How Content Marketing and PR Combined Can Generate Leads

Content Marketing and PR can generate leads for your company by increasing brand visibility; this is because people will naturally seek out content related to what they’re interested in, which could be a product or service of yours if it aligns with their needs. This means that when consumers see an article about one such as how X works on social media Y was created – they might end up clicking through from there into finding more information!

The power behind the combination between these two tactics lies primarily within its ability bring targeted traffic (potential customers) back towards ones’ website after having searched elsewhere online prior but missed out due lack outside activity like searching Google Images instead (“search engine” + “online” + “images”).

This is where content marketing and PR work together to create a lead generation strategy: By providing quality content that educates potential customers on topics related to your product or service, you can increase the chance that they’ll find your site when they’re searching for information. And once they’re on your site, you can use effective call-to-actions to convert them into leads.

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Content Marketing and PR

Both content marketing and PR are important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to generating leads, so don’t forget to utilize both!

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer action.


Public relations is the strategic management of relationships between an organization and its various publics, with the aim of earning understanding and support, and maximizing an organization’s reputation.

Present challenges in lead generation

Costs for customer acquisition (CAC) are rising. Around 60 percent of marketing professionals claim the CAC has grown over the last three years. This makes it even more crucial for businesses to identify possible leads, and to increase the chance that leads will be quickly turned to paying clients.

Content marketing is a winner in the second component that makes up this calculation. This is why companies are allocating larger portions part of their budgets for marketing content-driven campaigns. As noted from The Marketing Insider Group, the most successful companies are now spending 40 percent or more of their marketing budgets on content-driven initiatives. The budgets for PR are also growing as companies seek to strengthen their relationships In the U.S. alone, businesses are spending more than 6 billion annually on public relations.

What does this mean? the need to invest in keeping current customers and increase conversions is rising. For many businesses lead generation is hindered by the content nets that are not sufficiently large to reach the right target audience, as well as PR strategies which focus too much on keeping the status the same.

Do you have the ability to make use of PR to generate leads?

Yes. When you combine traditional PR strategies with strategies for content marketing you can leverage the existing audience as a starting to create new connections.

As a whole PR’s goal is to keep the current audience interested and provide important information on the business’s operations to media outlets and news s.

Incorporating techniques that content marketers employ to increase engagement (quizzes questions, surveys or user-generated content) it is an option for teams in PR to create new leads that are already having relationships with the current audience so that they can capture more of the market they want to reach.

What Content Marketing, PR and PR could work together

Content marketing and PR are two aspects of the identical coin. Both are focused on generating and communicating important information to two distinct groups of people.

In the realm of PR, the objective is to educate current viewers, including loyal customers as well as stakeholders and followers of social media, on subjects of interest. Public relations-related assets created by teams — like white papers, press releases or eBooks are typically shared on news sites or distributed to industry publications to reach a target audience who are already interested.

The teams that make up content marketing, for their part are focused on continuously creating valuable content that’s current and pertinent, and then sharing the content with the intention of creating more interest from customers as well as expanding the reach of the. Teams in the field of marketing and content are usually in charge of email campaigns that encourage customers to visit new products or download information as well as creating newsletters or social media posts and also coordinate marketing partnerships, like those with influencers on social media.

Combining these two strategies allows you to identify and create leads that are most likely to turn into loyal customers.

Are you unsure of how to begin with lead generation in the model of content marketing and PR? We’ve provided you with seven options for strategy.

How to generate leads using Content PR and Marketing Strategies

  1. Discover new channels
  2. Combining art and science
  3. Repurpose content
  4. Speak about your achievements
  5. Create a content framework that is reciprocal
  6. Lean on established connections
  7. Keep communication open
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1. Discover new channels

News travels quickly. In fact, it’s so fast that even the most digital news outlets can’t keep up. This means for businesses that it’s still essential to send PR materials to reputable news s and professional publications. Also, it is worth looking for profiles that are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which provide similar news coverage with speed.

Through a combination of fast-moving and familiar methods of distribution of content, businesses can expand their reach and increase their impact.

2. Combining art and science

While the focus of PR’s has always been on written contentsuch as press releases and white papers that explain the science behind collecting data and statistical analysis There’s a growing need for visual content that has an entry point that is lower.

