Choosing Between Popular Patriotic Tattoos

Choosing Between Popular Patriotic Tattoos

As Americans, we all feel patriotic and take pride in the United States of America. There are many different kinds of patriotic tattoos available for you to choose from. Here is a look at some of the most popular and widely used tattoos.

There are many different kinds of these that can be found. It is something to be proud of and represents the times that you lived in and how you fought for the freedoms that you enjoy today.

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Marine Corps Cross Tattoos:

This was given by the United States government to a man when he was awarded for his bravery while serving in the war in the Navy when the Japanese took an island from him. The honour of the Crosses came with the passing of the US.

Police Department Tattoos:

These are only worn by those who are members of the police department. Many have started wearing them as a symbol of friendship, family and law enforcement. This is a very big deal when it comes to police departments and whether or not they are being respected.



Air Force Tattoos:

These are awarded by the Air Force to honour those who have been veterans of the military, Marines, or Army. They represent the sacrifice that these men and women have made for their country. We salute them for their courage and the world that they live in.

Navy Tattoos:

They are given to sailors who have served their country with distinction. Some even have the rank of Rear Admiral. These are very important symbols for those who belong to the Navy, Marines, or the Air Force. We give our gratitude to those who serve our country and the importance of the person’s service.

When you are deciding on which the tattoo is the right kind for you, think about the symbolism that is going to go with it. Also, consider that army, navy, or air force unit that is the right one for you.

Marine Tattoos:

This is given to someone who has served in the Marine Corps. It is usually a decoration of honour and is given for life. Most often they are given to women because of their service.

American Flag Tattoos:

These are given in different words, usually three or four letters. The main symbol in this tattoo is the flag and they represent the freedom that we all enjoy today.

Air Force Tattoos:

They are given to those who have served in the military. The main symbol in this tattoo is the eagle and the word “Always” is included in it. They symbolize the country that they have served and given their lives for.

Navy Tattoos:

These are given to those who are officers and staffs in the navy. The main symbol in this tattoo is the stars and stripes and they represent the nation that they live in and where they stand in their future.

No matter what you want, there are different country symbols to choose from. Consider how they will look when you get it and also the symbolism that they represent.





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