Corfu Greece: 9 awesome things to do on your upcoming vacations

Corfu Greece: 9 awesome things to do on your upcoming vacations

Corfu Greece: Curious to visit Corfu in your upcoming vacations? Then you shouldn’t miss these Awesome things to do in Corfu Greece.

Corfu is a lovely place to explore for all kinds of backpackers. It is not only a beautiful destination with the lovely beaches, Small towns, and historic architecture. But it also has delectable food which is affordable than other tourist places.

You can travel around the Corfu island for a fraction of the price you can travel US or UK Countries. People around the world love to visit this Corfu island. J.ust to relax in luxurious Corfu villas by having a glance at the long sandy beaches. Along with that people also explore the ancient history of the Greek and also to enjoy delicious seafood.

Corfu Island

Apart from these you can enjoy its coastline and roam around the special places in Corfu island by sipping wine in most awesome places of Corfu Island. This Corfu is present in the Ionian Islands chain, and it is a popular area in Greece. It has a rich history and is the first place to experience mass tourism in the Greek Islands. You can find many restaurants and accommodation options in Corfu Greece. Along with that, you can also experience traditional wine and food in restaurants and bar.

Corfu Greece
Corfu Greece

You’ll never get bored in this beautiful place because this special place is having a lot of things to do. As you are curious to visit Corfu, Never miss out these 10 Awesome things in Corfu. If you miss them means your Corfu trip is always incomplete.

So, let’s get into the list of the 9 Awesome things to do in Corfu, Greece:

9 Awesome things to do in Corfu, Greece:

1. Explore Corfu town:

Corfu island is filled with lots of historical & beautiful attractions. So, when you visit Corfu, you should first explore the Corfu town to check out the Venetian rule. This Corfu town is listed under the UNESCO listed town, and it is absolutely fantastic to watch.

Corfu Town Greece
Corfu Town Greece

Corfu island is under Venetian rule for so long. They have ruled this place from the 14th century to the late 18th century. So you can find out lots of Venetian architecture in the Corfu island. As a tourist, you can have a sight of the beautiful Venetian style building. Along with that, you watch out all the narrow lanes. Fortresses and number of ancient places and foods styles as well.

If you find some quality time in the Corfu town means you can experience all historical places. Apart from that the weather over there is perfect for family vacation. You can enjoy your meal while seeing the sunset in this beautiful town of Corfu.

Apart from these, you can roam around the pastel-colored homes to get a new experience. This place one of the most romantic places in the Corfu island. You will definitely enjoy a lot in this old town with all those activities.

2. Take a romantic boat trip:

Having fun in the middle of the sea is always a great feeling. If you are in Corfu means you should not miss this fantastic feeling. As Sailing is an excellent way to have a look at the most exciting spots in the Greek island.

There are lots of cruises readily available in the Corfu island. All you have to do is make sure you got the best boat in your budget which suits you. Apart from that, you can also explore the sea species at the middle of the sea in the northeast coast. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a romantic boat ride with your loveable partner. You will never forget this moment forever. It will be the best and significant movement in your life.

Boat Trip Corfu Town Greece
Boat Trip Corfu Town Greece

3. Engage in Local Cultural parties:

The first thing you have to do in Corfu island is to explore the Corfu tradition. This is one of the best ways to find the Greek tradition. Especially if you are there in Corfu for easter means you should not skip this. Because this is a different tradition which can attract anyone. You can see thousands of visitors following you in the cultural aspects.

Corfu tradition
Corfu tradition

In fact, thousands especially come to see this particular festival in Corfu. Although most of the things are not connected with religion. But its more about the traditional music, culture, and tradition that simply reflect the history.

4. Taste the traditional Greek Cuisine:

Apart from the beautiful beaches and other historical spots, Corfu is famous for its traditional Greek Cuisine. In Corfu, you will get delicious and mouthwatering food and traditional Greek wine as well. You should try these sea dishes and enjoy the wine on Corfu island because these are splendid in taste.

