Colt Says He’s Drawn To Women With ‘Explosive Behavior’

Colt has realized how attracted he is to volatile women and in this Screen Rant exclusive interview he says what he wants in his next relationship.

Appearing on a reality show definitely has its benefits, and for 90 Day Fiancé star Colt Johnson, the experience has brought him clarity about his relationship patterns. The Las Vegas native certainly has a type, and it’s become clear to him that he’s drawn to a specific sort of personality. But just because something attracts you, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. In an interview, he ruminated on what he’s attracted to, why that doesn’t work, and what he wants in his next relationship. 

Colt has been in two relationships on 90 Day Fiancé and its spin-off 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, one with his first wife, Larissa Lima, and the other with girlfriend Jess Caroline. Both women are Brazilian and both relationships were volatile. Colt had several fights with Larissa on the show and got into a violent blow-up with Jess, who pelted him with her shoes. Fans quickly identified each relationship as ones that were doomed to fail, and fail they did—in spectacular fashion. Though Colt got his fair share of critiques from viewers, fans also saw fault in Larissa and Jess, whose hot tempers often got the better of them.

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After reflecting on his own habits, Colt came to a realization about the kinds of women he’s attracted to. “I think I’m drawn to big, explosive behaviors or attitudes,” he commented, “It’s like a moth to a flame.” It’s something Colt has been working on within himself because, as he said, “there’s a lot of flames out there. You’ve got to be careful.” After his relationships with Larissa and Jess, it’s become clear to Colt that what he’s attracted to is problematic. “In the past, I’ve been drawn to someone who definitely creates more intense reactions,” he admitted.

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Whether it’s because of age or experience, Colt’s attractions have evolved over time—“what I’ve wanted has changed,” he said. Now, Colt is looking for a relationship with more peace in it, with someone who he can get along with easily. Colt said he’s looking for “someone I can be good friends with. There’s a lot of time that people spend together not doing much, and if you can’t get along and communicate, you’re kind of doomed to fail.” Colt wants to foster a relationship with someone who won’t get violent or explosive with him, and he hopes to not “go back in that trap.”

It’s not the least bit surprising that Colt wants something different from his next relationship. Most of us don’t want to be in a relationship that’s so volatile. That sort of relationship can have an exhausting effect on a person’s mental health. Colt got into some epic fights with his exes on the show, and they did not look fun. With more maturity, it’s become clear to Colt that he can’t fall back into his old patterns if he wants a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

There are many fans who are quick to criticize the 90 Day Fiancé star’s behavior, but others don’t think he deserves it because Larissa and Jess also brought toxic elements to the relationship. Colt may have his issues, but his exes could also be violent and abusive, which is never acceptable. It would seem that Colt is learning from his past and is ready to move forward with a relationship that isn’t so tumultuous. Perhaps his next significant other will a little more laid back.

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