Cowlick Hair: What is a Cowlick & How to get Rid of it

Get rid of a cowlick

Have you ever had a bad day with your hair? Of course you have, everyone has! These “bad hair days” are actually caused by highlights. Cowlicks can be stubborn at getting rid of or hiding, and sometimes just trying to deal with the mop on top. They can be so hard to tame, so if you’ve had enough of your unruly hair, here are six easy ways to get rid of a strand.

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick

1. Choose the right hairstyle

For men, there are a few hairstyles you can rock to hide your locks. The hairstyle depends on where the cowlick starts on your head. Key hairstyles you can wear with a cowlick include a pompadour, spiking your hair, growing it out, making it shaggy, and keeping it short. If the cowlick starts at the front of your hair, you can easily grab some high strength pomade and style it into a pompadour. If the cowlick starts at the top of your head, a simple trick is to grow your hair out a bit and opt for a shaggy hairstyle. Keeping your hair short in the back and on the sides is also a cut that helps camouflage those flyaways.

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2. Use the right hair product

When it comes to finding the right hair product to camouflage your spike, some are better than others. Stick to products that have a solid hold, so your mane doesn’t come loose in the middle of the day. Again, it depends on the hairstyle you choose to go with; a pompadour requires a matte pomade or clay, while a shaggy, disheveled look requires mousse and clay. Whichever style you choose, make sure the product you use has the strength to stay on all day, so stubborn hairs don’t get lost.

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3. Use a hair dryer

If you usually let your hair air-dry, you can emphasize your locks. Using a hair dryer is an essential tool for taming that mane, so be sure to use it! When your hair is wet, use the hair dryer to shape and hold your mop where you want it. This, along with the right products and a round brush, will blow up the cowlick and keep it in place.

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3. Grow your hair

Adding weight to your hair will keep the cowlick at bay. Men generally have shorter hair, which makes their spikes appear more prominent. As your hair grows, the follicle mass is carried along with it. Of course, not everyone wants to grow out their hair, so there are other ways to weigh down your hair without missing out on a few haircuts.

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4. Use less shampoo and more conditioner

Speaking of weighing hair down, did you know that shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, making it feel lighter and more susceptible to spikes? Using less shampoo is a great way to prevent those loose strands in your hair, as well as promote the production of those natural oils. Conditioner adds weight to your hair, which will keep that strand from going astray.

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5. Consult a barber

Sometimes it’s best to leave your hair in the hands of a professional. If you’re really sick of that cowlick and want it gone for good, a hairstylist can do the trick for you. However, it will cost you some money, and it’s quite a commitment. They will assess your hair and cut it accordingly to remove the cowlick to the best of their abilities and offer tips so you can win to control your hair afterwards.

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Tips for Getting Rid of a Cowlick

  • Get your hands on a heavy-duty pomade.
  • Wash your hair less often.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new hairstyles that camouflage the cowlick
  • Head to the barber and ask him to permanently remove the cowlick.
  • Embrace what you have. Having a cowlick can look super sexy, so don’t feel like you have to switch!


What is a Cowlick?

A strand is a section of hair that grows in a different direction from the rest of your hair. You know when your hair isn’t going the way you want it, or it’s coming out of your head? Yeah, it’s a cowlick. The name “cowlick” comes from Dr. Richard Haydocke in the 16th century, who described the hairstyle as if a cow had licked its calf’s head, causing the hair to go against its natural grain. It makes sense, really. Cowlicks are incredibly common, and scientists are studying to find out what causes them.

Are cowlicks genetic?

Cowlicks are thought to be genetic, which unfortunately means there is no way to simply remove them. Cowlicks are thought to “originate from a circular arrangement of collagen fibers in the cranial fascia of cowlick areas”. Simply put, this means that your hair has different collagen fibers, so some hair goes with the grain, some goes against it. This cluster of hair is more recognizable for people with thick, straight hair. Good news, men and women are victims of it; however, women can easily hide it with their long hair.

Does everyone have a cowlick?

According to scientists, everyone has some kind of cowlick. Of course, some are more obvious than others, but we all have them. Many people have two cowlicks on their heads. You can find cowlicks at the top of your head, at the hairline itself, or even in the bangs. There have been so many studies on cowlicks, and they all pretty much conclude that everyone has one. Some say that if you’re right-handed, the tourbillon is more likely to go clockwise, and if you’re left-handed, your tourbillon will go counter-clockwise. Who knew!

Is a cowlick sexy?

Sex appeal is not a binary attribute. Cowlicks can definitely be sexy. In fact, some of the world’s most famous celebrities rock the cowlick, and they’re known as the sexiest people alive. These celebrities include Tom Hardy, Zac Efron, Leonardo Dicaprio and Chris Hemsworth. When it comes to dealing with the cowlick, there are specific tips and tricks for hiding or even embracing them. Sexiness is all about attitude, so no matter how you choose to style your cowlick, you’ll always look sexy!


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