Condé Nast italia launches ebooks

Condé Nast Italia launches ebooks: Start with two titles related to Vanity Fair the new adventure of Condé Nast Italy in the world of eBooks, produced entirely and internally by the Publishing House.

‘The Best of 2019’, already available on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform for € 4.99, is the collection of the 20 most exclusive cover stories published in 2019 on the pages of the weekly directed by Simone Marchetti, from Tiziano Ferro who gives the world the news of his marriage to Pedro Almodóvar that speaks of the harassment suffered in college, by the political statements of Madonna is Robert De Niro to the tales of the revival of Emma Marrone is Negramaro.

Condé Nast italia launches ebooks

It is coming in the next few days general Archive of the Indies’, the collection of headings that Alessandro Baricco he wrote for the weekly Condé Nast between spring 2016 and 2017. From his passion for English gardens to his first high fashion show, from the return to the scene of a railway disaster in the Apulian countryside to the story of an epic Messi game, for 48 weeks Baricco ‘catalogued’ the world: here the outputs are collected for the first time all together, at a price of € 6.99.

For Condé Nast Italia, the production of the Vanity Fair Stories series does not stop here – this is the ‘trademark’ that has accompanied the expansion of Vanity Fair’s storytelling into new platforms, first in the territory of live interviews, with the Festival inaugurated in November 2017 and with the most recent direct Instagram, then precisely in the world of eBooks. Other vertical collections of interviews and a second title signed by Alessandro Baricco, a collection of travel essays written for the weekly between 2013 and 2015, entitled ‘Five places in the world and other stories’. And that’s not enough, because eBooks related to the other Condé Nast brands are also in the pipeline: titles related to the contents of Fashion, GQ is Wired, a collection of travel stories curated by Condé Nast Traveler and a series of special signed recipes The Italian kitchen.

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