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Common Mistakes With Weed Control

We all have them – weeds. It’s the way we handle those weeds that’s the problem. It is probably safe to say that weeding is a necessary job. Most gardeners hate weeding, including myself, but we hate weeds more.

If you don’t get them before they go to seed, the problem multiplies. The use of herbicides saves you from some of the breakdown jobs, but consider the toxins you are putting on your soil and the potential to drift on your precious plants. Chemical methods may seem ok, but they are dangerous and often complex to mix and apply.

Common Mistakes With Weed Control
Common Mistakes With Weed Control

Mistakes during weeding

Avoiding mistakes in weed management can minimize weeds and simplify work. Fortunately, there are 5 weeding mistakes to avoid that will help you control these unwanted plants.

Do not use anti-weed fabric. It is not very expensive, it has lasted for years and you can still plant it if you make a hole in the fabric. They say an ounce of prevention deserves a pound of cure and the landscape fabric proves the point. Starting a new bed without it is one of the most common pest management mistakes. Many weed seeds cannot sprout on it, perennial weeds cannot sprout through it and, above all, water and nutrients can still penetrate the roots of plants.

Waiting too long to weed. Don’t wait for the grass! This must be one of the classic mistakes when weeding. If you wait for a huge harvest, many will have gone to sow and have started a new batch. Some weed seeds can remain viable in the soil for decades. So if you’re the type who likes to put things off, think again. Frequent weeding is essential to prevent even more of these pests.

Not using the proper tools. Many gardeners simply hoe around their plants. One of the most basic mistakes with weed control, this displaces the top of the plant but could leave roots in the soil. Aggressive weed species will simply sprout from anywhere left behind. Dig deep and get all the plant material. Don’t even pull by hand (unless the ground is wet), as this usually leaves the roots behind, another of the classic weed control mistakes. A spade or hori hori is perfect for small bits of grass. The use of a kneeling pad helps to keep back pain at bay. There are also tools to resist grass. These have long handles and allow you to stay erect while getting rid of annoying weeds.

Give up the mulch. There are both organic and artificial mulches. Whatever you choose, the use of mulch helps to choke the weeds and gives the seeds fewer places to grab. Mulch also blocks sunlight, which many weed seeds have to germinate. All weeds that manage to sprout will easily come out of the ground as it is loose and moist underneath.

Use of sprinklers or manual watering of the garden. Use the drip lines or hoses to water the plants you want. This will deprive water weeds, an essential need. Transmission irrigation is one of the key wedding mistakes to avoid. Drip systems are easy to install on their own and are customizable, even if you add more plants in the area. Hoses are perfect around areas of tree roots, plant beds, and windings between bushes. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install and move as needed.

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