Could Brie Larson Leave Marvel To Join DC?

Could Brie Larson Leave Marvel To Join DC?

Brie Larson has become a big name in the Marvel universe. She made it big in Captain Marvel and brought Carol Danvers back to Captain Marvel 2 in the future. The Captain will also make some cameos in other Marvel films and productions, although Marvel and Disney have been silent over this point.

But the main competition to the MCU could be calling Brie Larson over. She could potentially be a part of the DC series of films or the DC Extended Universe as it is called. The move would be substantial, but it may also come with one person who has been involved with the DCEU heading over to the MCU and even working alongside Larson there.

brie larson leave marvel
brie larson leave marvel

What’s Happening With DC?

DC has been bearing many issues surrounding its ability to produce comic book films in the DC universe. DC characters have not fared well since the end of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman were both underwhelming at the box office and with critics. The Justice League movie has also underperformed, and people are still convinced that there’s a cut approved by director Zack Snyder that hasn’t been released yet. Joker has been the best performer in the series, and even then, that movie might not be interpreted as an “official” DC movie.

With that in mind, DC might be going after Marvel’s cast to find someone. In this case, Larson could be hired to play the role of Lady Blackhawk.

DC is hoping to introduce the Lady Blackhawk character in the Black Adam film. That movie will be out in 2021.

The goal would be to give Lady Blackhawk a separate movie. The effort includes making her a key part of the DCEU, potentially appearing in other films.

How Valuable In Larson?

To say that Brie Larson is important to the MCU would be an understatement. Captain Marvel made more than a billion dollars in the international box office. She also appeared in Avengers: Endgame, a film that grossed nearly $3 billion throughout the world and has smashed many box office records.

Captain Marvel 2 is expected to premiere in 2022. The film will be a part of “Phase 4” of the MCU.

Not the Only Switch

The potential for Larson to go from the MCU to the DECU isn’t the only switch in the comic book movie industry. There have been rumors that Marvel will reboot the entire X-Men movie series. One rumor is that Henry Cavill will star as Wolverine, the main member of the group. Cavill played Superman in Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman. There are even rumors that Cavill will portray Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2. The appearance would be the big kickoff of the new X-Men series.

Whatever the case, there is lots of time left before Captain Marvel 2 is expected to premiere. Whatever happens, there will be plenty of people out there looking forward to what Brie Larson does next.

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