Countdown to the Emmys: the 7 most nominated episodes and why to see them now

Watchmen is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel are the 2020 series with multiple Emmy nominations.

But if you haven’t followed them during the year and if you don’t want to go binge-watching from today at the awards ceremony on September 20 on all seasons of both series, what are the unmissable episodes to watch to get an idea why all this hype?

Over the years, some classic episodes such as Chuckles the Clown’s funeral Mary Tyler Moore, the Bet in Seinfeld, or the Thanksgiving episode of Master of None written by Lena Waithe have entered the annals of television history. Do these two series also have pivotal episodes? The answer comes from the complete list of The Television Academy nominations that shows us which episodes have received the most approval (each series sends six episodes to the jury, while the actors send an episode just to show their performances).

Looking at the entire 60-page list of nominations in all its glory, I noticed a few more episodes that peek over and over again in a series of categories. Here, the best episodes of the TV series of the year, according to the opinion of those who drafted the Emmy nominations.

RuPaul’s Drag Race, “I’m That Bitch”

All standing for the queens of the 12th season premiere, in which the guest judge Nicki Minaj (red from head to toe red) presides over a lip-synch battle on Starship to write and perform and presents the challenge of rewriting and performing (and dancing) on ​​his original piece. (Quoting Widow VonDu: “Girls get mad when they look at these thighs / They rub together like they harmonize.”). Nomination for clothes, contemporary hairstyling, make-up, direction and more this this glitter catwalk is RuPaul’s Drag Race at its best.

Succession, “This Is Not for Tears”

Both Jeremy Strong and Nicholas Braun (aka Kendall Roy and Cugino Greg) —which are nominated for Best Actor and Supporting Actor respectively – presented their nominee with this second season finale, according to GoldDerby; the episode also received praise for directing, editing and soundtrack. The refined drama contains among other things: Greg’s testimony in the Senate; the Roy family yacht vacation across the Mediterranean (with notable comparisons with Below Deck) with attached love triangle on the high seas with Shiv and Tom protagonists; and, of course, the press conference where Kendall drops a bomb report that hits the family empire.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, “Comedy or Cabbage”

Pink period dresses are pretty much a character in their own right in the Emmys’ beloved show, and perhaps more so than ever in this episode where Midge and company move to Miami Beach. The costumes and make-up in this episode are rightly among the 20 nominations of the show, but so is the direction and, for the guest star Luke Kirby who plays the role of Lenny Bruce, who re-emerges and shares a night in white heat (more of tensions that of actions) with Midge. In case you missed it: there is a particularly notable scene in a Cuban club.

Saturday Night Live hosted by Eddie Murphy

In this December 2019, the pre-pandemic Saturday Night Live was conducted by one of the greatest of all time – returned to SNL for the first time since 1984 -, with historical moments such as the return of Gumby during Weekend Update is “Home for the Holidays“, a kind of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? on the contrary, where the white boyfriend of Murphy’s daughter is treated like a strange man. Together with subsequent editions of SNL at Home, is among the most memorable episodes of the year, and has within it a nomination for Murphy in the category of guest actor in a comedy series, fighting with Kirby and Brad Pitt for his three minutes as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The Crown, “Aberfan”

Based on a true tragedy that caused 144 deaths in 1966, this dark-hued episode about the collapse of a mountain of coal waste in the Welsh village of Aberfan is a heartbreaking and visually powerful episode that looks more like a Hollywood movie than a episode of a tv series. It also explores one of the key themes of imaginary (and real) royalty: the tendency to suppress emotions and, specifically, pain. (Queen Elizabeth spent more than a week visiting Aberfan after the collapse, prefiguring, perhaps for some viewers, her rather slow public response to the death of Princess Diana three decades later.)

Watchmen, “It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice”

The HBO adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel won Emmys at first glance. This episode of the premiere appears on the entire list of nominations, including directorial nominations and production design. In it, the Ku Klux Klan attack on Tulsa – shot on the anniversary of the actual massacre in 1921 – sets the stage for a season of jaw-dropping dystopian drama, with Regina King as undercover detective Sister Knight and Don Johnson who plays the chief of police. A setting that then went to the headlines with incredible precognition for President Trump’s election rally during protests against racism.

Cheer, “Daytona”

Cheer was not only one of the definitive binge-watches of the year, but also six-time Emmy nominee, also in the best unstructured reality show category. The episode repeatedly reported to the Emmys was also full of “encouraging cries”, tears (both on the screen and, let’s be honest, outside), and a triumph with the ending in which Navarro’s team consecrates itself to the national teams from Daytona. Shooting those choreographies and sound editing those scream-filled moments undeniably required Emmy-level talent.

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