Collarbone tattoos for women are discreet and sexy. From big to small, intricate to simple, these collarbone tattoos for women will bring out your charm.

The collarbone or the clavicle might be a small area between the shoulder and the chest. But there’s a unique charm to it. It’s not as visible as the arm or the neck. But if you wear a sleeveless or off-the-shoulder top, ink on the collarbone will give others a sneak peek of your personality.

Collarbone tattoos for women are usually dainty and alluring. They can be right on the bone, above the bone, closer to the neck, or below the bone. Because the collarbone connects the shoulder, the chest, and the neck, we often see tattoos extending on two or three of these placements.

The collarbone may be the right spot for you if you are looking for a low-key way to elevate your femininity. From small and simple to bold and intricate, these collarbone tattoos for women will inspire your next ink.

Are collarbone tattoos painful?

The pain level of getting inked depends on the more delicate tattoo wearer’s sensitivity and placement. Generally speaking, the thinner the skin, the more pain it will cause to tattoo on the area.

The collarbone is no doubt a boney area with thin skin. So be mentally prepared for pain when tattooing on it. But if you are super sensitive to pain, there are two ways to make it less painful:

  1. Tattoo above or below the collarbone instead of right on it. Theoretically, the further away from the bone, the less painful it will be.
  2. Choose a simpler and smaller design. Opt for something simple like quote tattoos or one-word tattoos. Plus, they will take less time and thus are less expensive.

Disclaimer: This collection of collarbone tattoos for women is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Collarbone tattoos for women with meaning

Whimsical swirl collarbone tattoo

If you’ve been looking for a unique collarbone tattoo idea, this may be the one for you. The lines of the swirl pattern complement the shape of the collarbone. And the center alignment and sleek lines give the somehow intricate tattoo a sense of simplicity and balance.

Symmetrical vine tattoo

Vines, leaves red flowers, and flowers allow tattooists to be creative and flexible. They can change the sizes or tweak the position to fill the space. In addition, you can multiply or simplify by adjusting the number of motifs. And this symmetrical tattoo is a good example of keeping things simple.

Tassel and lace ornamental collarbone tattoo for women

A good tattoo doesn’t need to be meaningful as long as it’s gorgeous. This collarbone tattoo functions like jewelry. By incorporating tassel and lace, the design instantly gets more feminine. Despite its size, the simple lines and patterns make it elegant and less overwhelming.

Wind and flower collarbone tattoo for women

From afar, this watercolor collarbone ink might look like an abstract brush stroke. But if you look closer, you will find the flowers flowing along with the brushstroke. This is how the artist makes the invisible wind visible.

Abstract ink wash stroke tattoo

If sticking to the clavicle is not your thing, consider extending the ink to the shoulder or forearm. This abstract brush stroke tattoo does exactly that. And with the seemingly arbitrary direction and position, this tattoo would belong to a carefree and artistic soul.

Floral shoulder and collarbone tattoo

When you have ink covering the shoulder and collarbone, you don’t need vibrant colors to make it stand out. Take this one, for a great example of. The details of the flowers, moon, and leaves are so well executed that even in black and white, they catch your attention.

Stunning flower arm and collarbone tattoo

If you want a bigger tattoo on the collarbone, consider placing it below the bone. This way, you have a larger area to work on, just like this girly flower tattoo.

Black camellia flower collarbone tattoo

The Camellia flower is a symbol of love and affection. And it is sent as a message of love. In the US, it’s also the state flower of Alabama. So this design makes a perfect self-love tattoo, reminding you how lovable you are. Or it can be a gesture of love for people from the state.

Hydrangea flower tattoo

Hydrangea is known for its lavishing number of flowers in its full bloom. This collarbone tattoo, however, only has two petals. It indicates that the flower has just started to grow, symbolizing the beauty of a fresh start.

Plum flower and snake collarbone tattoo for women

Plum flowers bloom in the winter. That’s why it symbolizes perseverance and prosperity under challenging situations. On the other hand, the snake adds the feeling of femme fatale to the tattoo. It’s a warning sign to never underestimate a beautiful woman.

Pomegranate collarbone tattoo

The collarbone is not a very large space for realistic tattoos. However, this pomegranate tattoo keeps the size relatively small with stunning details. Choosing fruits instead of flowers makes the collarbone tattoo ideas delicious and stand out even more. If you love food tattoos, this cute collarbone ink might be for you.

Blueberries and flower tattoo and flower tattoo

Another fruity tattoo. But unlike the previous one, the tattooist adds blueberry flowers, roses, and a spider hanging on the branch to give more fun and colors to the design.

Dandelion flower collarbone tattoo

The seeds of a dandelion fly away with the wind. That’s why it symbolizes letting go. If you are recovering from a loss or moving on from the past, dandelions will make a perfect meaningful collarbone tattoo for you.

