Condé Nast and Pinterest: the original videos arrive

Condé Nast and Pinterest: the original videos arrive

Condé Nast Italy, multimedia communication company always attentive to the quality of the contents, confirms once again anticipating the times, becoming the first publishing group in Italy to collaborate with Pinterest for the production of video content, involving its main brands such as Fashion Italia, Vanity Fair, GQ, TO, The Italian kitchen is Wired, as part of the Original Content Program.

The Group’s social platforms have a total fan and follower base of 17.8 million, while the respective websites reach 30.6 million unique visitors every month with over 160 million pages visited.

Each video produced by Condé Nast Italia for the Original Content Program, will be based on in-depth analyzes on the Pinterest public which indicate what people are looking for and saving on their message boards. Since people go to Pinterest to make plans, look for ideas to try or products to buy, the in-depth data allow you to have an intuitive overview of emerging trends.

“We strongly believe in the production of original content for users of our properties and together with Pinterest we take another step forward towards the creation of quality and impact short videos” says Roberta Cianetti, Social Media Director of Condé Nast Italia. “The Original Content Program was born with the aim of responding to the search for inspiration from Pinterest users and we are excited to embrace this new challenge through creative video content that express the inimitable DNA of Condé Nast Italia”.

Pinterest is a visual discovery app, used by more than 367 million people looking for inspiration for their daily lives. Users use it at all times of life, for example to find ideas of fashion and beauty to experiment, ideas for decorating the home or new destinations for dream holidays. Pinterest users show great interest in video content as they help bring their inspiration to life. Over the past year, his video audience has increased sixfold.

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