Coronavirus: the initiatives launched by fashion brands

Coronavirus: the initiatives launched by fashion brands

In such a delicate moment in which the whole world has stopped to counter the emergency linked to the spread of Coronavirus, are so many the brands and stylists who mobilized to support research and the health system, through important donations or with the extraordinary production of masks and overalls. But not only. In fact, a series of new digital initiatives with the aim of sharing feelings like at-home strength and positivity.

Curious? We tell you here.

Coronavirus: the initiatives launched by fashion brands


Agnona chooses to keep her audience company by sharing a message of hope and positivity, using her typical cultured and elegant language. The idea comes from a story that belongs to a distant past, whose essence, however, could not be more current. The Homeric figure of Penelope, wife of Ulysses, who confidently awaits his return by tirelessly weaving his canvas, inspires a series of video stories that will be broadcast on Agnona’s social channels. Each video will interpret the concepts of hope, expectation, courage and patience, referring to the Homeric heroine symbol of patient trust in tomorrow. A poetic message of love and resilience, to help everyone think positively about today, but above all about tomorrow, during these suspended days. Talents from all over the world from the brand community were involved in this project, from the young Italian actress Greta Ferro to the top model Sara Blomqvist to the jewelry designer Ivi Kyratzi. Each will contribute in a personal way to the narration of the concept of waiting, according to their own attitudes and through a storytelling mode close to themselves: a creative poem, an illustration, a reading of the Odyssey, a dip in personal photographs or in materials of archive, working the clay or knitting.


Based on the idea of ​​the creative community that is often the basis of the house’s collections, Alexander McQueen has announced a new project to encourage creativity from home. McQueen Creators is designed to inspire and initiate creative conversations. So, from today, everyone, including followers, will be invited to engage artistically by taking inspiration from Alexander McQueen’s looks through a selection of images shared on social channels. A selection of this work will then be republished on the brand’s social media. Each week a new creative concept will be released so that everyone can connect with McQueen’s teams and collaborators and communicate with them thanks to a series of digital tutorials. The inspiration for the first week is taken from the installation “Roses” opened in the Old Bond Street store. Future projects for the community, which will be announced via social channels, also include 3D creation and home embroidery.


Season after season, Balmain has always appreciated the constant support of his numerous followers. And now the house wants to repay the favor. And to stay close to them during these long lockdown weeks, Balmain has come up with a new initiative: #BalmainEnsemble. In the coming weeks, therefore, #BalmainEnsemble will publish stories, inspirations and creations made by members of the Balmain family and by Olivier Rousteing as well as by a host of close friends and interesting artists.


In a moment of uncertainty, fear and isolation, Bottega Veneta launches a new concept on the main multimedia platforms to share strength, positivity and creativity on a global level. Bottega Residency dedicates a weekly space to its collaborators, muses and talents where they can celebrate the creative minds and works that have influenced their lives – from writers and musicians, to directors and artists. During the weekends, Bottega Residency will also offer live musical performances, cooking lessons and recipes with famous chefs, while on Sunday evening it will be dedicated to films thanks to a partner from the cinema sector. A journey that, through a series of collaborations, will reflect a common weekend to give a sense of familiar normality, inspiration and comfort in this moment of solitude. Available on Instagram, Youtube, Weibo, Line, Kakao, Spotify, Apple Music and a special mini site on, Bottega Residency will become part of the brand’s all-inclusive strategy.


Burberry announces the arrival of the new B Series which, for the first time, will not be a product but the music of Amaarae. The singer, in fact, will perform exclusively for the Burberry community with a series of unreleased tracks. The performance will be available exclusively on Burberry IGTV from 12:00 GMT and WeChat from 17:00 CST on April 17th for 24 hours.


Hedi Slimane, artistic director of Celine, has curated a selection of films – including great Hollywood classics and cult titles – for MUBI, the great community of movie buffs from all over the world. And, for the occasion, Hedi Slimane and MUBI made access to the platform free for 30 days, with the possibility of streaming all the best of online cinema, including – of course – the selection by Hedi Slimane, which counts Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola, 1979), Charade (Stanley Donen, 1963), Laurence Anyways (Xavier Dolan, 2012), Le Cercle Rouge (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1970), Night Tide (Curtis Harrington, 1961), Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders, 1984), Persona (Ingmar Bergman, 1966), Pierrot Le Fou (Jean-Luc Godard, 1965), Red desert (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1964), The 400 shots (François Truffaut, 1959).


