Contending Tides Event & Primogem Rewards Explained

The Contending Tides event in Genshin Impact starts soon. Here’s everything to know about the arena’s start times and free Primogem rewards.

Version 1.4 of Genshin Impact continues adding in new content over the course of this latest update. A new event called Contending Tides will emphasize combat and test players’ mettle in an arena. Here’s everything fans should know about the new event and its rewards – including free Primogems.

The next event update to Genshin Impact will take place on April 2, 2021. While many fans may be focused on pulling new playable character Rosaria through the Wish system, the Contending Tides event will offer players a chance to participate in various combat challenges. In order to be eligible for the event, players will need to be at Adventure Rank 20 or higher. Players who haven’t yet achieved that rank may want to spend time exploring Domains and unlocking treasure chests in the overworld to get their Adventure Rank up quickly before the event starts.

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Once unlocked, players can face mounting challenges at Dadaupa Gorge’s Meaty Arena. There are three levels of difficulty for each challenge, and players can select which one they’d like to try. A new challenge is unlocked each day while the Contending Tides event is active. The event runs from April 2 – April 12, which means there should be around ten challenges total. As with previous events in Genshin Impact, a number of rewards are also up for grabs.

Genshin Impact’s Contending Tides Rewards Explained

Contending Tides Genshin Impact

Each challenge in Genshin Impact‘s Contending Tides event will have three criteria that must be met in order to complete the challenge and get rewards. Additionally, each challenge will enhance certain abilities, so players will definitely want to take advantage of this when trying to work their way through the arena. Also, if players complete a challenge at a higher difficulty, the lower difficulties will be completed automatically – earning players all the rewards as well.

The Contending Tides event will have the typical in-game items, like EXP Books, as rewards – but it’s also giving players free Primogems. Rewards in Genshin Impact have been lackluster from time to time, so it’s great that Primogems are being given away this time. The in-game currency is needed to make Wishes to obtain new weapons and characters, so it’s very important.

For any players looking to test out their combat abilities in Genshin Impact, the new Contending Tides event offers various sets of new challenges. It’s also a great way to earn rewards like free Primogems, so it’s definitely worth checking out when the event goes live on April 2nd.

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