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Comfort Sleepers – Reinventing Today’s Sofa Sleepers

Most of us have experienced a sofa bed at least once in a lifetime and the experience is usually quite memorable. Not that it may necessarily be a good thing to remember. Traditional sofa sleepers have often been found too hard, uncomfortable and far from providing a pleasant sleeping experience at night. Most of the complaints we give about our sleeper experience tend to be: “I feel that bar in my back” or “The springs are hitting me on the side.” Fortunately, sleeper designs have come a long way in recent years and this article will examine a mechanism developed by Robert and Barbara Tiffany for an American manufacturer of Comfort Sleepers. Its goal is to tackle and solve problems in the sleeper sector and to build a better sleeper.

The collaboration in the design of furniture for Robert and Barbara Tiffany began in 1976. It was this year that they introduced the removable public seats in polyurethane foam to the American public. The design was very successful and was marketed by the Sherwood Corporation. In the years that followed this design team was recognized with various awards and recognitions for excellence in furniture design in the furniture industry. It was in 2001 that Tiffany received the Daphne Award for upholstered furniture for a convertible sofa. It was this new patented and innovative design introduced in the construction of the sleeper that moved away from the traditional construction of the sleeper and inaugurated a new trend of more comfortable sleeper sleeves for sofas that could now be considered comfort.

The Tiffany 24/7 mechanism is fairly slender in its approach and moves away from traditional bars and springs. The mechanism incorporates a newer design as it uses space more efficiently. The 24/7 mechanism allows the bunk surface to be very close to the arms and the rear panel of the bunk, where older designs require more wasted space between the arms and the back of the sofa to hold the most voluminous mechanisms. This means that the 24/7 Tiffany sleeper takes up less space than other models allowing better use of space both in length and in width.

Another feature of the Tiffany 24/7 mechanism is its operation. The system consists of three sections of flat screen without bars. Heavy duty straps on the top of the front panel seat section allow for quick bed pull-out. The panel at the top of the bunk actually folds into the back of the sofa with the other two panels resting underneath where the seat cushions are positioned. Due to the way in which these panels fold into the unit, the transfer of weight from the unit is reduced, facilitating the operation from the sofa to the bed and vice versa.

The mattresses used on the 24/7 Comfort Sleeper are very far from the old internal spiral systems used for traditional sleepers. This more modern design incorporates the latest foam and viscoelastic mattresses introduced as premium mattresses in the bedding industry while offering a high-end alternative to older uncomfortable reel units. These mattresses work perfectly with this sleep system and it is believed that by removing springs and bars they offer better relief from pressure on the back and neck regions during sleep.

The sofa crosspieces have long been considered a viable option for spaces that had to double for both sitting and sleeping. Unfortunately many traditional sleepers while comfortable as a sofa were anything but a sleeper. In recent years, however, innovators such as Robert and Barbara Tiffany have rewritten the way sofa sleepers are perceived and used by introducing the 24-hour, 7-day, 7-day Comfort Sleeper mechanism, which has helped eliminate the bars and springs that many did not like in conventional sleepers and introduced a better engineered mechanism and sleep surface that allow the use of modern memory foam and viscoelastic mattresses.


by Phil Pendleton

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