Classic Chianti: itinerary through the vineyards with historic resort

Holidays in Italy? Body and mind find the rhythms of nature in the Dievole Wine Resort in the Chianti Classico. A long avenue of cypresses leads to a small village with a church, stone houses and a 16th century villa with white interiors, once the residence of the Sienese nobility. Only 28 between rooms and apartments, as many as the kilometers that surround the property, and a garden of white roses, whose scent reaches the poolside with the breeze, ruffling the pages of a book to which the suggestions of the landscape are preferred. All around, in fact, the gaze is lost among the rows of vines, olive groves and dense woods, through which the Natural Path is forwarded. And further on, the dirt road that bikes travel during the Eroica, which seems to disappear into thin air.

Another path leads to the orchard. It is followed in the company of an environmental guide to get to know and collect spontaneous herbs. At every step the wicker baskets fill with the aromas of dandelion, the tingling of rocket and chicory, the round leaves of the navel of Venus. A precious loot to keep in the pages of a herbarium in recycled paper or transform it, in the kitchen, with the help of chef Monika Filipinska, in soft pancakes, herb scones and stuffed pasta. Like his Capparacci of amaranth and mugwort with goat cheese and wild carrot flowers served for dinner in the Novecento restaurant. Also open to outsiders – we are only 12 km from Siena – it has been in the hands of the Polish chef for almost eighteen years. “I use products from these areas, ours or from small local craftsmen,” he says. “The goat cheese, for example, is from an organic farm in Ville di Corsano while the buffaloes come from the Maremma area of ​​Grosseto”, refers to the garnish of one of the gourmet pizzas, with a light mixture of local flour.

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Perfect dishes to accompany the wine that here, in the Chianti Classico – the name indicates the historical and most valuable production area -, it can only be the protagonist. The project, started in 2012 by Alejandro Bulgheroni Family Vineyards, in fact, wants to unite three large wine-growing territories (the other two are Montalcino and Bolgheri) with a single philosophy, respecting the land – the estates are certified organic -, the environment and tradition, enhancing the social fabric. Equally important is hospitality, which is authentic immersion in the territory.

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It is done, if desired, by experimenting with the new program Activity Nature Training Sense, ANTS, designed to stimulate the sensory inputs of our body in collaboration with Daniele Tonaccini, creator of Milan Lab (AC Milan research center) and proposed by his son Matteo and his nephew Fabio. You walk barefoot on meadows, cobbled paths and in the woods; we remain silent listening to nature, we do exercises to stimulate the energy points and we try the sense of balance on dirt paths with the e-bike or by doing exercises balanced on the mattresses in one of the two swimming pools. And we test ourselves with blindfolded tastings.

Obviously the resort also organizes the classic ones, with visit to the vineyards and cellar, where there are modern concrete vats and French oak barrels. But it is even more relaxing to simply take two glasses and a bottle of wine, a Campinovi Bianco Toscana IGT or a Tocca Stelle Chianti Classico DOCG and find your favorite corner in the garden. Or, again, have the picnic basket prepared and taste it on the edge of the rows from which the grapes of the Vigna di Sessina Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG come, for example. There is also a place reserved for members only, the D’Wine Club, where about thirty wine cellars welcome collections of private bottles, to be uncorked with family and friends on special occasions, having a kitchen, services and dedicated staff.

And it is thanks to the people that here it feels so good, their smiles “pierce” the masks, and they are the most cherished memory of a holiday in Dievole (


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