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Complete Guide with Examples and Aftercare (2020)

Complete Guide with Examples and Aftercare (2020): The Snake eyes piercing, Also known as poison piercing, is a horizontal piercing. A barbell is placed horizontally on the tip of the tongue. The barbell is inserted into the tongue. This type of piercing is also considered as surface piercing. When you look at it, it appears that you have two separate piercings on either side of your tongue.

It’s called snake eye piercing because it looks like the pair of eyes of the snakes. The two balls of the barbell resemble the two eyes of a snake. The gems on the balls should be small so that it doesn’t get too uncomfortable. It is recommended to use acrylic so that the teeth are not damaged.

Snake Eyes Piercing Pain & Procedure

The first thing a professional piercer needs to do before performing snake eye piercing is to examine your tongue. This is because not all tongues are suitable for this type of piercing. If you want to have snake eyes pierced, your tongue must be thick enough.

After examining the tongue, the piercer uses a clamp on your tongue to avoid veins in the tongue. The first thing that is introduced is a hollow piercing needle. The next needle that is inserted into your tongue is either a straight or a curved barbell needle.

According to the people who got snake eye piercing, it is not extremely painful. The pain is similar when you bite your tongue.

Snake Eyes Piercing Inspirational Pictures

Snake eyes piercing jewelry size & price

Choosing the right jewelry size for your piercing with snake eyes is very important to avoid discomfort. Due to the frequent movements of the tongue, migration can usually occur when the dumbbells are too thin. Most of the time, the 14 g (1.6 mm) jewelry may be more suitable during the initial snake eye piercing. However, if you want to escape the stretch levels, you can immediately use 12 g (2.0 mm) or 10 g (2.4 mm).

If you later want to stretch the piercing of your snake eyes, you can use 12 g (2.0 mm) or 10 g (2.4 mm). Others also use 8 g (3.2 mm) or 6 g (4.0 mm). This is done to prevent migration and achieve a comfortable fit.

In fact, snake eye piercing has no standard cost. It actually varies depending on the position of the piercer. It’s a lot cheaper if you get it from piercers in the country, but it costs more if you want to do it in the city. The price for the piercing snake eyes is between $ 35 and $ 65.

Snake eyes piercing aftercare

Generally, the healing time for piercing snake eyes would take in between 4 weeks and 8 weeks. You need to be extra careful during this particular time. Snake eye piercing or tongue piercing can heal quickly compared to the other types of piercings.

Since it is prone to migration, you need to be careful when choosing the foods you eat. Slight swelling can be observed after piercing, but this is normal. You should never touch the snake eye piercing. Don’t play with the jewelry on your piercing.

Follow-up instructions for snake eyes

After you finish your piercing with snake eyes, it’s time to start your aftercare. Your piercer will usually give you a series of follow-up instructions. It is very important that you follow these instructions to keep your piercing clean and avoid complications.

20 minutes 20 minutes.

Snake Eyes Piercing Step by step follow-up guide to ensure that your piercing heals quickly and easily.

  • Wash your hands

    One of the most important rules you should follow is to wash your hands first before you touch the piercing of your snake eyes. This can prevent dirt or bacteria from getting into the piercing area.

  • Rinse your mouth

    After you finish your meal, you should rinse your mouth with sea salt water. Rinse it out a few times to make your mouth feel clean and fresh.

  • Don’t take alcohol

    Never take alcohol as this can make the swelling worse.

  • Avoid bacteria in your mouth

    Be very careful with the things you put in your mouth and especially avoid oral sex to avoid the risk of bacteria.

No matter how carefully you take care of your piercing, there is still a chance that a small amount of white discharge will occur. You can consider this normal. However, if this persists or an abscess occurs, you should see a doctor immediately to prevent infection.

Proposed aftercare products for piercings

Rinse H2Ocean Arctic Ocean mouthwash

An internal piercing like snake eye piercing requires a penetrating mouthwash for aftercare. Never use an alcohol-based mouthwash as it can dry out your piercing and prolong the healing process. The best product is a sea salt based conditioner like H2Ocean Arctic Ocean Rinse Mouthwash.

Colgate 360 ​​toothbrush

It is a fact that regular brushing and flossing is essential for good dental health. After a new oral piercing like snake eye piercing, it becomes even more important to remove the bacteria. If possible, brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day.

Ideally, use a soft toothbrush like the Colgate 360 ​​toothbrush with tongue and cheek cleaner. It can help reduce more bacteria. If you have just received your piercing, you should avoid brushing this area as this can make your piercing worse as it heals. However, once your piercing with snake eyes is completely healed, you can clean your jewelry with your toothbrush to avoid plaque buildup.

H2Ocean Piercing aftercare spray

All the ingredients in this product are completely natural. That being said, it can work well on any skin type. Most users of this product recommend that you use it immediately during the healing process to shorten healing times. At the same time, it can also help with pain relief.

Provon Medicated Lotion Soap

This liquid soap is antimicrobial and gentle on the skin. You can use this soap to clean your hands before you touch your piercing. Compared to other soaps, this latest Provon formulation has a more pleasant smell.

Tips for the care of snake eyes Piercing

  • During the first week of the healing process, you should only eat soft foods.
  • Try to keep your head up as you speak to reduce swelling.
  • You may have difficulty eating and speaking. You can use ice cream as a remedy for this.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and make sure the mouthwash you use is alcohol-free.
  • You can gargle with salt water at least 3 to 6 times a day.
  • Try to rinse your mouth after eating so that the food remains don’t get caught on your piercing.
  • Avoid spicy food and don’t smoke.

Get Your Snake Eyes Piercing

Most people want to have Pierce snake eyes because it’s quite unique compared to ordinary tongue piercings. In fact, it has become more and more popular on most social media sites. If you want to get a piercing that is unique, you have to choose piercing with snake eyes.

In order to find your piercer or piercing shop, you have to do extensive research on the Internet. Make sure your piercer has a good reputation. Read customer reviews for more information. The instruments used by the piercer must be sterile to avoid damage.

The process of piercing snake eyes would only take a while and there will also be less pain. However, this type of piercing can only be done if you have a thick tongue. The most important thing is that you take good care of the snake eye piercing to avoid complications.

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