During these unprecedented times, Chanel wishes to express her solidarity with those who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and those who are currently forced to stay home. Chanel is therefore pleased to invite everyone to a live performance by the Belgian singer Angèle, scheduled for Friday 3 April at 13.00. The performance, live exclusively on the maison’s Instagram profile, looks like a special moment, to be shared together, even if everyone is at home.


Closed and she she joined forces to create an online mindfulness retreat dedicated to all the people who are currently at home – with yoga, meditation and cooking sessions. The goal is to spread an optimistic attitude in these complicated times, but also to inspire new routines to help people get the best out of the current situation. The digital mindfulness program will present the recipes of Julia Heifer, chef of the Berlin-based LOK6 restaurant and yoga and meditation sessions with co-creator Steph Cusack (@yogawithsteph). The Closed × she she retreat will take place on March 25, 2020 on the Closed @closedofficial Instagram channel, starting at 12:00. In addition, all participants will have the chance to win one of 25 Closed × she she shirts, made exclusively for the occasion. To continue this positive movement, Closed will continue to publish stimulating content, creative sessions and more. The #WeAreClosedTogether initiative will begin on March 28, 2020 with a painting course by the Berlin artist Johanna Dumet and a training session with Patrick Maschke of the bionic.FIT gym in Hamburg. The contents will be permanently available on Closed’s Instagram account.


Wednesday 8 April at 6PM Eres is pleased to invite all his followers to follow a yoga class with the teacher Julie Granger live on the Instagram profile @eres. The brand, in fact, in 2019 launched the Activewear collection, which celebrates the freedom of the body and sports such as pilates, yoga and athletics.


To involve his Instagram community, Jacquemus launched the #jacquemusathome initiative on his @jacquemus profile. In fact, the French designer asked everyone to create a face with the elements they have at home: clothes, food, tools, electronic devices and more. A new artistic challenge that has already gone viral.


JW Anderson announces the launch of a new project: JW (Q &) A, a new way to stay close, albeit remotely, and fight lockdown isolation through creativity. On the brand’s social profiles, in fact, a series of Q&A sessions will be launched in which historic collaborators and friends of the brand will be involved. The first guest talent involved in the project is photographer and film-maker Tyler Mitchell. Mitchell, who signed the brand’s last two ADV campaigns by filtering the images through his brilliant goal, answered fans’ questions through the main Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms of the homonymous brand. In addition to Tyler Mitchell, journalist Tim Blanks and American transgender actor Mx Justin Vivian Bond have been involved in the JW (Q &) A project, but many new guests are expected whose names will soon be disclosed.


Karl Lagerfeld announces the launch of the “TOGETHER WITH TEAM KARL” program on its social media platforms. Each week, the brand will offer engaging content on the Instagram channel @karllagerfeld such as activities or lessons that followers can follow live. Created in response to the lockdown due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, the initiative is aimed at entertaining people during this difficult period – hoping to bring a smile on long days at home. Celebrating a sense of community, the proposed performances will be held by various members of the #TEAMKARL family. Also scheduled is a drawing lesson held by Hun Kim (Karl Lagerfeld’s Design Director), a training lesson by Sebastien Jondeau (former personal assistant to Karl Lagerfeld and menswear ambassador Karl Lagerfeld) and a yoga class held by Alexandra Raoufi ( an employee of Karl Lagerfeld who is also a certified yoga instructor).


The famous Omini logo represents Kappa’s heritage, its values ​​of union and the team spirit that has always characterized the brand. During this difficult period, Kappa wants to give special attention to all its partners, consumers and interlocutors, especially at a time when being united has taken on a different meaning. The Turin brand therefore decided to modify and adapt its logo to the current situation, with the aim of sensitizing people to keep the distance between them for the safety of all. This change in the logo marks the start of a worldwide message for Kappa: “Cometogether, while we are apart” or “United more than ever, even if far apart.”


