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Colored contact lenses: the Desio revolution

Colored contact lenses: the Desio revolution

It would be an understatement to call them (only) colored contact lenses. That of Desio, a leading brand in the sector, is a real revolution. In the catalogue, for starters, there are well 27 different shades: from the soberest and delicate grey, to the different shades of the blue and of light blue, without forgetting all the variations of the green and brown, the most loved and best-selling colours in the world.

Because those who use coloured contact lenses want to “radically” change the colour of the iris, but also simply to give greater depth at look choosing a lighter or darker shade than the natural one.

Colored contact lenses: the Desio revolution
Colored contact lenses: the Desio revolution

And because the effect is natural, but at the same time unforgettable – and instagrammable – the Desio team has always been inspired by fashion worldthus becoming in turn a of inspiration for universal fashion icons. In short, Desio has revolutionized the world of contactology by transforming colored contact lenses into an iconic and trendy accessory. A true must have for fashion addicted.

But Desio is not only synonymous with fashion and beauty: the brand’s lenses are in fact CE certified, are approved by FDA and are made in compliance with international standards ISO. Every aspect of the lens is treated in detail to ensure the excellence of the final product and the maximum practicality in application and use.

Not to mention that, in addition to the purely aesthetic aspect, Desio contact lenses, unique on the market, also offer the possibility of correct the main visual defects: myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, and so on.

It is no coincidence therefore that Desio is the favorite brand of the red carpet stars as well as the network. In fact, among his “fans” he can count names such as Patrick Starr, Bretman Rock, Jeffree Star, Nikita Dragun, James Charles, millions of followers bloggers. We present them below.

James Charles

He is best known for his YouTube channel focused on makeup. It currently has over 18 million followers, making it the beauty guru number 1 most followed. On Instagram it boasts over 17 million followers. In 2016, at the age of seventeen, Charles became the first male spokesperson for the cosmetic brand CoverGirl, working alongside the brand ambassador Katy Perry. eighth Streamy Awards Charles won the award for the best channel in the Beauty category. This year James Charles launched a YouTube series entitled Instant Influencer, to find the next big name in beauty.

Jeffree Star

It is one of the most famous internet celebrities. IS a make up artist American singer Dj, Beauty Youtuber and model, founder and owner of Jeffree Star cosmetics, well-known Cosmetic brand. Instagram over 16 million followers and Youtube over 18 million followers.

Bretman Rock

A true internet celebrity of Philippine origin, she lives in Hawaii. It boasts over 14 million followers on Instagram and over 7 million on Youtube. Winner of 2019 – People’s Choice Award for Favorite Beauty Influencer. He has his own makeup collection Jungle Rock by Bretman Rock to Wet’n’Wild Beauty.

Patrick Starrr

Beauty vlogger and Make-up artist of Philippine origin, one of the most authoritative s when it comes to makeup. On youtube and instagram it has more than 4 million followers. He launched the capsule collection of MAC x Patrick Starrr, with a curriculum that boasts numerous collaborations (including the privilege of having made up Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Naomi Campbell and many others).

Nikita Dragun

She was born in Belgium but has Vietnamese and Mexican origins make-up artist and model. Nikita calls herself the Queen of Draguns. In 2019 he launched his cosmetic collection Dragun Beauty® by Nikita Dragun, with the DragunEgg® transformation kit (a purple egg-shaped container). On its youtube channel it has almost 3 million followers, while on instagram there are over 6 million.

Desio lenses can be purchased at authorized optical stores or on the only official Desio website dedicated to online sales www.desiolens.eu

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