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4 Common Chemical Processes In Everyday Households

Common Chemical Processes In Everyday Households

Common Chemical Processes: You probably don’t think very regularly about chemical processes that go on in your house every day. You might think about how well a specific soap works. Or you might think about the fact that your food stays good for a long time in your refrigerator. Or you might think about how candy that you eat is colored bright red or bright blue. Chemicals of various sorts are responsible for all of those things.

Common Chemical Processes
Common Chemical Processes

So what are a few of these processes that might be interesting for you to know about? When it comes to soap,  you can learn about surfactants. When it comes to food, you can learn about preservatives. Also in food or especially in candy, there is artificial coloring. And if you know how a natural cleaners work, there are chemical properties involved in those as well.


You may have never heard the word before, but you probably use household items that work as surfactants all the time. The primary example would be shampoo. Surfactants in shampoo aid in the possibility of a deeper clean for your hair. You may never have considered that chemical processes are going on when you wash your hair in the shower, but it is an everyday occurrence that is interesting to be aware of.


When you look into preservatives that are in your food, you may be surprised at just how effective they are at keeping your food in an edible state. Without chemicals, fruits, bread, and many other things spoil very, very quickly, even if you put them in the refrigerator. Because producers use preservatives when they’re making for processing these foods, it lets you enjoy them for a much longer length of time.


All sorts of foods have food coloring in them. You might even be surprised at how commonly they are used. Oranges have food coloring sprayed on them. Any candy that has a color probably has food coloring and it. Sodas have food coloring. Juices, meat products, and all sorts of other typical foods all have food coloring in them. In fact, when you see some of these items without food coloring in them, you think that something is wrong! The one bad thing about food coloring is that some studies show that people may be allergic to them in a hefty enough dose.

natural cleaners
natural cleaners

Natural Cleaners

Have you ever wondered about the chemical processes that natural cleaners use? For example, when you use vinegar and baking soda as natural cleaners, what is going on that does the cleaning? Though they are relatively simple products themselves, the cleaning that they do is quite thorough. Using vinegar and baking soda, you can get rid of a lot of the viruses and bacteria that would otherwise be hanging out in bathrooms and kitchens for example.

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