During this difficult period of confinement, Kenzo and creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista want to convey optimism and creativity, with a series of weekly live events and content produced by the brand’s friends and the brand community. Starting today, Kenzo will host several takeovers every day that will produce exclusive live and stories for the brand’s Instagram account.


Wednesday 8 April 2020 at 18.00 the Instagram profile of the designer Laura Aparicio @lauraaparicio_official will host Stefania Tejada’s live painting performance. Stefania Tejada, a Colombian artist and illustrator born in 1990, will freely interpret the unique style of the designer originally from Bogota but Milanese by adoption. The two young creatives are united by the same desire to explore and study the female spirit, the identity of the woman and the evolution of her figure over time, as well as her love of fashion and nature.


With the motto Stay Home – Stay Connected Levi’s invites its followers to stay at home and to follow the live IG live to stay connected. Levi’s, in fact, will share sessions with some musicians, master tailors, style sessions and customization workshops at 5:01 pm on their Instagram profiles, including @Levis_ITA. With engaging entertainment that will allow people to stay connected during these isolation days, and with the hope of encouraging people to stay home with some relief during these long days. Levi’s encourages everyone to use their voices to make a positive impact on the world. United and all together.


While most of the world’s population is invited to stay at home (#stayhome), Jonathan Anderson conceived LOEWE EN CASA, transforming a shared and obligated situation into an opportunity for real enrichment. LOEWE EN CASA consists of a series of events, conferences and virtual workshops that through Instagram LIVE manage to entertain everyone in the intimacy of their home spaces. Organized with regular appointments during the week, this format celebrates craftsmanship, innovation and artistic expression by exploring the words and work of collaborators involved in LOEWE’s cultural projects and the finalists of LOEWE Craft Prize. The range of topics covered ranges from metalworking, textiles, ikebana, gold and ceramics, to the manufacture of furniture, woodworking and weaving. The list, constantly updated, of the personalities involved includes: Koichi Io; Sophie Rowley; Irina Razumovskaya; Idoia Cuesta; Julian Watts; Adi Toch, who will showcase her temporary studio built in her home to allow her to continue working; Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley in a conversation about how to combine work and personal life together; Giovanni Corvaja who will hold a tour of his home-studio laboratory where he combines ancient ideas of alchemy with cutting-edge technology; and again the ikebana artist Watarai who presents the Japanese art form of the composition by working with flowers, twigs, branches and plants to create unique pieces.


In these lock-down days, Manila Grace thinks of its audience but also of all social users and creates an entertainment plan to be together and share not only posts but also ideas, tips and emotions. FUN TIME MG is the project launched by Manila Grace to create engagement with the public who, in addition to following the activities, can become its interpreter. The program includes various sections, starting with the one dedicated to cooking: with the hashtag #incucinaconmanilagrace simple recipes will be suggested to prepare at home. The inspiration is the Manila Grace garments and the made in Italy, as each recipe of a traditional Italian dish will refer to the nuances of the collection. Some influencers who will transmit from their channels and launch the challenge will also support the project: the most beautiful recipes shared by the community, in fact, will be published on the brand page. Other appointments will follow, such as the section dedicated to the horoscope with style tips based on your zodiac sign and the interactive quiz on the most salient moments and cult items that have made the brand successful.


#MiuMe invites a very varied cross-section of people from all over the world – prominent personalities from the world of sport, art, dance and fashion, but also Miu Miu fans who answer a call-out on Instagram – to use their cell phones to film themselves in their environment. Each will wear Miu Miu garments and accessories, new or rediscovered in their wardrobe. All are free to present themselves in front of the lens in the way they prefer, elevating the selfie to a statement of one’s identity and one’s particular sense of self.


