Costco Car Rental can offer you a great car rental deal, and with the large selection of vehicles and services offered at Costco, you’re bound to find the perfect rental car for your vacation or business trip. Costco Car Rental is an incredibly reliable and trustworthy company to work with when you need to rent a car.

If you are looking for a discount car rental, don’t let pricing be the deciding factor. Many companies offer attractive rates but do not have a good reputation for service or customer service.

costco car rental
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With a Costco Car Rental, you can reserve a vehicle with one of their professional representatives who will arrive at your destination on your travel date. They will drive your rental car to your planned destination in style and provide you with support and advice throughout your rental period. You will also receive a comprehensive rental agreement form, which will help you take care of everything, from repairs to financing, and even providing tips on driving and parking safely.

Along with reserving a car with a Costco representative, you can rest assured that you will be fully covered for rental fees. If a problem should arise with your rental, or if you cannot use your rental car, you will be provided with a refund.

If you have an occasion where you will need to hire a car for a day or two, Costco Car Rental is a great option for renting a vehicle. You can do many things when you need to rent a car, but if you have an event coming up and can’t get a rental vehicle, you may want to consider renting from Costco.

A great way to save money on your vacation is to rent a car through an all-inclusive rental rather than purchasing a separate rental car. Many companies offer discounts on rental costs when they have taken care of the car maintenance, so you can easily save hundreds of dollars on your rental costs.

When renting a car with Costco, you can ensure that its warranty covers your car and that you are getting the most out of your rental. Costco Car Rental is always a good bet when it comes to an affordable rental.

The large selection of vehicles available at Costco makes it easy to find the perfect car for your purpose. Whether traveling alone, with friends or hiring a car for an extended trip, you can count on Costco to offer you the perfect vehicle at a price you can afford.

When you look online for a car rental, there are several different kinds of vehicles to choose from. Whether you need a minivan for a weeklong vacation or a compact for a weekend trip, you can find the perfect rental for your needs.

While some companies only offer economical cars, it is possible to rent a sports car, an SUV, a van, a truck, or even a van for your vacation. No matter what your type of vehicle is, there is sure to be a car rental that will fit your needs.

Renting a car through a company like Costco will make the entire process much easier, allowing you to enjoy your trip without worry. You can concentrate on enjoying your trip instead of worrying about your car.

Many people find that the company offers a discount on rental fees, one of the perks of renting from Costco Car Rental. The discount does not come into play when you use their service, but you can still enjoy a discount on your rental.

Costco Car Rental

Costco Car Rental is a preferred choice among many travelers. Costco not only provides great deals on groceries, clothes, and other food items. Through Costco Travel, I also have access to many of the very best deals on rental cars. Those who often use Costco travel report to being extremely happy with renting a vehicle through Costco. Costco car rentals are known to provide reliable vehicles with ample legroom and comfort.


Some Costco Travel members have reported saving five hundred dollars or more on every trip. Costco is a store that is well-known for offering the lowest prices on everyday items and services. The company’s policy of making their customers feel like they are treated like “the shop floor at Costco,” plus offering the best deal possible on their purchases and services, has made Costco travel a very popular choice for travelers. Many people report saving up to fifty percent or more when using Costco travel.


Costco offers its valued Costco members affordable rental cars to drive while on a trip. Costco Travel allows its customers to easily and conveniently visit Costco whenever it makes sense for them to do so. Costco is located in Washington State, about an hour from Seattle. Because Costco is located in such a convenient location, there is no reason to go anyplace but Costco when planning a trip where a vehicle rental is needed.


Costco offers two types of rental cars – a low-cost, basic rental car and a more expensive luxury rental car. Costco’s low-cost, basic rental cars are available at half the price of a luxury rental car. Costco Travel offers a wide selection of basic and luxury rental cars and a wide range of different pick-up and drop-off locations nationwide. The best part about Costco travel is that there are no blackout dates or hidden fees because Costco takes care of everyone’s needs.


Costco’s one-way rentals are very economical. Costco’s “one-way” system allows you to rent a car for one complete trip instead of renting it multiple times. Costco’s one-way trip system offers great flexibility because you can plan your trips ahead of time. Choose your scheduled pick-up times, and have your car delivered directly to your door. Without having to deal with ground transportation or having to arrange airport pickup times. This extra convenience helps you keep more money in your pocket for other necessary expenses during your trip.


Costco’s car rental program has a rewards program for its members. Costco has an excellent customer service rating and a one-time membership fee that unlimited Costco’s car rental program. Costco’s members are given access to a detailed report on every Costco trip that lists the vehicle details for each trip, including mileage, condition, rental fees, and so much more. Costco members who take advantage of Costco’s excellent car rental services can save money on their next trips by doing their research ahead of time and making sure they are getting the most efficient possible rates. Costco’s valuable research reports make finding great deals easy and finding a great car rental company easy.


