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Cold herbal teas and tea: which ones are the best for the summer

Cold herbal teas and tea: which ones are the best for the summer

Perfect on a hot summer day, herbal teas or “ice” teas are refreshing and healthy drinks. To be served on the terrace or in the garden, just prepare the tumblers and a boule of ice. Tea, pitchers and thermal bottles – if you prefer the prêt à porter option – you can also buy them online.

On particularly hot days, when you need a boost of energy, the Marrakech Mint Tea Iced by is perfect The way of tea, which with the heady scent of mint leaves combined with Chinese green tea brings to mind past and future journeys and … forget the limitations of the lockdown. Ideal for cold drinks, such as Romeo and Juliet Iced Tea, dedicated to romantic souls, which combines green tea with papaya, strawberry and rose petals; also selected by the Tuscan company created by Alfredo Carrai, one of the first to introduce the countless varieties of tea to the Italian public, now also present in luxury resorts and starred restaurants. The cold versions are prepared with an infusion of 2/3 minutes in water at 80 °, to be poured on the ice cubes and eventually transferred to one of their thermos, such as the Camelia Icy White. www.laviadelte.it

They cool down using a double jug with ice, those proposed by Tea Forté. Thirst quenchers, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, the packages are distinguished by their pyramidal shape and leaflet. They are offered in an ice-cold version in four flavors: White pear and ginger tea, with little theine, which combines the sweet note of the Japanese pear with the very fresh one of the ginger, Black tea and red orange, with a soft and fragrant taste and Mango green tea and peach with a sparkling peppermint note. Finally, the herbal tea with raspberry without theine also indicated for the evening. www.teaforte.eu

They are also served with pieces of fresh fruit i Kusmi Tea, in a cold version, such as the new rose green tea, recommended with the infusion of 4 lychees. Nonetheless the Run for Løv, without theine, from the Løv Organic line also perfect for athletes, because it is a concentrate of superfruits, indicated to rehydrate the body thanks to pomegranate, hibiscus, black currant and goji berries, which are combined with apple scent. Here too, if at home, to be presented with their teapot! www.kusmitea.com

On the Dammann FrèresFinally, the Dammann Pêche iced tea, a green tea with flower petals and peach aroma, delicate and refreshing. On the site there is also the recipe to turn it into an elegant cocktail with Grand Marnier, oranges and cinnamon. www.illy.com

Cocktails, smoothies and iced teas – such as matcha lemonade with lemon, agave and matcha tea served with ice and mint – are among the recipes of “Very Matcha”(Guido Tommasi Editore), a book written by Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby who, in addition to telling the story, the ancient origins and the production, explains its beneficial and antioxidant effects. A must for anyone who is fond of Japanese green tea powder.

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