Motivi, Oltre and Fiorella Rubino reveal an unprecedented and hitherto unexplored communication approach, in full harmony with the “digital boost” triggered by the period we are experiencing. The sales staff of the shops will lend their face and their voice to the brands, entering a new role to continue to support and inspire customers in their choices. Thanks to the vote through the Facebook Workplace platform, they are the ones who have personally chosen the faces that will go online over the next few weeks: Jane, Valentina, Valentina, Sabina, Jessica, Rossella will be the six sales staff engaged in front of the screen as real influencers. They will therefore respond personally and interact with users every day through a dense calendar of live Instagram, special contents and live sessions to support followers, also in direct messaging, in the creation of their heart looks, with an attitude absolutely “stylish, friendly & playful” that transforms the moment of shopping into a break of escape and authentic emotion. Thus a new social e-commerce strategy was born, based on the offer of an e-shopping guide further punctuated by tutorials, videocall by appointment and live advice directly transmitted by the community of sellers of the Italian stores; the same ones that, even before the lock-down, took care of the direct relationship with customers during shop purchases.


#WarmlyMoncler is a message of hope that Moncler conveys during the Covid-19 pandemic, through a selection of moments linked to the brand’s past, present and future. The campaign is based on the idea that, although distant, we have never been so close, enhancing the founding values ​​of Moncler’s DNA, a brand born to protect and offer warmth even in the most adverse conditions. The campaign kicks off thanks to social media, with a photographic retrospective that explores Moncler’s collective memory through archival shots that bear the signature of some of the most legendary fashion photographers and, above all, evoke a message of solidarity and heat. The second chapter of the #WarmlyMoncler project, on the other hand, presents a series of music playlists created on Spotify by the friends of the brand and by the Moncler Genius family. The debut is entrusted to the President and CEO of Moncler Remo Ruffini, who proposes songs from which he draws inspiration to strengthen his hope in the future. The project then continues with the playlists of Craig Green, Matthew Williams and Hiroshi Fujiwara. The campaign will continue with a series of conversations and interactions with other protagonists of the Moncler Genius universe. Jonathan Anderson, new entry of the creative hub, also participates in the project with an interactive interview, but many other initiatives are planned on the themes of creativity and interconnection from home.


Even in an evolving club, Nike wants to continue supporting all athletes in staying active and healthy – a condition now more important than ever. Thus was born “Play inside, play for the world”: an invitation to rethink one’s ambitions in a world that today is discovering a new everyday life. An appeal that is not limited to the world of sport, but also extends to that of creativity. On April 3, with the support of some Nike Ambassadors, we will dedicate the whole day to creativity and talent. Everyone is invited to join the community, with the opportunity to participate personally by demonstrating what you are able to do. Starting today, each artist will launch an invitation to their followers to participate in the competition: just make a video showing their talent. The best will be selected directly by the artists and shared on their social channels. During the day there will also be surprises and special interventions from international guests who will take turns to share thoughts and experiences.


At this time, in a landscape substantially redefined by restrictions, it is essential not to let restrictions define the conversation. Prada inaugurates a series of digital conversations on Instagram to explore culture, fashion and life. Prada’s first Possible Conversation will take place live on April 14, 2020 at 18:00 CET and will feature Pamela Golbin, author and curator and Artistic Director of Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture Residency, and Alexander Fury, Fashion Features Director of AnOther Magazine and male fashion critic of the Financial Times. Debating on the theme ‘Fashion in times of crisis’, their dialogue will be transmitted on Prada’s Instagram account.


In such a particular, unprecedented period, REDValentino confirms its attention to imagination and communication by inviting its community to participate in an IG Challenge. The brand, in fact, asked three longtime friends, the artists Charlotte Farmer, Ollie ST Clair Terry and Matteo Giuntini, to create original stamps inspired by the prints of the spring summer 2020 collection. REDValentino therefore invites its followers to use the hashtag #DearestRED together with one of the proposed stamps, to send a thought to someone special. #DearestRED is a project aimed at giving a positive message, inviting users to stay safe and spend time in the most creative way possible.


In these complex weeks, Salvatore Ferragamo launches the TRIVIA project, a digital initiative aimed at spreading the message of not stopping, transcending physical barriers and continuing to tell stories with new and positive content shared through the social channels Instagram and Facebook. Through anecdotes and small quizzes, in fact, the whole community is invited to rediscover the almost one hundred years of history of the maison and its iconic products, in addition to the most significant moments in the life of its founder. With an almost fairytale origin, that of man and entrepreneur Salvatore Ferragamo is an adventure studded with successes and difficulties. Although extraordinary and sometimes fantastic, its success is the concrete result of a melting pot of different elements: character, determination, instinct, genius, inventiveness, curiosity, and not least an incredible intuition. All this has generated that unicum that we would like to continue telling and which today represents one of the many examples that history puts before us as a positive response to the adverse contingencies we are experiencing. The TRIVIA project is divided into 5 episodes scheduled on Wednesday and Saturday, until April 4th. A message of hope expressed in a new form of narration, the game, so that everyone can feel part of this story.


