Coronavirus masks: the version with 2Shield crystals and studs

Coronavirus masks: the version with 2Shield crystals and studs

We (almost) got used to it, because wearing a mask is a gesture of protection and respect towards ourselves and others. So why not do it creatively, trying to transform this indispensable accessory into a personal detail, chosen with care? If then, as in the case of mask-covers by 2Shield, you can combine the pleasure of fashion with safety, that’s it.

Italian design (100% Made in Italy) and sparks of hope: the high quality fiber with which these masks are handmade, is studded with iridescent crystals and metal studs. Available in different styles and colors, the mask-covers are comfortable, soft, breathable and delicate even on the most sensitive skin. Their three-dimensional structure also makes them perfectly suitable for any face shape, as well as being washable, reusable and flexible.

Bonus track: buying 2Shield mask-covers helps you do good. Half of the profits made through online sales will come donated to the Italian Red Cross Association, to support relief efforts in the most affected areas of the country.

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