Two-color flower collarbone tattoo

It’s easy to over color a tattoo, especially for small ones. Too many colors, and you may lose focus. This tattoo is the contrary. But limiting the flowers to two colors, the tattoo remains elegant and simple.

Delicate floral swirl tattoo

Botanical tattoos are so popular because of their flexibility. You can tweak the lines to make them flow with the bone structure. With the leaves at the branch’s end, the tattoo lures the viewers to look closer.

Small cherry blossom and petals

This small flower tattoo will be too simple without the petals flying away. They highlight the design and add motion to the static ink.

Blue rose collarbone tattoo

Most roses we see in daily life are pink, red, and sometimes white. Blue roses gorgeous tattoos are rare. And this tattoo may be for someone as rare as the flowers.

Beautiful ornamental collarbone tattoo for women

Another ornamental tattoo stretching from shoulder to shoulder. The perfect symmetry keeps a big tattoo like this one feminine. Consider a similar design if you are going big but don’t want your tat to be too complicated.

Oriental landscape fan tattoo

The crane and the paper fan are both motifs of oriental tattoos. The crane represents loyalty and a high moral standard. And the fan acts as a perfect canvas for the landscape tattoo. If you are from an Asian family, this small, porcelain-tone tattoo celebrates your root.

Snake and sword collarbone tattoo

Both the sword and the striking snake are symbols of protection. Together, this tattoo functions as a talisman that keeps bad energy away. In addition, the flowers and crescent moon make the seemingly fearsome elements softer and more feminine.

Adorable ray fish collarbone tattoo

Do you love the ocean and ocean wildlife? If so, consider your favorite sea animal as your next ink. And one good thing about water creatures like fish or mermaids is their natural flow. It makes a tattoo more vivid and lively.

Phoenix collarbone tattoo

Phoenix has long been a symbol of rebirth and strength. This stunning collarbone tattoo just captures the phoenix as it’s flying away. The glowing feathers are like burning flames, stunning and empowering.

Tiny dragon collarbone tattoo

Dragon tattoos are often huge and menacing. These three tiny dragons show us an alternative – simple, small, and cute.

Flying birds collarbone tattoo

Bird tattoos fit perfectly below the collarbone, especially when tattooing a flock of birds flying away. You can easily design the path to complement the bone structure.

Small hummingbirds tattoo

If you are going for bird tattoos on the collarbone, take time to choose a species with the symbolism you resonate with. For example, hummingbirds in this tattoo represent joy and good luck, making it meaningful and personal.

Pink birds collarbone tattoo

Tattooing a flock of birds doesn’t mean copying the same one. Instead, the tattoo artist captures different bird postures and puts them in this small tattoo. It gives rhythm to the design and makes it more realistic.

Tiny feather tattoo

A feather might seem to be an ideal girly tattoo idea. But it’s not easy to tattoo a feather well. If you have too little detail and the feather doesn’t look real. Too much, and it will feel heavy.

This small feather tattoo style gets it right on point. Using different shades of black makes the tattoo realistic, as if it is flowing on the skin.

Killer whale tattoo

A feminine tattoo isn’t always about flowers and butterflies. Killer whales, for example, are not necessarily a feminine tattoo element. But the tattooist cartoonize the whales to make them cute and girly.

Dori cartoon tattoo

Cartoon character tattoos don’t have to be exact replications. For example, this tattoo is inspired by Dory in Finding Nemo. However, instead of copying the exact look of Dory, the tattooist draws an abstract version and colors it with Dori’s signature colors.

Whale and hearts collarbone tattoo

An outline tattoo is too bland for you? Why not add a watercolor background to it, just like this dainty whale tattoo?

Dainty flower and butterfly tattoo

Two are better than one. While butterflies and flowers are pretty on their own, combining them gives the ink greater flexibility in colors and shapes.

Vincent Van Gogh butterfly collarbone tattoo

If you are an artistic person, consider incorporating the art of your favorite painter with a common motif. Tattooist Tilda has created lots of butterfly tattoos. But she manages to make each one unique. Check out our interview with her to learn more about her work.

Tiny Pisces fish tattoo

If you want to showcase your zodiac sign discreetly, the collarbone is the right place. It’s not always visible. But with the proper clothing, you can make a statement effortlessly.

Stars tattoo on the collarbone

Stars and the moon make perfect dainty tattoos. You can place them close together to create a spotlight. Or you can scatter them around to cover a wider area, as shown here.

Small pin tattoo on the collarbone

This small tattoo is a clever one. By leaving a blank space on the pin, the tattooist creates a visual illusion that the pin goes through the skin. You can almost feel the pain just by looking at it.

Floral player collarbone tattoo

Do you have a song that reminds you of a particular time or cheers you up on a bad day? If so, a player tattoo like this will turn the melodies into permanent totems.

One-word collarbone tattoo

If you pick the right word, one word says a million things. It can be your motto or something that represents you. If letter tattoos are too simple for you, consider adding a flower like this.

