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Cover- It Packs | Almost Famous Body Piercing

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You wouldn’t think that much would change depending on the time of year you choose your new piercing, but there are definitely important points to consider. If you’ve recently got a piercing, your piercer has likely gone through the aftercare instructions and told you not to submerge your new piercing in a lake or chlorinated water for 6-8 weeks, which can be difficult depending on the piercing before especially in the summer months. That’s why we have our “Cover-It!” Kits and added them to our aftercare line. We made them easy to use and very effective for keeping a new piercing dry.

It’s important to remember that a fresh piercing is actually a wound. So it’s best to treat it as such. Pools, hot tubs, and other forms of chlorinated water are filled with harsh chemicals that can be very harsh for a piercing to heal. There is also the fact that there are microorganisms and other pathogens in the water. When it comes to untreated or disinfected water such as lakes, ponds and rivers, the cleanliness of the water is important. These bodies of water can contain pollution, runoff, parasites, bacteria and viruses. All of these can cause small to large problems with your new piercing. These problems can range from simple irritation to complete infection that requires antibiotics. If you are going on vacation and you are near an ocean it is usually fine because it is salt water. However, as a precaution, we recommend washing and soaking your piercing almost immediately after immersion in the water.

Piercings on the ears and face can be more difficult to cover. For these, however, we recommend keeping your head above water. For things like navel piercings, dermals, surface piercings, and new nipple piercings, we recommend covering them with our waterproof “Cover-It!” Bandage packs. These can be tailored to the piercing you want to cover. Inside there is a piece of thick, sterile gauze and a transparent “bandage”. The gauze goes on first and then you peel the base from the dressing and apply it over it. You should make sure that it is securely attached to the skin around the piercing site. Once it’s secure, peel the paper off the front of the dressing, creating the waterproof barrier. After you are done with the water activities, simply remove both parts and thoroughly clean them with sea salt and glycerin soap.

Our “Cover-It!” You can find packs at each of our 7 locations or in our webstore here. They come in single and 4-packs. Whether you are planning a vacation or a day at the beach, there is an option for you!

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