Common Skype Problems and How to Fix Them

Whether you’re hosting a group of 50 coworkers for a video conference with breakout rooms or just looking to video chat with friends and family, Skype is a great free option to do it. However, as with all free and useful technology, Skype is not without bugs, hiccups, and glitches that can make going face to face with someone like an ordeal. To make it easier for everyone, we’ve compiled a selection of the most common Skype issues and how to fix them.

Video does not work

While playing the phone game can be fun in a social setting, no one really laughs as they spontaneously try to cultivate their lip reading skills in the midst of an important conversation. Additionally, if you are having trouble getting your camera to work, or having trouble seeing other people’s connections, you can also use a real phone instead of Skype. Fortunately, these issues can usually be fixed with a bit of tinkering on your end or downtime on the Skype side.

One of the most common issues that arise is visual issues due to Skype not having access to your PC or phone camera. For desktop users, open the Skype app and select the Three horizontal dots next to your profile picture to access the Skype menu. To select Settings > Audio and video settings> Video. If your image does not appear in the Skype Camera preview window, you will know there is a connection issue.

Image of Skype client audio video options menu
Daniel Martin / Screenshot

For Skype mobile and smartphone users, find the Camera app on your device, turn on selfie mode, and make sure your feed is working properly. IOS users should head to Settings> Skype and make sure that access to the camera has been enabled. Android owners should select Settings> Apps> Skype> Permissions> Cameraa and verify that the application has access to the camera.

    For those with physical webcams, verify that the cable connections are strong, that the operating system recognizes your camera, that the shutter (if applicable) is up, and that nothing is blocking the field of view of your camera. camera. You can also try using the camera in another app to see if the problem is with the camera itself or Skype.

    Audio does not work

    Skype has a built-in audio test feature which you can access by going to Contacts and selecting Echo / sound test service, then follow the instructions to diagnose the problem. Another potential cause of AV issues is the strength and quality of your connection, whether it’s Wi-Fi or cellular. Those who connect to Skype over Wi-Fi should try moving their PC closer to their router (or vice versa) and consider performing audio diagnostics on their system.

    In contrast, mobile and smartphone users should try switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks to see if their connection improves. If you can load other websites and services with no problem but Skype cannot, it can be a bandwidth issue – multiple users on the same network can end up choking off the data you need for an app like Skype. Of course, you should always check with the other participants on the call if something is wrong with them.

    If all else fails, turning the camera off and back on, restarting or reinstalling Skype, and resetting your PC are proven ways to fix these issues.

    Impossible to connect

    If you are unable to sign in to Skype or only manage to get in to cause the app to crash repeatedly, there’s a good chance something is wrong with Skype – the only question is whether the problem is with your credentials, a network problem, or a service outage. Although we have discussed the solutions to fix the network issues above, one of the easiest solutions is to reset your username and password and see if it works. If you and all of your coworkers cannot access Skype, you should check Down Detector or the Skype status page to see if there is a general outage.

    Forgot username

    Open the Skype sign-in page, then select More connection options> I forgot my username. Enter a phone number or other email address associated with your Microsoft account, which will send a security code to the phone number or email address you used. Enter the code and select Next to view all accounts associated with the details you provided, although the username is hidden for security reasons. To select To log in once you’ve found the right account to access it.

    Image of Skype forgot my username button
    Daniel Martin / Screenshot

    If the only information you have is your password, but you cannot access the phone or email you created the account with, submit the account recovery form. Enter your email, phone number, and Skype name, plus an additional email you can be reached. Note that after you submit the form, it may take up to 24 hours for your information to be verified. Approval or denial of your request will be sent to the additional email address you provided.

    Forgot your password

    Your Skype account password and your Microsoft account password are the same. Unfortunately, you can’t just get it back – you’ll have to reset it. To do this, sign in to your Microsoft account and follow the recovery process to completion.

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