Promise – meaningful collarbone tattoo for women

A promise may last for a lifetime, just like a tattoo. This small tattoo depicts two hands just about to make a pinky promise. In addition, the red thread symbolizes the bond between the two. This adorable tattoo will belong to a pair of good friends or soulmates.

Small wave and moon tattoo

Colors add magic. For example, this tattoo illustrates a small wave under a starry, night sky. It’s dainty and pretty. But the gradient colors really highlight it.

Mountain collarbone tattoo for women

Mountains represent the passion for exploring nature and conquering challenges. You will love this ink if you resonate with the mountain’s symbolism.

Let it fly

There’s beauty in letting go. When you let go of sadness and anger, you allow yourself to heal. This small meaningful collarbone tattoo sends the same message. The petals blown away by the wind become butterflies. It reminds you that when you move on, better things are ahead.

Tiny moon and plane

Did you dream of going to the moon when you were a kid? If so, this tiny tattoo may be for you.

It depicts a plane traveling around the moon, possibly heading back to Earth. It consists of simple geometric shapes and lines. But they are enough to tell a story.

Zodiac constellation matching collarbone tattoos for women

Zodiac tattoos are all about glyphs, constellations, and symbols. These matching Leo tattoos celebrate Leo’s pride with constellations. If you and your friend believe in astrology, consider getting matching best friend tattoos like this.

Cute cat tattoo

This watercolor tattoo may speak to your heart if you are a cat person and have multiple cats. It not only captures the uniqueness of each cat. The cat tattoo also shows the wearer’s love for her fluffy pals.

Adorable dog and butterflies

Life is temporary. Tattoos are permanent. And when we have a tattoo of our beloved friends, we make the happy memories permanent. This way, they will always be with us.

Resting tiger on the collarbone

Tiger tattoos are not exclusively for guys. Tattooist Bium chooses a sleeping tiger and reveals the quiet side of the beast, making the tattoo more suitable for girls.

Wolf collarbone tattoo

Wolves might be wild predators. But they are also loyal to their pack and hunt with strategies. A realistic wolf tattoo represents the wearer’s loyalty and wisdom.

Dragonfly shoulder and collarbone tattoo

Just like other forms of body art, creativity makes a difference in tattooing. The tattooist extends the dragonfly’s tail and changes how they usually look. It may not be too big of a tweak. But it goes so well with the shape of the collarbone.

Floral sword

A dagger belongs to a fighter. A detailed floral dagger like this one represents the bravery and strength of a strong woman.

Balance one-word collarbone tattoo

The tattoo right on the collarbone hurts more than the ones on the surrounding area. That’s why it’s wise to keep the tattoo simple and on point, just like this one-word tattoo here.

Listen to your heart

Quote tattoos are not only meaningful. They can be beautiful, too. Choose a quote that resonates with you. Then customize the font, the shape, and the decorations. And you’ll have an elegant and timeless reminder on the skin.

Girly name tattoo on collarbone

Don’t know what to tattoo? Your name will never be wrong. With the daisy flower by the name, the tattoo instantly gets cuter.

As always I need you

One thing about collarbone tattoos is that they are usually visible to others, not to the wearers. That’s why many people think of collarbone tattoos as a statement or a message for someone else. “As always, I need you.” is a sweet line for a loved one. It will warm their heart every time they see it.

Small initial collarbone tattoo

You can’t go simpler than an initial tattoo. Compared to a name tattoo, an initial is more abstract. It can be the first letter of a name, a place or a word. It’s not only minimalist but also keeps people guessing.

Small black heart

Heart-shaped tattoos are girly and sweet. However, if a heart tattoo is too girly for you, try to balance it out with black ink.


Tiny line and heart collarbone tattoo for women

Simple lines and shapes are perfect for the collarbone, just like this small dainty tattoo. It is not just cute. The simplicity also makes it an excellent first tattoo.

Is a collar bone tattoo painful?

Similar to the procedure to tattoo your sternum it can be painful for the claviculum to get an inked tattoo because there are small holes in your skin. The skin is also difficult in placing tattoos due to the way it moves on the bones.

Where do you tattoo your collar bone?

The clavicle makes it interesting and it can offer many different placements in various positions. Collar-bone tattoos are usually placed on the bone, stretched down the arm, and sometimes embedded on larger chest pieces.

Do clavicle tattoos hurt?

The pain is intense as in tattooing your upper leg is caused by the inserted needles hitting the skin. It can also be hard to place tattoos due to how skin shifts around protruding bone depending upon how you move.

Do collarbone tattoos age well?

In most cases the uppermost part of your upper chest covers clothing and is not affected by fluctuations of weight. If you can accept the pain of having tattoos on your neck and shoulders, you should feel the changes in your body’s structure slowly.

Is a collarbone tattoo a good first tattoo?

The upper collarbone is considered one of the least painful places for getting a tattoo, as it is not stretched more frequently.

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