Covid-19 Travel Advisory For Maharashtra: Latest Updates For Everyone

Of state government, Kovid-19 Travel Advisor for Maharashtra Unlock-4 replaces the quarantine requirement for travelers and specifically issues new guidelines for visitors coming from Delhi-NCR, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Goa. Passengers will now have to provide negative test results for the Kovid-19 before boarding a flight or train, and subject to temperature investigators upon entering the road. In Maharashtra travel guidelines To ensure uninterrupted tracking of cases in the state, also apply 72 hours of testing time for certificates.

For domestic travel by air

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  • The Airports Authority of India (AAI) will request a negative Kovid-19 test result from all domestic passengers upon arrival. Passengers who fail to produce a copy will not be able to board their flights to Maharashtra according to the latest Kovid-19 travel advisory.
  • Those who do not have a negative test report can test at the airport for RT-PCR, after which you will be able to go home or wait for an air flight.
  • The test must be done 72 hours prior to the departure of your flight, and should not exceed this time at the time of arrival / departure from the airport.
  • If the test comes positive, the passengers will be taken to the Secure COVID Care Center (CCC) for Maharashtra for implementation of the protocol given under the recent Kovid-19 Travel Advisory.

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To travel by train

  • All passengers entering the state by train must submit a copy of the negative RT-PCR under Kovid-19 Travel Advisor to Maharashtra, which should not exceed the 96-hour time limit before their arrival at the state border.
  • Those without a negative test report must undergo a mandatory temperature check after which passengers without symptoms will not be allowed to go home. All diseased passengers will be required to take antigen tests. On the downside, passengers will be allowed to leave the station.
  • Those who test positive at the railway station will have to go through the mandatory procedures put in place by the COVID Care Center (CCC), which will be borne by the passenger. Maharashtra Travel Ban.

For traveling by road

  • To regulate the number of people entering the state by requesting a negative RT-PCR test report to be made within 72 hours of their arrival as per the recent Kovid-19 Travel Advisor in the concerned District Collector of Maharashtra, Maharashtra recently Will be responsible .
  • In the absence of the report, the passenger will undergo a mandatory check for temperature and symptoms, after which officials will determine the health status and allow travel only if no symptoms of the virus appear.
  • If symptoms appear, the passenger may choose to either return home and undergo quarantine or take an antigen test to determine the presence of the Kovid-19 virus. If the test comes negative, the passenger will be allowed to enter the state border. If positive, COVID Care Center (CCC) will implement mandatory protocols as per their arrival under the latest Kovid-19 Travel Advisory for Maharashtra New Travel Guidelines.

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