10 Tips to Concentrate before Writing College Assignment

10 Tips to Concentrate before Writing College Assignment

One thing that is common among all students is that they do not like homework. Not only is homework boring but it robs them of the precious time to do their things. To complete your assignments, you need a lot of strong will and motivation. This is particularly the case when you are writing an essay in a subject you do not like. But since you already know the importance of studying, this is one thing that you should give priority to. The good news is that there are tips you can use to stay focused on writing.

Concentrate before Writing College Assignment
10 Tips to Concentrate before Writing College Assignment 1

1.    Arrange for time and supplies

Start by creating time for the task itself. If you can manage to have the same time for doing your homework every day, this can help you to create a regular schedule. The critical thing is to ensure that this is a time when you will be motivated and alert. For instance, you can set aside one hour before or after dinner.

Also, before you can begin working on the homework, make sure you have gathered all the right utensils. Also materials and arranged them neatly on your desk. When you are prepared with the necessary supplies, it will be possible for you to concentrate on the task at hand. This is because you remove the interruption of having to go search for your notes or even the protractor.

Make sure that any clutter on your desk is gotten rid on. Carry with you a glass of water or even a healthy snack so that there will be no need for you to keep leaving your desk.

2.    Prioritize tasks

Now that you have already decided what time is best for working on your homework. You will also need a schedule of what needs to be done and when.  While this part may take a lot of your time, it is the most useful. In your schedule, create columns for the assignment deadline, other tasks, and even writer’s block.

When you work with such a schedule, you will have an idea of what needs to be done and when. This will also help you in creating a priority for the most urgent tasks. You can use stickers and highlighters to mark those assignments that are quite urgent. In case you choose to use mobile apps or online schedule, be sure to create notifications and alerts for that project.

Identify which assignments are worth more points in class. In most cases, these will take the most time. When creating a schedule for the task, remember to include time for corrections, revisions and even going to the library to find materials. If you have so many tasks to handle at the same time, you can seek help to tackle some from an Australian writing service.

3.    Find a quiet space with no distractions

If you are the kind who loves doing your homework in front of the TV, this can be a huge distraction. Not only will it slow you down but it will make the homework appear longer than it is.  Noise has also been associated with low performance and increased levels of Stress. These are two factors that are not good for writing your assignment.

While there are certain types of noise such as the one produced at the coffee shop or music. That may help you to concentrate. Sound can be one of the most significant factors that can cause a lack of focus. To minimize noise, use earplugs or even the earmuffs for blocking noise. Also, find a quiet place such as a home office or library that has no distractions and clutter to concentrate.

While the place needs to be comfortable, do not make it too soft as you may end up falling asleep.

4.    Get rid of social distractions

Even though working with a group can prove helpful especially when handling a complicated subject such as calculus or chemistry. This can also be a of distractions that can prevent you from completing your homework in time. To maximize on your study time, make sure you unplug yourself from those group discussion. While you may get tempted to socialize. You need to avoid that temptation after getting rid of the social distractions.

There are chances that you like it when your phone is on, and you have no idea how you would survive without a phone. However, if you can manage to switch it off for just but a few hours, you will realize how worth that is. This is important as each time you receive a notification and check the phone; you will be losing your focus. It will then take more brain power to concentrate on what you were doing.

A good idea would be to put the phone on silent mode. It would also be helpful to put away the phone in a place you cannot see it. You can also use apps that help to block social media site.

Concentrate before Writing College Assignment
10 Tips to Concentrate before Writing College Assignment 2

5.    Work in blocks of time

Are you finding it difficulty focusing? Some studies show that the most productive students are the ones that take a break. This is because they can recharge their brains. A good idea would be to handle your assignment writing in blocks of one hour. For every one hour, you spend writing, spend another 10 minutes resting.

During the break, it may prove helpful to walk around especially when working on your laptop. Walking around will help you get some fresh air and cause your blood to circulate.

It may also be helpful to consume a healthy snack during the break to help improve your focus. Do not consume junk food but instead drink something like a healthy snack such a fruit, veggies or fresh juice.

6.    Start with the most challenging tasks

Starting with the hardest tasks is probably one of the most effective techniques to apply to your assignment writing. Once you clear them, it will be easier to complete the rest. If you hate writing a lab report but love doing Math. It is advisable to start with the lab report homework before completing the Math homework.

If it is tough to complete the assignment, you can put it aside for some time. If you remain there staring at something you can’t handle, this will also make you frustrated and will consume a lot of time. Alternatively, you can seek for professional assignment help in Australia or elsewhere from a custom assignment writing service in completing your essay or any other write-up.

7.    Break bigger tasks into manageable projects

The fact that you have a big dissertation to complete can cause you to lose motivation. This is why a good idea would be to break it down into smaller portions. Make sure you finish one part at a time. If you are working on a research paper, break down the assignment into planning, writing, and revision. With an outline for the assignment, it will be possible for you to plan the task.

8.    Avoid multitasking

This is one of the best tips on how to stay focused on your assignment. A common mistake that students make is to think that multitasking will help them save time. The truth of the matter is that it causes them to take more time to complete the task. It can also decrease your performance of various cognitive functions. Therefore, you should avoid multitasking between different assignments or even working on the assignment as you check social media.

Finish one assignment before moving on to the next one. According to a recent study, multitasking can cause your IQ and cognitive abilities to drop for a short time, causing the work to be even more difficult.

9.    Set a reminder of why you need to complete the homework

To remain motivated, you need to have some visual reminders of why you need to complete the task. This could be something like getting a good grade or getting accepted to your dream college. It can prove helpful if you write this reason on a sticky note and place it on your desk.

When you have finished writing the assignment, be sure to reward yourself for the work done. If you work towards a fun activity, leisure or treat, this will help to motivate you to work faster.

10.Understand when to call it quits

If you are working on your assignment late at night, ensure that you don’t work for more than an hour or two past your sleeping time. You can always finish up the task in the morning if there was something left undone at night. If you find that there are some extra works, use that as a learning experience to help you plan better in future.

This is important as the quality of your work will begin to drop as you become tired. And you will lose your focus the next day in class. The moment you start using your sleep time to complete your assignment, you will not do well in budgeting time and also estimating the workload.


In case you are finding it hard to concentrate on your assignment, all you need to do is to strategize well on how to finish the task in the right way. Understand how you should prepare for the homework session and remain focused on the work. When you use the above tips, you will be able to plan well for the assignment and complete it fast. Hope you like our Tips “Concentrate before Writing College Assignment”.

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