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Six Common Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Flat Iron

Six Common Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Flat Iron

A flat iron is a must-have for any girl who likes to have flawless hair. Whether you’re going for sleek and straight or big and wavy, a flat iron is a versatile styling tool that many women use daily to achieve the perfect look.

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But, are you making any of these common flat iron mistakes that could be damaging the appearance or health of your hair?

Mistake #1. Skipping Heat Protection Spray

Whether you’re going to smooth out or curl hair with straightener irons, it’s vital to apply heat protection spray first. A good heat protection product will act as a protective barrier to shield your hair from harm; not applying it will guarantee heat damaged hair, especially if you use your flat irons a lot.

Mistake #2. Not Cleaning Your Flat Irons

Cleaning your flat irons probably isn’t something that’s on the top of your housework to-do list. But, the residue from your heat protection spray, hairspray and other products in your hair does stick to the irons and is then transferred back onto your hair the next time you use them. After a while, this build-up could become sticky and cause the straighteners to break your hair when you run them over it. A wipe with a damp cloth once or twice a week will help you avoid this.

Mistake #3. Not Brushing Your Hair

Before you run the flat iron on your hair to straighten or curl it, run a paddle brush through the section to detangle it and get rid of any knots beforehand. This will minimize breakages as you apply heat to your hair and you won’t need to go back over certain areas.

Mistake #4. Using the Lowest Heat Setting

Since heat damage can be disastrous for your hair, using the lowest heat setting possible on your flat irons might seem like the sensible thing to do. But, although it seems illogical, a low heat setting can be more damaging, especially to thicker hair. This is because you’ll need to repeatedly go over the same areas to achieve the look that you want. If your hair is fine, a medium to low setting is ideal.

Mistake #5. Pulling Your Iron Down

As you’re straightening your hair, pulling your iron straight down can leave it looking flat and hanging limp. Instead, get your straighteners as close to your roots as possible, and pull the hair up as you straighten it. This will add volume at the roots and give your style extra body. Dividing your hair into sections to straighten it can also help you to achieve a fuller look.

Mistake #6. Straightening Damp Hair

Unless it is specifically designed to do so, you should never use your flat iron on damp or wet hair. Applying the kind of heat produced by a flat iron directly to your hair when it’s wet can cause even worse damage; wet hair is more fragile and susceptible to breakage.

Have you been making any of these mistakes when styling your hair with a flat iron?

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