Cold Shoulder Tops: The Must-Have Piece of the Season

As a fashion designer, I have always been drawn to the beauty and elegance of the Cold Shoulder Tops. These tops have taken the fashion world by storm in recent years, and with good reason. They are a perfect combination of femininity, elegance, and simplicity.

When I set out to create my Cold Shoulder Top design, I knew that I wanted to create something unique and innovative. I wanted my design to stand out from the plethora of available options, while still remaining true to the essence of what makes this style so popular.

Target Audience

My target audience for this design is the millennial woman who is looking for a versatile and stylish piece that can be dressed up or down. She is confident, fashion-forward, and always on the lookout for the latest trends. My goal is to create a Cold Shoulder Top that will appeal to her sense of style and cater to her fashion needs.

Fashion Trends

In terms of the current fashion trends, the ’90s are making a huge comeback. Think slip dresses, tank tops, and chunky sneakers. The aesthetics of minimalism and simplicity are stronger than ever, and I will use these trends as a starting point for my design.

Materials and Aesthetic

For the materials, I will use a lightweight, flowy fabric that drapes beautifully. The fabric should feel soft to the touch and have enough texture to add a sense of depth and dimension to the design. As for the aesthetic, I want to create a simple yet elegant piece that can be dressed up or down.

Silhouette and Cut

The silhouette will be loose and flowy, with a deep V-neckline that plunges to the waist. The shoulders will be cut out, exposing the collarbones, while the sleeves will be long and sheer, adding a touch of femininity and elegance to the design.


Functionality is an important consideration for any fashion item, and this Cold Shoulder Top will be no exception. The loose, flowy silhouette will allow for ease of movement and comfort, while the long sleeves will offer some coverage for those who prefer not to bare their arms. The deep V-neckline will be perfect for layering with necklaces or pendants, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit.


When it comes to versatility, this Cold Shoulder Top is a must-have piece that can be paired with almost anything. It can be dressed up with a long skirt or slacks and heels, perfect for a night out. It can also be dressed down with a pair of jeans and flats, great for a casual day out.

Sketch and Brief Description

The sketch of my design shows a loose, flowy Cold Shoulder Top made from a lightweight, soft fabric. The deep V-neckline plunges down to the waist, while long sheer sleeves add a touch of elegance. The shoulders are cut out, exposing the collarbones and adding a hint of sexiness to the design. The overall aesthetic is simple, elegant, and versatile.

In summary, this Cold Shoulder Top is the perfect piece for the modern woman. The loose, flowy silhouette offers comfort and ease of movement, while the deep V-neckline and cut-out shoulders add a touch of femininity and elegance. It can be dressed up or down, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. With its innovative and stylish design, this Cold Shoulder Top is definitely the must-have piece of the season.

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