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Controlling Hypertension Naturally Without Threatening Your Body

Controlling Hypertension Naturally Without Threatening Your Body

Hypertension is impossible to identify without a test. Therefore, you have to be preventative with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Avoid harmful things like smoking and consume enough of the proper nutrients. Look for some lifestyle changes to help you relax and focus your mind on improving upon your body.

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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a difficult issue that many people are experiencing today. This condition often puts people at risk of developing a heart attack or stroke.

The worst part is that most people who have hypertension are not aware of this. The condition does not have any particular symptoms. It can be detected through regular blood pressure checks but there is no real way how you can identify it on your own. You must get regular checks to see that such problems are identified soon.

People often use medications to keep hypertension in check but they are not always going to work. Medicines often cause more side effects and can be expensive after a while. The long term health effects can also vary as sometimes a person might be at risk of serious harm.

There are a few things you can do today to give yourself more control over your body. These include many strategies that help you to manage your high blood pressure and keep it from being a serious threat.

Dietary and Lifestyle Plans For Managing Hypertension

Consume a Better Diet

Look at how well your diet is organized. You must see that your diet is managed with only the right foods without putting anything unhealthy into your body.

Having a healthy diet always makes a world of difference no matter how your blood pressure levels are. A proper diet helps you to keep high blood pressure in check. There are several parts of a good diet that must be explored:

  • Consume fewer processed foods in your diet. Such dangerous foods can be harmful as they might contain additives that will only add pressure around your body.
  • Organic vegetables are useful for relaxing your blood vessels and allowing them to dilate. This is especially the case for ones that contain more potassium.
  • Avoid stimulants like sugar or caffeine if possible. These often make it harder for your body to stay under control. These stimulants especially cause fatigue around your blood vessels, thus making them weak to where more pressure is needed for blood to move through.
  • Keep from consuming too many fats. Such fats might add more obstruction into your body and make it harder for you to eat healthy.

You must look for foods that contain more potassium and magnesium. The next two sections highlight many great foods that contain these two and can be worthwhile for your body.

Consume More Potassium

A good part of your diet should be to add more potassium. This is a mineral that has long been known for keeping blood pressure levels down. By consuming more of this, it becomes easier for you to stay healthy.

There are a few types of foods that you should look at when finding a way to keep your body healthy:

Type of Food Serving Size Amount of Potassium in mg
Pinto beans ½ cup 400
Soy milk 1 cup 300
Sunflower seeds ¼ cup 240
Lean beef 3 ounces 200
Eggs 1 large egg 60
Broccoli ½ cup 230
Baked potato 1 medium-sized potato with skin 900
Sweet potato 1 medium baked sweet potato with skin 500
Banana 1 medium-sized banana 500
Papaya ½ a fruit 400
Raisins ¼ cup 250
Orange 1 small peeled orange 325
Yogurt 4 ounces 200
Cheese 1 ounce 40
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All of these foods are great for when you need extra help for a good diet. But do look at how well you are adding these into your diet. Make sure you do not go overboard on anything that might be relatively fatty. This is to see that you do not have any problems with getting a good diet organized.

Add Magnesium Into Your Diet

Magnesium is another nutrient that keeps your body healthy and prevents serious problems relating to high blood pressure. Magnesium works by relaxing your blood vessel walls. This keeps the vessels from weakening or closing up prematurely. As a result, you can get enough blood flow to move through within a certain period of time.

Some of the foods to look for that contain magnesium include these popular options:

Food Serving Size Amount of Magnesium in mg
Almonds ¼ cup 105
Sesame seeds 1 ounce 100
Bananas 1 medium-sized banana 33
Tofu ½ cup 40
Flaxseed 1 tablespoon 40
Oatmeal 1 cup whole oats cooked 60
Broccoli ½ cup 50
Spinach 1 ounce 50

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It is very easy to find magnesium in nuts and seeds but many green vegetables, particularly leafy ones, contain this nutrient as well. Like with potassium, be careful when consuming foods that contain this nutrient so you do not take in more than what you can afford to work with.

Get Enough Sleep

One reason why people struggle with high blood pressure is that they often do not get the sleep they require. This comes as the body is too active and difficult to manage.

Enough Sleep
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You must have enough sleep in your daily routine to keep you under control and less likely to feel worn out. Getting enough sleep is important as it ensures you don’t have any problems with keeping your blood pressure under control. You especially have time to reset your body’s natural functions as you sleep, thus keeping you under control and less likely to feel worn out.

The best way to get more sleep is to not only get a consistent sleep schedule ready but to also figure out what is causing you to stay awake for too long. Perhaps you might be consuming a stimulant far too late in the day or you might be using tech products that are keeping you from getting the sleep you require. Whatever the case is, you must figure out what the issue might be so you can get the help you require for resolving the problem sooner.

Relax For a Moment

It is clear that relaxing gives you time to analyze your life and figure out what can be done to keep you from feeling too fatigued. But there are a few things that should be done in particular to keep your body healthy:

  • Exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes at a time for a few days in a week. Exercise releases chemicals in your body that give you a positive feeling. The activity also lets you think about your life and gives you a time to set your demands and priorities in order.
  • Meditate for a few minutes each day. Find a quiet space in your home that you can relax and meditate in so you can restore your mind and keep yourself from feeling too much stress or worry.
  • Deep breathing can also be used in your regular life. A good deep breathing routine helps you to figure out what you can do to keep your mind from going astray or being too hard to manage.

Relaxation works best when you think about how well your life is kept under control. Look at how you can keep your mind in check so you do not feel worried or otherwise unable to keep your body under control.

Avoid Smoking

The next tip to use is to avoid smoking. While this might sound like a very obvious tip, you have to keep from smoking or else you might cause your blood vessels to contract. As you consume nicotine, the blood vessels shrink temporarily, thus keeping blood from moving well. This often adds fatigue to the vessels over time. By quitting, you increase your chances of having a better rate of blood flow.

Quitting smoking ensures that you keep your blood vessels healthy and properly restored. You are also more likely to have the energy you need in the day to keep you from feeling worn out far too quickly.

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Order a Blood Pressure Cuff

This bonus point could also be used to help you get a clear idea of what is happening with your blood pressure. Look for a quality blood pressure cuff that you can use at home. It can be easy to find one of these at a medical supply store.

blood pressure cuff
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You must look at how well you can use such a cuff. Do not order something that might be too hard to apply. See that you are applying pressure correctly and that you are not potentially harming yourself too.

Such an item can help you keep tabs on your hypertension. This works as you will have a regular look at how well your body is responding to particular issues.

The best time to test yourself would be as you are waking up. Testing yourself when you first wake up gives you an idea of what your resting blood pressure is. This, in turn, helps you see what you could be doing when trying to keep you healthy and comfortable.

All of the solutions you have read about here are essential for giving you more control over how high blood pressure is to be managed. See that you look for the right solutions for getting your body taken care of and kept under control.

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