materials that smells of fields and barley, yellow fruit and chamomile, a sip of the peninsula given by the barley malt produced in Basilicata, the hops of Cussanio (Cn) and the yeast selected for Baladin in Italy.

Side note: in 2017 the completion of a virtuous project with the opening of the Baladin Open Garden also arrived, a place of sharing surrounded by greenery in which to discover the between nature, agriculture, live beer, with markets, coffee, chocolate and teaching. Surely one of the first trips out of town as soon as you return to normal, accompanied, why not, by the cans of the extravagant POP line!

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Cantaloop Minimum Brewery

For all those who “Molise does not exist”, the Cantaloop Brewery proves not only its existence but also its goodness. A small reality in the province of Isernia, in Cantalupo nel Sannio, a village on the slopes of the Matese mountains. The couple Paolo Perrella and Elide Braccio wanted and created it. Degree in Chemistry for him and in Communication Sciences for her, therefore production and marketing arm in arm gave more voice to the lesser known region of Italy. But their beers embody at least one of the reasons to visit it, at least starting from the glass: the Contrablanche, developed in collaboration with Hops Up! (beershop and beerfirm of Campobasso), has 30% of unmalted cereals grown in the province of the Molise capital, therefore raw materials of Molise, with the desire to express its territory more and more. But with the high temperatures at the gates, quench your thirst with buckets of hoppy Session Ipa Island.

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A valuable brewery in Campania, Karma was born in 2008 in Alvignano in the province of Caserta. The reality Karma takes its name from the Sanskrit term “kárman” from which “karma”, used in Indian religions. Mario Cipriano works in his Alife brewery, on the slopes of the Matese Massif (Appennino Sannita), using local ingredients that enhance his land and his beers. Examples are the wine musts with which he makes the IGA (Italian Grape Ale) available since October, all from native vines such as Asprinio, Falerno and Falanghina. And still the orange peels, lemons, the “annurca” apple, in addition to the renowned Kimbo coffee, all good doses of typicality that give life to beers such as Lemon Ale which is a citrus concentrate, very tasty in the mouth and dry.

Then there is the “Social” line: uncork the Karisma, low fermentation, hoppy, dry, clean and with a vertical closure. Absolutely pleasant to drink to the bitter end.

Purchase here

BAV – Venetian Craft Brewery

Venice and the history of its bacari. Dario Bona and his team that produces in the laboratory of Maerne di Martellago, a small town in the Venetian mainland, pay homage to them. Their intent is to honor Venice and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. In fact, we could define them as “bacaro beers”, easy and immediate, to drink in company and simply. To evaluate the quality of a brewery one must try its simplest beer, the “entry” beer, and in this case it is the Dritta which presents itself with rapid approach and fruition, bitter and dry to be drunk non-stop . Together with Strike, a sharp IPA produced using local Altino malt, the nose leads directly to the center of a field of white flowers, the massive but expertly dosed hopping unites a harmonious and pleasantly bitter drink, especially at the end. Strike is not only good, it is within everyone’s reach and goes hand in hand with the May sun. Purchase here

Borgo beer

How good the beers of this brewery are! The merit is of a great brewer whose skill and sensitivity has brought Italian flavors, and especially of his Lazio (Borgorose on horseback with Abruzzo), all over the world. It is one of the most important names on the Italian beer scene, telling where he started and how many he made (and is doing) would require a dedicated article. Suffice it to say that Leonardo Di Vincenzo is a biologist-brewer who produces with a technical-sentimental approach, from the great classics that have made history to beers aged in wood or amphora, to the most extreme experiments with the Collerosso project. For your evenings that anticipate summer, the choice can only fall on the Lisa, the dangerously drinkable lager that smells of orange peel and ancient varieties of wheat. It is fresh, soft and intense, especially in the new 50cl format. If you want to have fun there is something for all tastes, the mind of “Leo” has conceived extravagant and thick labels such as the Courtesan made with alternative cereals such as buckwheat, Monococco spelled and a small percentage of oat flakes, together coriander, orange zest and a good dose of ginger.

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In the Abruzzo wine area, the Teramo, Luigi Recchiuti produces with abundance and a lot of heart. He made Abruzzo great beer, as big as its beers, known by every self-respecting enthusiast. It is located in the countryside of Notaresco (Te) and uses the pure water of the Gran Sasso, started in 2009 with beers that have left their mark such as the deep 10 e lode or the Bianca Piperita, an evergreen characterized by the use of the homonymous variety of mint and locally produced honey, for a drink that is always special and never banal. Over the years there have been many creations and to characterize this brewery and it is precisely the continuous experimentation to give beers of thick and rare value, such as the Nature line: spontaneously fermented beers with the addition of fruit, flowers or wine must; in the latter case, the vintage is also present on the label because the production follows the seasonal wine cycle. Nature Terra 2018 is surprising, made with 20% of Montepulciano grapes, it offers a boundless aromatic profile, a lot of acidity, a soft astringency that makes the sip pleasant and above all a continuous evolution. We must constantly follow the work of Luigi Recchiuti because he is always ready to surprise …

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