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Clear skin tips and Tips to Clear Skin

Clear skin tips and Tips to Clear Skin

Clear skin tips: We are often missing guided by numerous people about fast-track treatments for skin, whereas fact lies far much behind this statement. We all know there is no shortcut to success in the same way there is no shortcut to vibrant skin what we all wish to attain. Depending on this truth, we should try regular and daily tips and tricks to keep our skin clean and vibrant. Here are few clear skin tips to follow-

Clear skin tips


Meeting with the dermatologist

Make sure to meet a dermatologist first when you have decided to take care of your skin whole-heartedly.

Leave bad habits

Keep your hands off your face. Your habit will only end up in skin problems which will enhance by transferring bacteria to your skin through fingers.

Maintain hygiene

Bacteria on the pillow only provide space for its breeding so it is advised to maintain hygiene by washing pillowcase once a week.

Keep your phone clean

Your phone touches your skin often and without your notice, it is transferring germs to your face. Clean it with an alcohol pad.

Goodbye to the old towel

Towels may cause tiny tears in the skin, thus making way for bacteria. Instead of drying face with towel use a soft T-shirt for complete drying.

Clean makeup brushes

Don’t forget to clean your brushes once a week. This will hinder the path of bacteria breeding.

Complete look after

It’s not the only face skin you should take care of. Give importance to your complete body.

Remove residue of shampoo

First, wash your hair before you proceed to your face. As your this small act will help cleaning the residue of shampoo from the face.

Go green

Eat lots of green vegetables along with other skin cleaning foods.

Analyze and Restrict few things

Remove sugar and dairy product from your daily meal and then see the difference. It may work for some people and help them clearer skin.

Adopt a good habit

Never sleep with makeup and develop a habit of removing it daily at night.


Drink plenty of water. It will make an amazing difference to your skin and appearance.


Last but not least, don’t forget to do regular exercise as it will help your skin in numerous ways.

Skin Care Tips

Skin is badly affected by numerous things. Sunrays, pollution, pimples, acne etc. are few culprits that destroy the entire look. They all make skin look ugly and leave a harmful effect on it. The reason could be any, but you should take good care of your skin as it is the only one you have and you need it very much throughout your life. After all, you will never want to take risks with it. For your guidance, here are a few suggestions for tips to clear skin which you should add on to your healthy skin regimen-


Apart from its goodness to heart, walnuts can bring drastic changes to your skin when used in both ways i.e. internally and externally. Eat walnuts to get a beautiful glow to skin and powder it to make an exfoliation for the skin. It will remove impurities and dirt from the skin.

Coconut oil

You may not know the complete benefits of coconut oil. It’s a natural sunscreen and is rich in antioxidants. It will not only leave the skin soft and supple but bring life to dull skin as well.


Tiny Green leaves of mint enrich healing properties. It will no doubt help in fighting skin affections and its cooling property will keep the skin glowing and healthy.

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