In Corfu restaurants, you can get the number of delicious recipes. You should try these dishes when you are there is Corfu. Some of the best dishes in you have to try in Corfu is Sofrito –( It is a sliced veal spiced with loads of vinegar, garlic, and parsley) this dish is a special dish which is worth a try.


Traditional Greek Cuisine
Traditional Greek Cuisine

Apart from that, you can also try bourdeto and Bianco, pastitsada, and other meaty pasta as well. Coming to the grilled items, you should try baked octopus. Which is famous in Corfu island it is known as the bourdetto.

In Corfu, most of the dishes are cooked with the fresh ingredients which are found in local markets. So, you can buy those ingredients in local markets such as olives, lemons, tomatoes, fish, seafoods, vegetables and so on. Apart from these traditional dishes, you can also get chicken, lamb, cheese herbs and pasta in the markets.

Regardless of what dish you eat you should be trying traditional wine. This gives an incredible boost to your Corfu tour. You can taste wines like retsina and Ouzo in the restaurants along with that locally brewed wine as well.

5. Enjoy & Relax at the Beach:

In Corfu island, there are many beaches you should explore to get a fabulous experience. Beaches are perfect places to take the sunbath and to relax. Some of the fabulous beaches you should visit the Corfu island is the Kassiopi, Haligonians, Barbati, and so on. All these places have different types of experiences and you will love visiting them for sure.

Firstly to enjoy and relax at the beach you have to plan correctly. There is always a chance to get confused with so many beaches available at Corfu island. So, carefully make a list of them and visit as per your schedule. This will help you to watch all the best places in your Corfu tour.

Corfu Beach Greece
Corfu Beach Greece

6. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving:

Do you love underwater activities? Then you will love Corfu island. Because it is having marine activities like Snorkelling and Scuba Diving. You can find some fantastic places to snorkel and do scuba diving in the Corfu island. As this island has unspoiled water, it is best for fish watching, snorkeling and scuba diving as well.

You can find out many scuba diving schools and training centers in the Corfu town. Just pick the best one you like and join the scuba or snorkel courses as fresh by choosing the packages. If you do know how to snorkel or scuba diving then there will be no stopping for you. You can enjoy the places on your own with your scuba diving skills or snorkeling skills. By going to classes, you can get some best tips on how to do scuba diving and snorkeling as well.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, Corfu Greece
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, Corfu Greece

7. Explore local markets and retail therapy:

Every tourist place will have some unique items to buy. Similar to the other locations Corfu Greece island also has large local markets. In which you can find out lots of gift items, seafood, spices and more. Now, if you love to do shopping means you can explore lots of things in local shops or markets. In Corfu Island, you can see lots of local retail shops and markets as well. With these markets, you can explore and buy the best things you love from those markets. In general, the gift items are gorgeous in the markets. You can also find all kinds of handmade goodies as well.

Corfu Local markets Greece
Corfu Local markets Greece

8. Be Active on water or land

You can find lots of best activities in Corfu to enjoy both in water and in the land as well. Inland you can go for activities like horse riding, fishing and so on. You can even find motorbiking, mountain biking and hiking as well. With these, you can experience water activities such as kayaking, snorkel and more.

Now, all you have to do is choose the best activities you like and get your adrenaline flowing.

9. Experience the Real beauty of Paleokastritsa:

Paleokastritsa Corfu Greece
Paleokastritsa Corfu Greece

Having a desire to visit the most iconic places in the world. Then you have to visit the Paleokastritsa because it is the most iconic place in the Corfu islands. This looks beautiful, idyllic and has a breathtaking view from any side of the beach. Along with that, you can also visit places near to the Paleokastritsa such as La Grotta, Corfu Aquarium and Donkey Sanctuary and so on.

These are the 9 Awesome things to do on Corfu island. You shouldn’t miss these things if you miss these things means you will miss all the fun on your Corfu trip.

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