The result? Combining the in-depth content developed by PR teams with general-purpose infographics designed by experts in content marketing can help your content reach the most wide-ranging audience.

3. Repurpose content

In the case of PR and content marketing There’s no problem with copying yourself but only if you do it in the right method.

What it looks like in real life: You write white papers or an eBook about a brand new product. You then reuse the material to create a variety of short blog entries. What do you get? You can capture both PR and content markets that are similarhowever not identicalthe content.

4. Make sure you talk about your accomplishments

Do not be shy about the awards that you’ve won or awards that you’ve been awarded. Many times, awards are listed in press releases Companies may be not keen to mention awards when they are in their content marketing campaigns due to fear of moving too far from the social media conversation and to sales.

In actuality, it’s worthwhile noting what you’re great at, on both your website as well as in content marketing campaigns. While there’s a delicate balance to strike between self-love as well as self-awareness the changing nature of expectations from consumers will have customers looking for companies with the right credentials to support their claims.

5. Create a framework for reciprocal content

Your content isn’t in an empty space. Think about a white paper that is that is used by PR teams, and later shared as a blog post and social media links for content managers. If content teams can encourage the involvement of potential customers by providing feedback or posting comments that can inform the topic for the following piece of content for PR and creates the next content marketing campaign.

6. Lean on established connections

The things you know as well as the people you know are important in the field of marketing. It’s worthwhile to leverage contacts from PR to drive the content strategy. These could include influential social media users as well as industry experts or even customers with a long-term relationship that are eager to promote your content.

In the case of influencers this may be an ongoing arrangement with a freelancer which requires a certain amount of posts. For long-term customers discounts or other promotions can open the door to content sharing.

7. Keep communication open

Not to be left out in the rapidly changing market of consumer buying trends? The PR and marketing teams need to be constantly in contact. This helps reduce the possibility of outdated or redundant content being published in newspapers or on social media platforms and aids in ensuring that the latest campaigns are coordinated to ensure maximum impact.

Exemples of Content Marketing, and Strategies for generating leads through PR

What exactly does this combination of content marketing and PR take on in real life? Let’s look at four examples from the real world.

1. Wells Fargo

PR is all about analyzing the details while content marketing focuses on the end result. Both of them are in the favor of Wells Fargo, which donates up to 1.5 percent of its total revenues to charitable causes each year.

In a press release, this is a good idea but when it’s part of a wider content marketing campaign, particularly during the covid-19 pandemic it’s a fantastic opportunity for the company to demonstrate that they are doing their part and make connections with potential customers.

2. Ford

Ford is focused on sustainability and has pledged $22 billion to electric vehicle efforts in order to attain carbon neutrality in 2050. This is an ambitious goal that has significant timeframe — however, it is also in line with the current emphasis of the public of green-friendly initiatives.

By creating a narrative around this sustainable approach, Ford has the potential to reach environmentally-conscious consumers who would have otherwise avoided the popular vehicle maker.

3. Google

Google is also committed to reducing energy consumption however it has made a bigger influence on the social aspect of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) because of its outspoken CEO Sundar Pichai. He is willing to work with the world’s leaders and industry in the areas of social responsibility and equality.

In the end, Google is not just capable of leveraging its vast data res to provide pertinent PR data, but also be backed by a socially-conscious actions that create captivating content.

4. Netflix

The streaming giant Netflix provides paid parental leave to parents. The majority of them are approximately four or eight months , but they could take as long as one year, which puts them ahead of other businesses.

While the issue of parental leave is an excellent topic for discussion when you combine information about the program with information about the continuing performance of the business at a larger scale can create a powerful narrative of content, one which could yield significant benefits over time as companies wrestle with the continuing consequences of The Great Resignation.

Content Marketing and PR The Best of this dynamic duo

The combination of content marketing and PR can create lead generation opportunities for the table. Public relations provides pertinent information to interested parties to build mutually beneficial relationships. Content marketing allows you to simplify the process of lead-to-customer conversion.

Through combining forces by combining these diverse delivery methods, they combine to create a dynamic combination capable of creating leads which are more likely convert and are much more inclined to discuss their experience with prospective customers.

Do you want to get the most of this useful partnership? Utilize PR to build and maintain connections with industry insiders and influencers. Then, leverage their connections to share purpose-built content that generates top-quality leads for your public.

This post was originally published in February 2010 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. link

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