Costco’s membership also allows its members to reserve hotel rooms at 100% discount prices. Receive many additional benefits. Such as free flights, ground transportation, park passes, advance tee times, special golf club member discounts, and so much more. Costco’s biggest advantage over other travel rental companies is the member’s super-large discounts that Costco consistently provides to its members. Costco travel and vacation packages frequently rank well in national travel reviews. Costco continues to improve its customer service, meet consumers’ expectations, and provide great deals.

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Costco’s one-way rental services are flexible and convenient. Costco’s car companies are located in all major U.S. cities, and it is very easy to find Costco rental cars at any time. Costco rental car policies allow consumers to pick the day and time they want their rental car delivered to their door. Costco also offers a large selection of very affordable airport locations across the country, making it easy for travelers to find a Costco rental car with various rental options. Costco rental car services are also available online. Whether members choose to rent a Costco car at an airport location or go online to book a Costco rental car, Costco continues to lead the travel industry in providing innovative, cost-effective ways to travel and save money on vacations and business travel.

Costco Car Rental can offer you a great car rental deal, and with the large selection of vehicles and services offered at Costco, you’re bound to find the perfect vehicle to fit your needs with Costco Car Rental.

If you’re not a Costco member, don’t be discouraged to find Costco Car Rental because Costco members are permitted up to 2 non-member guests at the Costco Auto Program. When it comes time to return the car rental, Costco offers self-service options or full valet service to return the car rental, which Costco believes to be fast and efficient.

If you’re not a Costco member, you can still consider Costco Car Rental for your next trip because Costco offers an hour courtesy pass, so you can take advantage of Costco services without becoming a Costco member.

Cars Vehicles

Costco’s selection of cars is second-to-none in the car rental industry, with popular brands like Ford, Kia, Nissan, Hyundai, and Chevy. Costco Car Rental also has hybrids available with most car rentals. If it’s time for an upgrade or you’ve got a family on the way out of town, look into upgrading to a midsize SUV or full-size SUV by adding either an optional upgrade fee or simply by renting one of Costco’s available SUVs. Costco Car Rental offers the midsize Chevy Traverse, full-size Chevy Tahoe, or Ford Explorer for a great car rental deal that can’t be beat.

Costco Auto Program

If you’re looking for great deals on car rentals, Costco Car Rental is sure to have it, with Costco delivering low rates without sacrificing the quality of service! The next time you’re heading out of town, take advantage of Costco services at amazing prices by using one of Costco’s many services, including Costco Auto Program, Costco Travel, or simply purchasing your own membership so you can take advantage of all the benefits Costco has to offer! Costco is committed to customer satisfaction. Costco Auto Program offers a great car rental deal with low rates and quality service, so consider Costco Car Rental for your next trip!

1. Why you should rent a car from Costco

– Costco offers a great car rental deal, and the large selection of vehicles and services is just a nice bonus.

2. The best Costco car rentals for families

– Costco Car Rental – Taking your family on a road trip this summer? Check out Costco’s rates on SUVs to keep everyone going strong all through your vacation.

3. Costco vs Enterprise Why you should choose Costco over other car rental brands

– If budget is not an issue then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t rent from Costco rather than another brand.

4. Ten things about renting cars that you didn’t know were true

– If you’re looking for something luxury during your next getaway, consider booking one of Costco’s premium vehicles to make sure you’re riding in style.

5. Costco car rental deal of the day

– Costco Car Rental – Costco offers an amazing car rental deal that is sure to leave you smiling, take a look at Costco’s car rental prices today!

6. What to do when renting a car from Costco

– If there are damages already on the vehicle when you rent, don’t worry Costco has insured us for this type of incident so if something happens just follow the simple steps they give you and it will be hassle free.

7. How to save money with your Costco Car Rental

– Costco Car Rental – All members are eligible for extra discounts simply by being part of Costco Wholesale, check out this article for more information on Costco’s car rental deals and how you can save big.

8. Costco Car Rental fraud prevention

– Costco Car Rental – Costco has fraud protection in place to ensure that your personal information remains safe and secure during the car rental process.

9. Costco car rental insurance

– Costco Car Rental: Yes, all of the vehicles available for rent through Costco have their own respective auto insurance policies so you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional insurance or coverage when renting with Costco.

10. What makes renting cars from Costco such a good deal?

– One of the most popular reasons Costco Car Rental discounts offers great car rental deals, and with the large selection of vehicles and services Costco Costco you’re bound to find the best car for your needs.

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