In these days of uncertainty and quarantine, Stradivarius presents #MUSICTOSTAYHOME, putting his Instagram profile at the service of musical talent. The initiative, launched on Monday 23 March, includes a series of live concerts under the MUSICTOSTAYHOME concept, to bring the music of established artists and new talents to homes all over the world. The @stradivarius profile is also converted into a digital talent show allowing all songwriters who wish to enter the virtual concert hall (i.e. the brand’s Instagram profile) and offer their music to millions of spectators.


Swatch grants all its followers a little break from reality, the invitation for virtual travel that crosses the world in 30 days. No jet lag, no luggage needed and, above all, you can stay comfortable on your sofa. Impatient? Find all the updates on the brand’s Instagram profile or by following the hashtag #SwatchTakesMePlaces.


Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maison Valentino want to strengthen the bond with their friends and the Valentino community through a new series of live performances on the brand’s Instagram account. Internationally renowned singers and poets, starting from the voice of Alicia Keys to the poetry of Rupi Kaur, will be the protagonists of a series of Instagram Stories with weekly live appointments on @maisonvalentino with the aim of entertaining and connecting even more the whole community in this moment of forced social distancing. Valentino continues to support the value of inclusiveness, transforming it into an achievable and real dream. On Friday 17 April at 10 pm the first exclusive live performance of Alicia Keys, winner of fifteen Grammy Awards, was broadcast. Thursday 30 April at 21:00 will be the turn of the Italian singer-songwriter Elisa, with a performance of one of her most famous songs Luce (Northeast sunsets), with which the artist won the Sanremo Festival in 2001.


Vivienne Westwood launched #MIRRORTHEWORLD, a digital campaign with the collaboration of artists, writers, poets, musicians, academics and activists from all over the world to create and share content with the purpose of supporting the creative community and connecting the community with culture and culture with new viewers. Through a series of images, videos and live streaming, this global campaign aims to give space to creativity, art and institutions loved by the brand. There are many formats planned, including #ArtLoversUnite – which will share virtual tours and live performances, as well as literature, films and art told by key institutions, curators and museum directors -, the #DIY series – a collaboration between creatives to inspire and inspire -, #BuyLessDressUp – to share favorite old and new looks – and #TimeMachine – a selection of Westwood garments from private collections, a journey through time through images, editorials, videos and backstage images never seen before. Without forgetting #WestwoodFM: the weekend special dedicated to emerging musicians, collaborators and stars.


After the success of the first edition, which gathered 2,500 young aspiring music artists, the AW LAB IS ME Music Edition contest returns, promoted in Italy and Spain by AW LAB. Up for grabs a single product by Low Kidd and distributed by Sony Music. Saturday 28 March from 16.00 to 18.00 those who want to participate in the contest can connect on AW LAB’s Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels, offering their performance to the special guests of the event, Dani Faiv, Low Kidd, Clementino, Nayt and Ensi, quest last as presenter. An absolutely unprecedented streaming contest of its kind and which will allow participants to submit their piece to an exceptional jury in live social media and, in case of victory, to go directly to the summer final, when Madame and Ana Mena, ambassador of the event in Spain.


Matthew Williams and the Alyx team worked on a series of content to stay connected to their community through the Instagram profile of the @Alyxstudio brand. The MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS series was made together with Matt’s friends and collaborators, including Lotta Volkova, Inge Grognard, Gary Gill, Dr Woo, DJ Louisahhh and many others, involved in interviews and music playlists. «Now it’s more important than ever to stay connected and creative. We want to stay in touch with our friends, family and fans around the world. We are reaching friends, collaborators and artists to share their opinion on creativity, their inspirations and their reality in this period of isolation “. The project, which includes the publication of 2 Q&A and 2 playlists per week, was inaugurated by personal reflections and a musical selection curated by Matthew Williams himself.