Could Jeff Bezos Really Buy The Washington Football Team?

The Amazon brand has some weapons. The most popular is still, just about anything from the marketplace, just Kitchen is necessary To Miniature wacky inflatable people. Amazon Prime distributes allowances and TV shows, movies and music to users. Amazon Web Services provides cloud computing services for businesses. Amazon Alexa adds smart technology to the home.

But Amazon does not have an NFL franchise. at least not yet.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is in talks with minority owners of the Washington football team about potentially buying a stake in the team.

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Of course, if Bezos bought a team, it would be Amazon, not his. But after the creation of a giant company worth billions of rupees, owning a sports franchise seems like a logical next step. Bezos announced his exit as CEO of Amazon later this year, and has been interested in purchasing the NFL franchise for years.

The team’s minority owners include FedEx CEO Fred Smith, Black Diamond Capital Chairman Robert Rothman, and real estate developer and construction executive Dwight Scar.

Last year, Schar hired a firm, which had a 40% team, to find a buyer for its shares. The Washington football team is estimated at $ 3.4 billion, so the minority’s stake will be approximately $ 1.4 billion.

Tensions are growing between minority owners and Daniel Snyder, who owns a 60% majority stake. Snyder reportedly refused to pay dividends to the other owners because the Kovid-19 pandemic stunted the league’s millions of revenue.

And since then there has been more uproar. Under increasing pressure from Native American groups, the team removed its former surname. The Washington football team has also faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment from female employees and team cheerleaders. Snyder dealt with one of those charges privately, and the NFL is currently investigating the team’s activities.

Minority owners were eager to sell and they assumed that they had found a buyer last year. But Snyder prohibited the sale, accusing others of extortion. In response, Smith, Rothman and Shehr filed suit against Snyder.

The biggest issue for any potential Bezos purchase: Snyder’s team is not interested in selling. This means that, at present, the largest stake bezos can achieve 40%. He would not like to be a silent partner with any franchise.

Again, Snyder said he would never change the team’s name, but would eventually trust him. If the price is right, can he do so with the sell?

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